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New Update 9.2.2


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Hi All,

v9.2.2 Includes a number of corrections but most importantly adds compatibility for Ventura (macOS 13). We expect that Apple will release Ventura soon. Please update to v9.2.2 before using form•Z on Ventura.

formZ 9.2.2 will run on Apple Silicon using rosetta 2. We are working on a native Apple Silicon version of form•Z with Metal-based rendering. These are major changes that require significant development and are not appropriate for a minor release. We look forward to sharing more details on these efforts soon!

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I cannot figure out why this happens, but switching between shaded and full shaded is 80% freeze or it takes too long.

After deleting the autodessys preference file, I could double click on the file stored on iCloud and it opened. Before deleting the pref: freeze.

If I know why this version is not working well, I would contact ADS with a movie, as usual... 😏

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For users running into issues with the new version, it is recommended that the preferences are reset:

On Windows, navigate to C:/Users/[current user]/AppData/Roaming/autodessys/. Delete the folder called "formZ 9 Pro". (If you do not see the AppData folder, turn on Show Hidden Files in the Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization.)

On Mac OS X, go to the Finder menu and click on Go, then hold down the Option key on your Keyboard and select Library.  Open the "Preferences" folder, the "autodessys” folder and delete the "formZ 9 Pro" folder.

For any issues that may persist, please reach out to support@formz.com with a description of the issue along with the operating system on the machine in question.

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