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  1. dpwr

    New material naming

    I love MIMI. I still use it, every week. What does it say that it is worth the effort to launch FormZ 6.73 and import 20+ image maps vs. doing them individually in 8.6.5? I import using MIMI, then draw a plane featuring each material, and save. Then I open that file in FormZ 8.6.5, and copy paste the planes into my project to access the many image maps. In future versions of MIMI, I would love to be able to set material parameters once, and then import the maps I want those applied to. For instance, if I wanted all my maps to be constant reflection or a certain percentage of "simple transparency". Thanks, Chris. Great to see you're still here.
  2. dpwr

    GPU Expander

    Would a GPU Expander such as this (or something like this) help rendering times on a 2016 MacBook Pro? http://nofilmschool.com/2016/11/bizonbox-3-thunderbolt-3-gpu-expander https://bizon-tech.com/us/bizonbox3-egpu.html/
  3. dpwr

    Any plans for a plugin to Lumion?

    I recently collaborated with an architecture firm on a retail store design. I provided geometry from FormZ for them to insert into their larger store environment. They were using SketchUp with Lumion. Per their request, I exported 3DS, DAE, OBJ, and DWG formats. DWG worked the best for them, but they had to re-texture many finicky product boxes. Lots of extra work. The Lumion renderings look VERY good. I notice on the Lumion site that it is on the PC side only. I'm on Mac, but I'm one more user who would be interested in seeing this as an option, both the cleaner export to SKP and the rendering plugin.
  4. dpwr

    formZ stops Undo

    This also happens to me, Mac 10.11.3 and FZ RZ 8.5.3... Saving files locally to my HD, and I do not have auto-save turned on. FYI.
  5. I need to open earlier versions of FormZ. I forget which versions, but pre-v6. In v8 I often get an "unsupported" error, but can open the file in v6.7 and save, then open in v8. A little annoying, but it works. When it doesn't, that will be A LOT annoying. It was suggested I start converting files over in batches, but my library is extensive (on Z since 1996) and I never know what I'll need to travel back in time to retrieve. Thanks!
  6. Was the thread for v6.7 features not working in v8.5 created? I'd like to contribute. OOPS - Never mind: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/2476-673-functionality-missing-in-885/
  7. I'd like to be able to batch import image maps as materials, similar to the MIMI plug in. It would be nice to be able to set a sample material, with reflection and transparency settings, then import a number of image maps as individual materials based on the sample material. Thanks for taking our requests into consideration!