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  1. dpwr

    Unreal 5

    Thanks, John. I appreciate you sharing your findings. I’m not messing around with it much yet, but I’ll be referencing this thread when I do.
  2. dpwr

    Unreal 5

    I only had a little brain power to give this while I was in the hospital. I'm home as of Monday after 26 days inpatient care! I understand what your'e saying about animating objects that then move through the space. Sounds like an easy parent/child relationship they could add. I just went back and edited the word "easy" out of that sentence, because... what do I know? I mostly do concert venue and large events. For me, theatrical lighting that I can easily change color settings on to go with different screen options with the right atmospheric glow are important. Also having large LED walls that emit light onto the set around them. Having many instances of one component (audience seating) and importing different casual rental furniture arrangements are also common to my work issues in FormZ. I've been using V-ray which creates nice results, but the render times are not acceptable for clients that revise the request the morning of a presentation.
  3. dpwr

    Unreal 5

    Excellent, jldaureil! Thank you for putting these up. I'll check them out and dive in!
  4. dpwr

    Unreal 5

    Thanks, John. I'll look into that too. What is features are attracting you to Unreal 5 over just using Twin Motion? I'm looking for renders that look nice but don't take as long as V-ray on my MacBook Pro. Animation is something I've done in the past, but being able to do it more quickly would allow me to do it more often.
  5. dpwr

    background saving of files

    I would like to see this as well.
  6. dpwr

    Unreal 5

    John, did you find any good resources online for learning Twin Motion? I know they have a lot on their website. I'm on day 20 of being admitted to a hospital for a systemic fungal infection. Looks like I'll be here another week or two and now that I'm feeling a little better I find myself with some time on my hands.
  7. dpwr

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    So you're saying new PCs are going to start running crappily too? (I kid, I kid...)
  8. The pain points of bringing outside geometry into FormZ are daily for me. I'd love to be able to switch between applications throughout a project and bring in outside geometry into an environment that works more smoothly.
  9. Any updates or work around success on this?
  10. dpwr

    MIMI updated :: Sort of

    Hi - I'm coming back to this to say (again) that I would love to have this functionality (again) in FormZ. I have been launching 6.7 on an old machine to import 40+ images at a time, and then opening that file in 9.2 on my workstation to speed the importing process. Yesterday I couldn't find my USB key for 6.7. I came here and read instructions for 8.5, tried it in 8.6 (imported well, grey names and all) and found the images show in the materials window but when applied in shaded mode on the model they show as a bright white. They render in render zone fine, it's just impossible to know what is placed and mapped until I render. Which is a drag. So, another request for FormZ to include this or get Chris Lund the things he needs to update the script. I would HAPPILY pay developer ware on this. ❤️
  11. Graham and ZTEK (and anyone else)... Are you using M1 or M1 Max chips? I'm using an M1 Max in a 16" 2021 MacBook Pro, and I'm having issues that don't feel like turning display settings off are enough of a workaround. I'm curious what you're using and what your experience is so far.
  12. I can share that I'm struggling with these same issues on a MacBook Pro M1 Max. I got the top of the line, delivered in December. I hoped for speedier v-ray rendering. While working on the M1 Max in January I experienced a lot of issues with lagging geometry in wireframe and quickdraw. Support suggested turning off Selection Preview under Edit and turning off antialias and smooth object options in display options. I experienced odd behavior in the modeling tools, where a tool hovered over would not pop-out the row of options below it. The workspace doesn't remember where windows are placed on a dual monitor setup. there were other peculiarities I'm forgetting now as well. Very frustrating. All the zip and quickness of FormZ in the past is lost on this very expensive machine. I've retreated to my 2019 Intel MacBook Pro and taken it off eBay for now. The M1 makes a great machine for invoicing and watching shows.
  13. dpwr

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    Seriously. I was reading the forum and then logged in just so I could "like" bbuxton's post above. I appreciate the knowledge I get from this forum.
  14. dpwr

    Display Resolution of Underlays

    Also, Palettes > Reference Plane Parameters > Underlay Select custom placement, and the scale can be a little funky.
  15. dpwr

    Trees and plants for Vray/FormZ

    AC1000, thanks for taking the time to share this. I don't use a lot of trees typically, but this is very good to hear about it not slowing the computer down. Thanks again!