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  1. Justin Montoya

    Independent window

    Niceeee Setz!
  2. Justin Montoya

    Palette Dock scroll bar

    Side bar scroll speed too slow is a bug. It's been reported. It's not currently usable here.
  3. Justin Montoya

    How to export OBJ to Blender and Maya?

    This should not be so difficult to use correctly!!! The default settings should just work out of the box for the most popular apps or give some feedback what is happening.
  4. I have reported many issues with the Inspector palette in v9 but none have been fixed yet. There is also a noticable lag when extruding objects with the Inspector palette open. It doesn't nest or stay resized correctly. It causes weird slowness while trying to work quickly. At this point I hate the new inspector palette and just want the old one back. I really don't see the point in this new palette.
  5. Justin Montoya

    Stretching Walls

    There's great flexibility to do things like this with formZ, many different ways to get the same result. The real question would be whether you were still working with the original 'Wall' shape or was it a Union of more than 1 wall? If just 1 original wall, then: Just select the wall and toggle f6 to Show Controls. Then I select the 2 corner points and press M for Move and then Click and drag to the new location (with snaps and grid snap ON ) then f6 Show Controls OFF. This unfortunately doesn't work once a multiple walls have been Unioned together like I suspect from seeing your geometry. For that I would use key shortcuts for most all common tools for efficiency so using a similar method to yours above would look like: CTRL+6 (Top View) CTRL+W (Wireframe) Spacebar (Pick shortcut) Click on the Faces option in the Tool Options - Pick Options window Click and drag to select faces. Click on the Solid option in the Tool Options - Pick Options window Shift Click and select your component door or other object. M (Move) them where you want. ... CTRL+1 (3D View) CTRL+J (Shaded View)
  6. Justin Montoya

    Suface solid (two sides)

    Agreed and good information here! Now to put it to a practical use... We still MUST use outside geometry from these Surface modelers and their Sudo Solids/Surface Solids junk. It's just the way it is. Tech, You are the experts at how this is different from our typical formZ geometry. Please help us, help you. Can you create an Import tool that gives us users some sort of feedback and/or visual Guide upon Importing so we can visually see the errors we may encounter when importing outside geometry? I'm seeing a pop up window with a preview of the file as the options are changed on the Import settings, the imported preview changes. It could also have some nice tools built-in like Andrew's suggestion where the geo is Seperated by Color, Object Doctor, Model Cleaner (Dunno what that is, but it sounds good!), etc. Even if it's not a new tool, we just need SOMETHING to give us some feedback of why all these outside models cause issues in formZ. When our clients are expecting us to be able to efficiently use models from the top modeling programs (3DSMAX, AutoCAD, MAYA, RHINO, SketchUp), we need to make that happen. formZ's future, for many of us, relies on it's ability to correctly translate outside files both Importing and Exporting. Help us, help you. I get just as much lousy geometry from 3DS and FBX files as you do from SketchUp files. Mine is mostly furniture and appliance type models which seem to import fine most times from 3D Warehouse/SketchUp. 3DS files constantly give me fits and require a Force Quit after it freezes fromZ for a few minutes while trying to Import. FBX files seem to always be exploded around and rotated strangely. I can open it in 3D Studio and it looks fine. I can even open it in the new 3D Viewer built into Windows 10 and it looks better than it does in formZ. Something is wrong with that for sure. Some users seem to have expert knowledge of the workarounds required to Import or Export anything to or from formZ, but what about everyone else? We need these solutions documented so formZ can grow. I have a friend with a 3D printing business and I was telling him about formZ, so he downloaded the free version to try and use for some a basic 3D printing project, where he downloads an outside model (Thingverse STL) and tweaks slightly and then prints it. Well thing's didn't go well for formZ and it was impossible to try and help him resolve his issues. New users like that just want things to work correctly the first time, and if they don't, provide some feedback so they can get it working without resorting to a support email everytime. 3D Printing is a huge market now and formZ seems to be missing out because of this outside model file translation issue. How do we fix it?
  7. Justin Montoya

