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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    Sensitive are we? - in my best Yoda voice I wish the choices were more even sided as well. Hell, I would even use Linux if I could get all these in demand creative apps for it. But, no, most of us are stuck with Windows, not because it's better, but because it's much more open to the technology powering things like VRay 5. I loved my Macs for more than a decade too. But Apple made it unreasonable to continue using them for our workflow. Which evolved to demand faster and faster rendering for the constant changes to the projects. I had the fastest Apple computer of the times, a 12 core Mac Pro with dual Nvidia GPUs capable of VRay GPU rendering in MacOS. But they killed the driver support and with it, the possibility of using their ecosystem as efficiently as we were accustomed to. I truly wish that weren't the case and we still had CUDA drivers for Mac. Competition is good for the market. Maybe one day?
  2. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    It is much more useful to talk about what is working and useful in the current state, rather than wishful thinking about something far out of AutoDesSys's control such as VRAY GPU on Apple. VRAY CPU works on the Apple hardware, be happy for that. If you want more information, you should reach out to Chaos directly - https://support.chaos.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402148637969-How-do-I-contact-technical-support- or simply asking Google will result in a Chaos FAQ: https://support.chaos.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403292243601-Will-V-Ray-GPU-Next-continue-to-support-OpenCL-and-macOS- Since this forum thread is about VRay 5 for FormZ 9, then we should keep it on that topic since some of us DO have current helpful experience to contribute here.
  3. Justin Montoya

    Chaos Cosmos & Animation Plug-Ins?

    Hey Tim, I was told that because VRay for FormZ is developed by AutoDesSys instead of Chaos directly, that means we do not have the same SDK access to the required Asset Manager that the other VRay installations have. That means we are missing a few things, namely Chaos Cloud (seamless cloud rendering) and Chaos Cosmos (a Twinmotion style scene builder), because they do not yet have a SDK available to integrate them inside VRay for FormZ as the other features have been. This is unfortunate, but likely to change in the future as Chaos releases more SDK availability. I will say that this is a bit of a double edge sword though, since our plugin is more tightly integrated than most of the Chaos VRay plugins, meaning everything VRay can be controlled from inside FormZ, without the need for that added manager, which doesn't sync as easily and automatically for things like materials, and lighting when they are used in other FormZ modes like Shaded Full, or even RenderZone. Our version feels like it's a part of FormZ, not just an add-on.
  4. Justin Montoya

    Quick Animation Tut

    I still reference this video anytime I need to animate in FormZ -
  5. Justin Montoya

    Depth of field v_ray

    Yes, I think the Focus Target Tool is a bit off, but it's easily adjusted to work. Auto Focus on this object was 646... but dropping it to 550 gave the desired result:
  6. Justin Montoya

    Drop Objects to a Terrain

    If you enable Snap to Face, that should do what you want, no?
  7. Justin Montoya

    V_Ray beta lighting

    I asked the same thing... If you download the newest build with the same link, it now has light groups working with light mix! I'm unsure about the emissive materials though. Did you try putting them in a material group to see if that does anything?
  8. Justin Montoya

    Dimensioning in V 9

    There isn't one, but the necessary dimension tools and note tools for call outs are built-in to the modeling toolset. Look under the Text group of tools.
  9. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    I'm sorry, but you are confused and It is true that VRay GPU is unlikely to be ported to Apple Metal. The VRAY GPU engine is unique from the other VRAY engines and requires CUDA which is no longer available on the ApplecrapOS. Plain ole original VRAY CPU will work on Apple hardware, as was already described. Setting up distributed rendering with Windows or Linux machines using GPUs will also work, but your ability to fast 'preview' your GPU scene will be missing on an Apple computer without the built in CUDA CPU, as you'd be requested the slave machines do this very basic task. This is because the Apple cannot create the preview of the VRAY GPU engine itself without CUDA. Which is just plain dumb, and Apple's fault for not supporting the industry standard CUDA rendering. If they would make this simple change, they might have a chance at some professional 3D Rendering market share, but without it, there will only be a handful of wishful users attempting it as a workaround. Windows machines make better 3D workstations. I wish I could say that Chaos Cloud was an option, but unfortunately, our version of FormZ VRAY 5 does not include access to the seamless Chaos Cloud rendering service at this time.
  10. Justin Montoya

    Projector lights

    Hello! There's a couple ways of doing that, depending on the final look you are going for. Did you try using a VRay Spot Light and adding the logo file as the Texture option to the spot under Light Parameters?
  11. Justin Montoya

    Displacement map baking and UV editor

    FYI, VRay for Unreal will do this automatically on import. Save VRSCENE file in FormZ from VRay Plugin. Import into VRay for Unreal. It will automatically convert and bake textures for the entire scene. Not sure if this helps, but maybe?
  12. Justin Montoya

    Srolling more screen into view.

