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  1. DanM

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    I hope I'm wrong. In any case I didn't mean that ADS intentionally dropped support for MacOS.
  2. DanM

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Hi Chris It's not a prediction it's a fact that is happening right now. If a SW developer does not currently supports a platform and wont not say when they will come with a compatible version, that means they no long de-facto support this platform.
  3. DanM

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    It makes me sad to read this and other threads here. But I think we (MacOS users) must say the truth to ourselves, ADS dropped the support to MacOS they just not admitting it. My advice to all of you, move on. If you can't wait, change to hardware or change the software, whatever is less painful, and never look back. In the end of the day we need this tools to work for us, not the other way around.
  4. At least in the factories I work with, the geometry is driven only by the 3D files. The 2D drawings are used for QA (critical dimensions) and to define material, surface finish, tolerance, Etc.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by 2D drawings. Are you referring to 2D sketches or 2D documentation drawings?
  6. There is One big difference between architecture and ID, Buildings are built according to Blueprints. products made according to 3D data. That is way modeling a product must be precise and detailed since the 3D data is driving the mould eventually.
  7. I guess you're more into architecture where usually the geometry is simpler so I can see how FZ is capable enough to edit the design along as you go. But for industrial design it is very limiting and time consuming to go back, finding the ghosted objects and edit the shape. Sometimes I feel that the design is compromised because I need to meet my deadline. I don't think that History based modeling is the only way to go. Since FZ is more a designer tool, direct parametric editing would be much better. But ADS doesn't offer any kind of solution, and it seems that they are not going to in the future.
  8. I've been a long time FZ user. Since I'm using FZ, version 9.x is the first I'm skipping, simply because it has nothing to offer that is relevant to me. I'm. a product designer and FZ is still One of the fastest programs to produce 3D design concepts, and the rendering tools integration is really grate. But the program lacks any sort of construction history, so the modeling process is always linear. When I design a product I need the ability to play with the design at any point in the modeling process. When form Z 9 came out, it became clear to me that ADS is moving to a different direction, so I'm fazing out FZ in favor of another CAD/CAID tool that suits better my work flow.
  9. DanM

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    This is understood but no excuse for not responding to Bug reports. This is real shame because users will stop sending reports. I hope ADS will do better.
  10. DanM

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I use Form-Z for many years mainly to create ID concepts. As for the original post, think that ADS is not focusing on Mechanical design at all and there are many other tools out there that do much better job at that. form Z is a general use 3D modeling program as such it lacks the focus for specific tasks. It does have some dedicated tools for architects and Interior design but almost non for Industrial design and for sure non for Mechanical design. But because it is such a capable 3D modeller you can get by using it for ID and even mechanical design. If ADS is interested to get into the Mechanical CAD or CAID market there are many core features that need be added to the program and other existing features need to improve dramatically.
  11. DanM

    How do you Shell a tapered object?

    I've asked for a shell tool many years ago, I even had to explain the difference between shell and the delete face+thicken solution. I'm not very optimistic about the chances for such development. In the last couple of years I'm using OnShape as my main CAD platform along side with Form-Z. OnShape is much more comprehensive CAD system with more robust construction history then Shark/Ashlar Etc. And it plays well with Form-Z.
  12. Thanks. No it's pure NURBS
  13. Actually in newer versions of FZ you have 3 options. The 3rd is SubD objects. Mesh is the oldest and to my opinion less recommended method. You can use either NURBS or SubD depends on the shape you're modeling. Dan
  14. DanM

    I cannot Undo

    That's an old bug that ADS failed to nail it so far.