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  1. It would be amazing if FormZ could auto translate other working units. Example- Project is in Feet and Inches - However I need to add metric sized items. If I could type in '55mm' and have it automatically convert to Inches that would be great. Possible? Thank you!
  2. Justin Montoya

    License Server woes

    Once again, Apple's overly restrictive environment is causing headaches for users.
  3. So a formZ Layer Group = Vectorworks Class ?
  4. I think we need the ability to differentiate what Layers are coming from a Reference file and what is solely in the project itself. Or at very least, have the option to set it up that way when first Adding the Reference files. (Add Unique Layers for Reference Files) I love seeing detailed Layers lists like above! So many lazy modelers do not use Layers efficiently. I do not even use the Objects palette (Turned OFF) as Layers does everything I need. We do need the ability to have the same name Layers under different Layer Groups. This has been requested before and I think is important to add for maximum Layer organization, congruencey, and efficiency.
  5. Justin Montoya

    Logitech MX3 mouse Zoom option

    Glad it's helping. Looking through the new formZ documentation, shown here- http://www.formz.com/manuals/formz9/formZ_Pro/WebHelp/formzpro.htm#t=01020_View_navigation_and_control.html This may help you get used to using the mouse for navigation: Navigation using mouse buttons There are a number of default shortcuts using the mouse buttons:
  6. Justin Montoya

    Palette Window

    Have you tried the new combine nested palettes to get a little more screen real estate without the need for scrolling?
  7. Justin Montoya

    Logitech MX3 mouse Zoom option

    Hi Kim, It sounds like you may need a new mouse that has step scrolling if you want to efficiently navigate formZ as I described. But before you do, some Logitech mice have the ability to turn on step vs smooth scrolling via a switch or button on the bottom or top of the mouse. Not sure which you have, but it's worth checking before you buy a new one. For Zooming around the fZ space, I've been using the Logitech MX 620 mouse for probably 10+ years. I've bought 3 of them over that time as they eventually just get clicked out with all this darn work people ask for. If you're looking for a new mouse for your MacOS device, I'd recommend a Logitech one with step scrolling capabilities. Logitech keeps the best up to date drivers for MacOS. Which model is a very personal preference. There's large, to small, vertical, track balls, laser, optical, wireless, wired... etc. With a huge range of cost differences too. I'd expect to pay $50 or more for a decent mouse these days though, and I prefer Optical or Laser with a long life so not changing or recharging batteries constantly. Bluetooth mice tend to eat batteries much faster than the Logitech wireless dongle. I also need 6+ mouse buttons. Left,Right,Middle click are all used in formZ. Plus Forward and Backward for navigating websites and folders quicker. AND a button dedicated to Mission Control (Task View on Windows 10), Which makes it a simple click to quickly change between program windows, or other open programs like Photoshop. Hope this helps! Cheers!
  8. Justin Montoya

    formZ VRay Animation

    FANTASTIC! Does a great job at showing your product as well as highlighting some of formZ + VRay animation abilities! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Justin Montoya

    Too Options Palette

    Have you tried using the new combine, nested palettes so you do not have to scroll as much?
  10. Justin Montoya

    Too Options Palette

    I like this idea! The Tool Options is incredibly useful to keep open all the time, and while scrolling only the items beneath it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, I do not believe this is possible in the current UI without adding another 'panel' to the UI that would allow the Tool Options to be docked inside. Maybe with an update?
  11. Justin Montoya

    Logitech MX3 mouse Zoom option

    Using a Wacom Cintiq with formZ is a unique and pleasant experience I have also enjoyed. Not long term, but I have worked with other designers who used it for many many years with formZ. It feels more like painting, which is a nice change of pace. Not sure I could do it all day every day though. I'm also not sure why v8.5 or the just released v9 wouldn't work as well as earlier versions, but perhaps Tech can shed some light there? You have a 2 button Wacom Stylus, which can scroll, but perhaps you're looking for more? With regards to the mouse, Is this the mouse you are using? - https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-master-3?crid=7 I haven't used that one yet, but I suspect like many new 'Infinite Scroll' mice, the issue is with the speed of the free scrolling wheel. Magspeed scroll wheel is supposed to allow slow scrolling 'line by line' with a click feeling, and then faster infinite scrolling, automatically. Can you slowly scroll the mouse and feel it 'step'? I suspect your Scroll settings are turned up too High (Sensitivity and/or Speed). Not sure which OS you are on, but Using Windows, MacOS, or the installed Logitech Software, you can turn the scroll speed down so that slowly scrolling (zooming) in the formZ modeling window will result in very controlled 'step' zoom. Ideally, so that each felt 'step' of the scroll wheel results in a similar 'step' for zooming in formZ. This makes it very easy and intuitive to navigate formZ with the zooming scroll wheel. This is my setting in W10: I've helped many other designers get this set up correctly in formZ. Particularly troubling is the stupid Mac touch mouse that tries to scroll with it's own reckless abandon at variable speeds, which is incredibly annoying and impercise to use in formZ. Still, I realize that everyone likes different things and that's what gives the world it's flavor. I think if you try mine, you'll love the intuitive accuracy of the Step Zoom Scrolling while navigating the viewport in formZ. Combined with CTRL+Right Click drag to rotate view is all I ever need while modeling very accurately (Please use SNAPS while modeling EVERYONE). Hope this helps!
  12. Justin Montoya

    Logitech MX3 mouse Zoom option

    If you turn off the scroll wheel in the modeling window, how do you efficiently navigate the scene? Scroll to Zoom and CTRL+Right Click+Drag are essential for navigation in formZ and I can't imagine working without it. Just curious how you are working so that we might learn something new. Cheers.
  13. Justin Montoya

