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  1. 9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3 it not even start...
  2. Chris Where can i Download the update vers. 9.06?... Thanks
  3. The Public Beta 11.0.1 still with problems, I hope when lunch the definitive Version could work properly. So far the render zone Doesn't work at all, the mouse arrow suddenly disappear, the formz Lab doesn't install. I know is a Beta version, ... but soon the final version may be concluded, and Autodessys must be aware of theses issues
  4. The beta 5 and the problem.... still Render Zone Doesn't work at all
  5. In the public Beta of Big Sur the Render Zone Doesn't work at all, of course, is Beta, waiting for the new one
  6. Its a Mac OS X, I´ll try checking the permissions Thanks!. JMM
  7. I've tried to install the 8.6 Pro WIP but when i put in my serial and codes announce a warning that i'm using excede keys so doesn't let me install how can i resolve this??. Thanks