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  1. "What I often see is confusion over the distinction between CGI and CAD. " I agree to some extent but it's difficult to determine who FormZ is aimed at from their marketing (or lack of) I haven't used it for over 18 months now since I discovered Modo - not because FZ isn't any good but because Modo suits me much better. My interest is CGI not CAD but it took me a while to figure out that there was better software out there more suited to it. FormZ feels like a Swiss army knife - it will do many tasks reasonably well but none as good as a dedicated tool. I have little knowledge of engineering and the CAD world but if it is better than the competition in a particular field then why don't ADS let everyone know about it and focus on that?
  2. SJD

    v9 performance issues

    the cone of vision is laggy in 8.6 so it's a bit disappointing for such an important tool not to have been fixed in all this time
  3. SJD

    facetted arc segments

    not sure if this helps but for drawing circles with a set amount of segments I use draw polygon and set number the of sides I need. Also, if you convert a smoothed arc to facetted their does seem to be a correlation between the smoothing option and the amount of segments/points it produces - a 360 degree arc at 100% smoothness produces 360 points regardless of size. A 360 at 50%, 45 points and at 25% 32 points. It might be possible to work out a formula for this - not ideal admittedly
  4. Hi do you have any advice on formats/best settings for importing 3rd party models? I'm trying to import some professional furniture models I have purchased over the last few years (from Design Connected) - the best options I have are either SketchUp, fbx or obj formats. I have opened these files before in 6.7 with a few minor niggles but trying to import them into 8.5 is like pulling teeth. I can import a few but some just won't import, some take ages to open others cause FZ to hang. This happens in all 3 formats. I don't have access to the files I originally saved in FZ hence the need to download them again. FZ has never been brilliant at importing stuff in my experience but I'd hoped things would have improved with this version. Thanks as always, Steve
  5. SJD

    Importing 3rd party models

    thanks guys Pipo - slightly confused...you say you don't have a problem with obj but then say FZ often won't open obj? I often get the mtl issues. Unfortunately, many of the models do not have 3ds options only 3ds Max. I used to have some success with SketchUp files in 6.7 once I'd opened the file in SketchUp and back saved to an older version but that doesn't seem to work much with this version. I might try the Rhino route and see how that goes
  6. Hi, I tried to move the surface style palette to a second monitor - I detached it but it disappeared as I moved it. I can't activate it anymore in the main workspace even though it's checked in the palette menu. I can only see it if I change to either Bonzai or the render workspace. Any ideas as to how I can make it visible again? I'm also always getting problems with the Palette Dock in general - the display is really temperamental at the best of times. I constantly have to fiddle to expand them and they quite often will duplicate themselves or clip. The pic shows an example - the Tool options is displaying twice and it's hard to expand the others even though they are open. Tbh I'm starting to lose patience with FZ, how is this a 'Pro' interface? This is v8.6 on Windows 10 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks - Steve
  7. just one more thing, I've arranged palettes to my liking. I ditched the palette dock because it kept messing up and I've used separate palettes stacked on top of each other. (I read in an old thread that the palette dock was buggy). Is there any way to stop the Tool options palette from resizing depending on the tool selected? Has the interfaced been improved in V9?
  8. thank you everyone, all very helpful advice - resetting the workspace got my palette back and I've saved back ups of my current settings so I'll see how I go the on screen palettes still seem very buggy to me with tools disappearing or clipped windows - I've seen similar criticism about V9 so I don't expect it to get addressed anytime soon (if ever) Shame because it makes the whole thing feel pretty shoddy
  9. Hi Allan hmmm...not doing too well here I tried uninstalling/installing via task manger, the installation wizard (also gives you the option to uninstall) and also manually deleted the folders and prefs. Each time I reinstall I end up with the same set of palettes I had the last time so there must be somewhere else I need to delete. It has also kept my keyboard shortcuts. I can't find a way to do a completely clean installation. One thing I have found though is that the resolution of my monitor is having a big effect on how the palettes display. I have a 4K widescreen display - I lowered the resolution on the monitor and the materials palette reappeared so I manged to put it back in the dock. I just need to find the best resolution for the palettes to display the best they can. The FZ interface is a real dogs dinner - I don't have these issues with any other software
  10. thanks Allan I've used the Windows Task Manager to completely uninstall FormZ - do you know if that would get rid of everything?
  11. me gain, I'm thinking of doing a fresh installation and starting again. I'm not that familiar with Windows - should I uninstall first? How do I do that? Really appreciate any advice thanks steve
  12. SJD

    Phantom numbers

    I've held off upgrading having read through some of the threads regarding bugs, I've had 8.6 since it came out but only made the switch from 6.5 over the last few months. Re: Modo, I guess it depends what you want to use it for. I wanted to change direction and get into more asset based modelling and rendering using subdivision surfaces. I guess my background is more of an artistic one as opposed to engineering and manufacturing and I'm mostly interested in just producing the visuals. I'm nowhere near as experienced as some on here who also have used it but I love it. I think it's probably one of the best SubD modellers out there and it's shading and rendering capability is excellent
  13. SJD