    You need to enable Auto Scroll... I also think it should be enabled by default. Window - Auto Scroll
  13. Justin Montoya


    FormZ shouldn't require it more than occasionally, and if it does, you could always turn on your phone hot spot feature to use your personal phone private network. Same for VRay. VRay also has an offline licensing option that will let you use VRay offline for up to 2 weeks. This can also be handy if you have intermittent internet outages: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/LIC5/Borrowing+Licenses+for+Offline+Use
  14. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    We're a bit off topic here, so I'll just add that VRay 5 is working great! How about everyone else?
  15. Justin Montoya

    Layout and fonts. Again

    I agree, and I'd also love to see Aff.Publisher in action. I use InDesign as many of my clients require it for their presentation decks (documents). It's easy to Re-Link images as they are updated in InDesign with a simple click, all updated images are brought in and really saves on the time spent on the boring documentation work.
  16. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    Interesting about animation, have not had a chance to test that yet. Generally the speed increase is going to be mainly the change to the GPU engine. Either GPU + Hybrid (Make sure you select your devices) or the RTX engine option will be a major speed boost over CPU with the appropriate hardware. But you may find you are missing some features like alpha channel background in the rendering output. Every engine is faster in v5 though, CPU included, than our old 3.6. Some is because of the adaptive dome light when you are using a dome light in your scene. I'm thrilled with v5 so far!!
  17. Justin Montoya

    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I wasn't sure if anyone would catch that... If you don't have it yet, it's coming, and it's very good.
  18. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    Rob- That's not entirely true. While the GPU rendering is getting the bulk of the news, they are continuing to improve the CPU renderer as well. It's faster with the lighting system changes, especially the adaptive dome light. The VFB is a HUGE upgrade, and there are many CPU based material upgrades as well. Light Mix is a game changer and a huge time saver so that's a CPU speed improvement as well. Sure, the GPU rendering is fast, add Hybrid (with CPU as a GPU rendering source) and it's even faster. The RTX engine is also very fast and it's still relatively new. The problem with these engines is that they lack all the features of the CPU engine, which means for many people, they are not useful for production work. For this reason, the main VRAY CPU engine is still very popular and will keep being improved and refined on it's own. That's good news for you Apple users stuck without awesome CUDA based GPU rendering options. Apple has made it's own walled fortress which is really restrictive to creative professionals who like to have every option possible when it comes to CREATING. Their tiff with NVIDIA is moronic and hurtful to it's brand champions (designers) who carried them through their dark times. VRay GPU is unlikely to be ported over to Apple's Metal because there are relatively, VERY FEW 3D rendering professionals using Apple hardware these days. Chaos will continue to spend their development money on the larger user bases that is more profitable. But lucky for you, the VRay CPU engine works fine on your closed wall Apple system and FormZ is one of the few 3D applications still supporting Apple as well. Just don't expect more than VRay CPU on your Apple and you won't be disappointed.
  19. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    It's been working well here for a while! 😉
  20. Justin Montoya

    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I agree with upgrading to v9... Lots of improvements. v9.2 has been great in my use so far. HOWEVER, if you really, really, really need v6.7.3 on a newer more modern OS, then you could always run it virtually on top of the newest OS... Big Sir? Simply use Parallels or VMware Fusion and you can run your old OS and applications in a 'time capsule' forever: https://www.macworld.com/article/234861/how-to-set-up-a-mac-to-run-either-macos-mojave-or-macos-big-sur.html
  21. Justin Montoya

    9.1 - layout printing issues

    Similar Question here: I don't PDF from FormZ or Print from FormZ. But you may find my solution useful...
  22. Justin Montoya

    Layout and fonts. Again

    Hello! In the past I also discovered that Printing from FormZ is not working well for me, so I simply turned up the DPI resolution in Display Settings to 300dpi (good for most actual printing or PDF document compiling). Then I Export Image as a TIF or JPG. This is a High Resolution export (5100 x 2850 px), so I find I simply need to then take the images and Combine them in a PDF document. Do not let Acrobat run Optimization when you Import for PDF. Now if you Zoom In, there is still high quality to the Text. Text-Save-vs-Print.tif Text-Save-vs-Print.pdf Does that help?
  23. Justin Montoya

    Tool Manager and Tool Palette oddities

    Pobo- The materials parameters palette does not work in the sidebar. Only open it as a separate pop up window while using and then close it to avoid this issue. Charles- I agree the tool manager is a bit wonky. You can customize a default install by carefully saving your customizations step by step. (Workspace settings) Otherwise if you get a mistake, it will need to be reset and you must start over. Difficult but not impossible.
  24. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray Render Farm

    Hi John, I sent you a PM. I should be able to help you out. The GPU for animation is currently not implemented correctly, but I hope that is resolved in the next upcoming release. I can test it here to see if it's an option for faster results. Talk soon.
  25. Justin Montoya

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    Is it? I think it's a rendering of a house ... that's been set in a nice real scene in post processing.