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  1. DanM

    How do you Shell a tapered object?

    I've asked for a shell tool many years ago, I even had to explain the difference between shell and the delete face+thicken solution. I'm not very optimistic about the chances for such development. In the last couple of years I'm using OnShape as my main CAD platform along side with Form-Z. OnShape is much more comprehensive CAD system with more robust construction history then Shark/Ashlar Etc. And it plays well with Form-Z.
  2. Thanks. No it's pure NURBS
  3. Actually in newer versions of FZ you have 3 options. The 3rd is SubD objects. Mesh is the oldest and to my opinion less recommended method. You can use either NURBS or SubD depends on the shape you're modeling. Dan
  4. DanM

    I cannot Undo

    That's an old bug that ADS failed to nail it so far.
  5. Hi Dave Basically you nailed it. The only short cut is to use trim&stitch instead of two way surface split. This way in the end everything is already stitched. Dan
  6. Here take a look at this file. You can study the ghosted objects to learn how I modeled this cup Dan
  7. Did you try using Layout?
  8. Usually it's best to apply draft angles as early as possible when the geometry is simple and afterward add details such as chamfers and fillets. Or use a dedicated CAD program that recalculates features such as fillets once you apply draft angles, rather then distort the fillets the way form-z does. Dan
  9. DanM

    In memory of Paul Helm

    So sad. He always made me feel like I'm corresponding with a supportive friend. Dan
  10. DanM

    How to Model Propeller Blade

    see attached file I revolved a Spline 180º Converted the resulting object to NURBZ Some reshaping Mirror duplicate And twist deform as final touch. propelor blade.fmz.zip
  11. DanM

    EASM file format

    It's also possible to use SketchFab
  12. DanM

    form•Z 8.5.5 Update Released!

    Is there a way to roll back to version 8.5.4?
  13. DanM

    form•Z 8.5.5 Update Released!

    Yes, that solved the problem STEP export is back! Thanks Dan
  14. DanM

    form•Z 8.5.5 Update Released!

    STEP Export is gone after updating. Dan