    Phantom numbers

    I get that too (Windows 10 user), I also often get other oddities like palettes disappearing, clipping or resizing. Quitting out usually sorts it until the next time. Tbh, I've been using FZ 8.6 for 6 months now and have come across so many little niggles that originally I thought must be down to me not being used to it, but I just think they're bugs that crop up quite often. I also find it pretty sluggish when doing simple tasks like switching between workspaces or editing the cone of view, some of the Subd previews are so slow it makes them unusable. It all feels really unrefined. I've been learning Modo over the last few months and have to say it feels so much more slick and professional to use than FZ.
  14. SJD

    Learning Form Z 9

    btw, even though the videos lean heavily towards working in 3D shaded mode it is just as easy to revert back to working in wireframe and traditional orthogonal views if that's what you're used too. I find I switch between them a lot depending on what I'm modelling
  15. SJD

    Learning Form Z 9

    Hi did something similar moving from 6.7 to 8.6 about 4 months ago. Unfortunately there are hardly any up to date videos on the website (as has already been discussed) but it is well worth watching the migration videos from V7 onwards (on FormZ website/YouTube). I have been able to get up to speed by watching them (over and over...) There's lots of useful stuff in them that will help you start to make sense of the overhauled UI and they introduce you to working in 3D and lots of other features that will help you with workflow. The Evan Troxel videos look great but you don't need to spend $300 to start using FZ effectively
  16. SJD

    what's new webinar

    very nice setz I hadn't thought of creating a cage in Modo and bringing into FZ, sounds interesting. I'd love to have seen the finished CNC'd model 😎
  17. SJD

    what's new webinar

    cheers Chris understood - as mentioned, I guess there are many uses for FormZ and perhaps this is why it has not really found success or popularity in any one field. Maybe if it refined it's toolsets and honed in on certain industries it might have a brighter future going forward. Personally I'm looking to advance in pure visualisation at the highest level I can (mainly for advertising) so I won't have too much need for manufacturing or engineering. I guess Modo is perfect for that. That said, FZ is still my weapon of choice for my day job 😎
  18. SJD

    what's new webinar

    Hi Alan this is not my work (but maybe one day 😁)
  19. SJD

    what's new webinar

    Hi Chris, I'm curious as to where you think FZ really shines? feel free to delete this post but here are a few examples of the kind of work I'm aspiring to in Modo and as a 3D artist - I have never seen anything of this standard produced in FormZ. As mentioned before, I don't think it's because it's not capable but mainly because many users wouldn't know where to start based on existing tutorials. I have only been using Modo for a short while but already I can see some approaches as to how I would tackle these projects because of the videos available. I wouldn't have a clue using FormZ. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter to me - I will carry on using FZ for my bread and butter work and delve further into Modo for the advanced stuff. I just think it's a pity that FormZ is unlikely to ever make the impact it probably deserves to modelled and rendered in Modo (credits: Richard Yot, Bart Van Doornik, Tharso77)
  20. SJD

    what's new webinar

    that's true, however the problem with them I feel is that they lack context. Knowing what specific tools do is only part of the picture - knowing when and how to apply them is the real trick and that's I why I would like to see FormZ in action on real projects instead of the arbitrary ones in the videos. As you say, something 'real world' where precise measuring and appearance is crucial (and something a bit more complex than a generic chair or jug). I can't be the only one who has this problem - you only have to look at the gallery to see nearly all of the work on there uses only very basic modelling tools
  21. SJD

    what's new webinar

    hey Chris that may well be the case but you have spent several years using it focussed on modelling and probably understand its 3D capabilities more than most. I don't think many people would be willing to spend time digging deep with only limited teaching resources and a manual in order to find that out (me included).
  22. SJD

    what's new webinar

    it's interesting to see that, even though we only have a small cross section of users on here, that we all use FZ for quite different purposes. Perhaps that's why FZ seems to have fallen through the cracks over the years and isn't more popular - it's tried to be too many things to too many people and hasn't really been able to shine in any one particular area. It lacks identity and direction. For me personally, I have used it for trade show design for over 20 years which has been great, but I have always had the feeling I have only ever been using a fraction of it's true potential. I decided a few months back to try and get deeper into 3D modelling but became frustrated at the lack of focussed tutorials - by that I mean being able to see it used step by step on real world projects as opposed to the rather brief, ad hoc fanciful examples in the ADS videos. By way of contrast, I decided to look at Modo - I have been using it for a couple of months now and already I am able to produce models that I could only have dreamed of with FormZ. Just to be clear - I don't think this is because FZ isn't as capable - it's because I have been able to study a professionals step by step approach to a specific modelling task or project. I have learnt so much in the past few months about 3D modelling because I have access to these tutorials. I think if ADS were to put a few targeted up to date tutorials together that were industry specific it would greatly help consumers evaluate it's potential, help define it's identity and give it a fighting chance in the marketplace
  23. SJD


    Chris Lund mentioned in a previous thread that the RenderZone/Lightworks engine had been purchased by Autodesk and essentially shelved - I'd heard something similar before so there isn't going to be any further development for it in the future by the looks of it. I guess that's where V-ray will take over and why it's being developed in house. I still think RenderZone is a very capable (and fast) renderer in the right hands
  24. SJD

    what's new webinar

    yes, it would be nice if something could be worked out... off topic slightly, but I found a nice interview from 2007 with Chris Yessios. Hope it's ok to share the link interview