    Texture mapping

    Thanks Andrew, I've run into this Shaded Material Updating bug from time to time as well and I'm not sure what causes it or how to fix it. I haven't been able to recreate it on a simple project yet, so it's difficult to explain what is actually happening. I'm curious which way you found the bump map to cause this error? Was it in the V-Ray for formZ > Material Parameters > 'Generic' texturing Method? Or, was it in the V-Ray (.vrmat) material editor? I mostly just use the Generic unless it's a much more complicated texture, so I tested it that way and it seems to be working on a very basic file using the Generic mode with a basic texture map file in the Diffuse channel and a different Bump Map channel file. This is with v9, so not sure if that's changing anything. Or perhaps your texture map files are causing the issue? Can you share your maps that caused this problem in a simple file like this? Maybe if more than 1 of us can recreate the problem, it will be easier for Tech to fix.
  8. Justin Montoya

    Suface solid (two sides)

    I have to disagree here. I use formZ Solids such as walls and other, often asymmetrical solid shapes with different materials applied to various sides, ALL THE TIME. It works perfectly in Shaded Full and V-Ray rendering engines. The idea of using 'Surfaces' is inefficient for much of the work we do, and is the reason why formZ is so fast, powerful, and efficient for many types of modeling such as Architecture, Furniture, and Exhibit design. There's no shortage of Surface based 3D modelers out there, but it's the SOLIDS that make formZ so special to us.
  9. Justin Montoya

    Display Resolutions

    Hmmm, I just always use Maximum Resolution. Why can't we just expect modern fast computers to use the best available without any compromise here?
  10. Justin Montoya

    Type input bug

    Good UI design dictates that whenever a Tool or Function is called upon that requires additional Input from the user, the new Input field should automatically be engaged. Tabbing through multiple fields from the first most important input field is also expected. This is the kind of thing we need fixed for formZ to feel complete and POLISHED. I think this may be a bug with the new Inspector Palette and is not working well for us at the moment. It also causes various slow downs while it is open (extrude for example becomes sluggish to respond when the Inspector Palette is open).
  11. Justin Montoya

    Example Images

    Looking good everyone! Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to decide if this virus, effectively killing the exhibit industry means I can share more work? Hmmm...
  12. Justin Montoya

    Transparency in front of reflective surface issue

    I've seen that as well! Shaded representation didn't translate the same as the VRay translation. Curious what happens if you use Flat as opposed to Cubic mapping?
  13. Justin Montoya

    Transparency in front of reflective surface issue

    That's sounding familiar, Dome light or GI settings.. Wait where did the rest of your message go? Try this, go into the V-ray raytrace settings and boost the min number of recursive rays to 6 or 8 or more. The default is 5 I believe and that isn't high enough for many reflections in scenes. Does that help?
  14. Justin Montoya

    Transparency in front of reflective surface issue

    That should work. I'm curious of your V-Ray settings then. I suspect you may have come across a transparency map bug. Are you using the Use GPU option? If so, Try turning that off and see if it has a different result. I have had them stop working for me when the Use GPU option is turned on.
  15. Justin Montoya

    Transparency in front of reflective surface issue

    Have you tried to turn off shadow casting for the plane object that has the transparency map?
  16. Justin Montoya

    Does Vray form FormZ support vertex color?

    I concur. Whenever I have seen Vertex color, I believe they mean UV mapping, as that's how it imports in formZ, which works fine provided you don't need to change the mapping. I've edited the referenced texture image files in Photoshop without issue though.
  17. Justin Montoya

