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  1. 9192

    fz 9.2?

    Just saw email and checked Ads site. Great news! Unfortunately I am having a busy this weekend through the end of next week.I will sure look at details later.
  2. 9192

    fz 9.2?

    Thanks Carlart for the warning. A tech, does that mean 9.2 is still beta, and not offial release yet. I guess that id the same for Vray 5. Well, I plan to get Vray and try on my new project that is about starting next week. It will just go to push off for now, I guess.
  3. 9192

    fz 9.2?

    How to update to 9.2? I am still on 9.1.0. The update setting was set to update every time I open FZ. Everytime I click Check update from Help menu, it shows Update check fail. thanks,
  4. Thanks, so it is already there, just there is no announcement or obvious access. Everytime I click the VRay on Z web site it still goes to the old one, 3.6. Maybe the website need to be update. Or the server, because I cannot update to 9.2 either. Everytime I click Check For Update inside FZ, it said fail all the time.
  5. Is Vray 5 still beta or final release now? I am looking to add Vray, but waiting for V5. I saw in Novedge website and ADS, but did not see announcement for ADD nor any talk in the forum. thanks,
  6. I think it was in version 7 that we can assign hatch farceaxh material. Since I use Foemz in architectural designing which each model has many objects. Being able to assign hatch by materials will be more efficient for me.
  7. Thanks Setz, it has been moved to object base, not material base. There are some good points by doing this, but I actually prefer material base better.
  8. Thank you, but actually I am looking for assigning hatch, Judy like the video What’s new in FormZ 7, not colors. So I can hatch concrete, wood, metal, etc, it was used to be in materials.
  9. I am using 8.5 now. I would like to do a section view in Layout 8.5 that can show material/hatch on the cut surface. For example, showing simple concrete hatch if my concrete floor. I believe it could be done in 7, in material property. Where I can find in 8.5. thanks,
  10. 9192

    Where's the info on 9?

    I am interested, but there is no much info to make decisions. Buying the thing you never seen is not quite a good idea for freelance, particular only 20% off. By the time 9 will be workable for real world likely will take a while anyway.
  11. I have asked this question before a while back, maybe more than twenty years ago. As I can remember what ztech answered was that glass shader in renderzone was not support alpha. You might need to change to generic shader, and play with the setting to make it looks like glass.
  12. Does this method also work with Mac OS Mojave? with the new six core Mac Mini, I am think of upgrade my hardware for using with 6.7, because some of people I work with still using 6.7. My IMac 2010 is too tired and slow for Renderzone. thanks,