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  1. Mike_Concentric

    Palette weirdness in Mac 10.15.3

    My tool palette is also acting weird in that the icons sometimes change size on their own.
  2. Mike_Concentric

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    How about an actual 2d Cad company such as PowerCADD? It would be a dream come thru for me to be able to move back and forth between FormZ (3D) and PowerCADD (2D)as was promised with OpenClip.
  3. Mike_Concentric

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    One word SERIF!
  4. Mike_Concentric

    Mac/ Sierra/ 3d Connexion moves the mouse cursor

    I've had this problem before; try unplugging then replugging the USB. I hope that helps.
  5. Mike_Concentric

    Drafting v. Layout

    I would also like to see OpenClip working between FormZ and PowerCADD (the best 2d cad program in my opinion).
  6. Mike_Concentric


    Any progress on being able to OpenClip from FormZ to PowerCADD?
  7. Mike_Concentric

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    I agree 100%
  8. Mike_Concentric

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    Duncan, Take a look at these: Realcad( PC/ MAC version coming), BricsCad( PC/MAC), and High Design (MAC). I have been test driving High Design and I really like it. All of them are professional cad programs. My favorite 2d cad package is PowerCADD but I can't recommend it until certain internal at the company issues is resolved.
  9. Mike_Concentric

    2d Cad software alternative to PowerCadd

    Barnaby, Thanks! I'll check it out.
  10. Hi, Is anyone familiar with these two cad packages: Bricscad RealCAD If so, what is your opinion of them? I'm looking for a possible alternative to PowerCADD for doing 2D work. It seems like PowerCADD may no longer be supported. Thanks!
  11. Mike_Concentric

    formZ LAB Profiles

    I would like to be able bring in my own profiles ,such as crown molding, and have the ability to follow along the permitter of an object, such as a cabinet or wall, with interior and exterior miters terminating correctly.
  12. Mike_Concentric

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

  13. Mike_Concentric

    Parametric windows and doors

    Parametric wall assemblies would be great also.