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Just want to say Thanks for the sharing to everyone here. I really love seeing all the passion for formZ and knowing I'm not alone in the world. I don't often have to create detail drawings for my work. We hand off the final concepts to a CAD dept expert, where they work their magic to create real, usable shop drawings. However, with that in mind, whenever I do want to create a detail type drawing for Estimating, I just do so in 3D using the Dimension and Callout tools. Extra layers and extra files help to hide the unneeded model info (Now using Scenes since being told about them!), but if the main project and all the models get updated I would have to start it all again from scratch. Does Layout fix that? Does it create a reference to the main FMZ project and get automatically updated if the project gets updated? I would use that if it did and was as easy to put together a document as just saving JPGs and compiling a PDF. That's something were missing. The Best Practices Workflow. Documentation and/or videos showing how to use these powerful tools. I don't think it's obvious to many long time users, or even new users. I believe Paul Helm made many of the videos we all used in the past and he was great at taking a sample project and explaining a few tools. I still reference the formZ animation videos! Each video was short and direct about particular topics, without being too long or intimidating. Layout needs this and probably all of formZ v9 for it's Tools and more since the interface has changed. VRay for formZ needs it as well. I understand this is a big undertaking, and without volunteers, perhaps ADS is willing to hire someone with the expertise and passion for formZ who can do just what we need here? I think that could be a huge first step and the videos on YouTube would also serve as valuable marketing material. I'd particularly like to see some direct comparisons to competing products like SketchUp that could show how much more powerful and efficient formZ is out of the box, maybe a sample project like a simple building gets built in each program from start to finish? formZ free should certainly be the hobby 3D printers/Makers dream software, powerful, free, upgradable. Let's show some videos of it being used for that! Keep up the suggestions folks! Problems presented with possible solutions are always better heard. Always.
  18. Justin Montoya

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    "God damn it, Gump! You're a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160." - Forrest Gump I've recreated hundreds of preferences the long way and never thought to just create a copy my preferences folder while everything is working correctly. This makes me wonder if Tech could implement a preferences stabilizing mechanism that does something similar? Why does the preferences folder even get corrupted? Can we ever stop the corruption? I can see it now, we'll all be holding signs chanting "Corrupt not my Preferences!" But seriously, we're talking about all this in a really old thread that should probably be unpinned like the other old pinned threads...
  19. Justin Montoya

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    If you are still having slowness and lag, I would try these in order: 1- Delete or rename your formZ preferences folder so it rebuilds and you can start anew. This usually fixes the majority of formZ issues. 2- Uninstall formZ and restart your computer and then Re-Install formZ. Unfortunately due to the upgrade nature of W10, some programs have issues if not freshly installed. 3- Make sure you have the latest NVIDIA Creator Ready Drivers installed and restart your computer. Good Luck.
  20. Justin Montoya

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Hugo, I haven't used the Affinity products yet but they do look nice. Our clients are only using Adobe products so it forces us to keep them, even though there are clearly better options out there now. Affinity Publisher looks to be very similar to InDesign, which InDesign can Import the DWG/DXF/EPS/AI files by way of Illustrator. It doesn't look like the Affinity Designer can Import DWG like Illustrator though. Unfortunately, it looks like using the Serif? Affinity products is not going to work at this time as they have refused to add the DWG/DXF Import/Export as requested for years now. I think the formZ Layout product should be able to work fine for most, but if not, you should be able to use the Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to do what you desire here, just like Affinity Publisher. I think that's the first time I've ever recommended an Adobe product. If the shoe fits...
  21. Justin Montoya

    formZ models exchange site!

    Too bad there's not a way to do this on the forum here...? We could also have a repository for textures, materials, lighting, scenes, etc.
  22. Justin Montoya

    Continued FormZ & Maxwell development for V9

    Ged, The new Maxwell 5 is working fine with formZ 9.
  23. Justin Montoya

    tool shortcuts

    Gotcha. I think you are talking about using the Tool Manager to drag tools to the toolbars to create new tool shortcuts. Have you tried to do that again? I doubt those will be able to transfer since this is basically a new interface.
  24. Justin Montoya

    tool shortcuts

    Donald, In the intro to formZ 9 documentation, they explain how you must first save your Shortcuts (.sct) file from v8 and the. You can load it into v9. http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/support/documentation.html
  25. Justin Montoya

    Vray displacement, caustics and subsurface scattering

    It's under the Object Attributes, which in v9 is under the new Inspector.