    V9.0.0.1 (Build A0D4) - Detailed UI Design - Tweak Icons

    I know much of this is personal preference and it's great that formZ has the ability to allow customization, but I personally LOVE the colored Icons and details in the interface. I find it easier to quickly navigate with the added color details vs all the grey. Still, it's good you have found something that works for you. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Justin Montoya

    Layer Control for Reference Files

    What I would do: In the reference file, create a layer group named for the reference file an put all reference file layers in that layer group. Now when you place the reference file, it should place everything neatly in the layer group. Ideally this could happen automatically whenever placing reference files. This highlights the need for allowing multiple layers to have the same name when inside of different groups.
  15. Justin Montoya

    form•Z Input Palette Hosed

    Hi Richard, You need to have formZ closed before you delete your preferences folder to reset formZ's interface and settings. Then when you reopen formZ, everything should rebuild to defaults. Here's where the preferences folder is located: On Windows, this is located in C:\users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\ (Note that [USER] is the name with which you log onto your computer, and if you don't see the App Data folder, you can show this by going to the Windows Explorer: Tools Menu: Folder Options: View Tab -- and choosing Show Hidden Files, and clicking OK.) On a Mac, this is located in HOME: Library: Preferences. (Note that HOME refers to Hard Drive: Users: your login name, and if you don't see a Library folder in this location, you can access it by going to the Finder: Go Menu, holding down the Option key -- and it will appear below HOME.) There are still some quirks on customizing the new UI, but if you have some patience, you can get close. A coming update should resolve this soon.
  16. Justin Montoya

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I'd rather look at it this way: How can we make formZ more popular? Please share your ideas so that perhaps we can come up with a collective idea or two that may make a positive impact. Sharing renderings is a great start, but it doesn't really highlight why so many of us prefer formZ, which for many is the simple yet powerful and flexible Modeling! In addition to providing free formZ software to students (give them 1 year out of school for free too), we need faculty on board who can support and teach formZ hands on. That means getting more faculty trained and fluent in the power and flexibility of formZ. I propose a yearly training conference at each school. It should be free for faculty and students to attend. We can use their computer labs with formZ installed, or simply send out the install the week before to all that have registered so they can bring a laptop with it installed. Maybe even a couple of formZ champions (marketing term) experts can travel to these schools and help to instruct and answer questions while editing a live, relevant, project for the particular school. These are either Autodessys staff or professionals that could be paid for the trip. Showcasing the workflow and modeling is an important step to wider adoption. The final image results are inspiring, but they are in so many other platforms as well. So we need to highlight what differentiates formZ from the other 3D packages. I also propose a formZ Extension Store. Similar to the Extensions people buy for other software packages like SketchUp. This would open up formZ to further development from other software developers using the formZ SDK. I suspect that some existing extensions for other software can easily be adapted to formZ, making it easier for developers to get a wider audience for their extensions and make more money. This would add to the formZ development team without actually adding staff. I do love how powerful formZ is out of the box, but for some looking for more, like BIM for example, a paid extension could get you there like it does for other 3D software packages. Thoughts?
  17. Justin Montoya

    VRay Next for FormZ?

    Yes the current VRay 3.6 plugin works with formZ 9. VRay Next will be the newest release coming soon.
  18. Justin Montoya

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Hi Tim, Render People works fine for me here importing the provided SKP format. I have also successfully used their MAX files and converted them to 3DS or FBX from within 3dsMax. OBJ does not work for me either and has always been a difficult format for me to use successfully in FormZ so I avoid it. Sometimes you will have to manually add the provided texture map in to the correct material in FormZ, but it doesn't require any remapping, which is good because we cannot adjust the provided UV mapping. Let's make a separate topic if you need more help here. In regards to hardware for VRay animations: If you use Mac hardware, you will be stuck running on the CPU render of VRay, which can be much slower than the GPU renderer depending on the scene (and especially after 1000s of clips in an animation!). The often faster, VRay GPU rendering engine requires Nvidia GPU's (CUDA), which Apple has completely cut off support. So you would need to buy the most expensive CPU upgrade Apple offers for their MacPro to efficiently render animations in VRay on your workstation. This is really unfortunate, and has been the reason why most of the 3D professionals are using Windows workstations. You can buy a faster and much more cost effective rendering machine for a fraction of the price compared to Apple. You can then easily choose whether you want to use the CPU or GPU engine. Even for strictly CPU rendering, Apple cannot compete in this realm with their newest, highest priced 28 core machine. Take a look at how poorly the new MacPro renders compared to the new higher performing and MUCH cheaper AMD Threadripper 3960x and 3970x CPUs: That's just what you will be stuck with using Apple hardware for VRay CPU rendering. Overpaying for worse performance. Compounded by thousands of frames in an animation, it just doesn't make any sense to purchase a new Mac Pro for that purpose. Switching to the VRay GPU engine, you don't need the highest multi core CPU if you use the GPU engine, only using 2 or more NVIDIA GPUs to really see a nice speed increase. RTX 2060 Super is the current sweet spot with current Nvidia GPUs and VRay. At $400 ea, you can often put 4 GPUs (blower style) in a workstation for a really powerful GPU rendering machine. It's time to kick Apple to the curb since they stopped supporting 3D Design professionals. I was a huge Apple supporter and user for more than 15 years as well, but they just don't offer competitive hardware for 3D professionals anymore. Windows 10 and Android works great and I don't miss Apple at all. Resources: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/V-Ray-Next-CPU-Performance-Intel-Core-X-10000-vs-AMD-Threadripper-3rd-Gen-1621/ https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/V-Ray-Next-Multi-GPU-Performance-Scaling-1559/ https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/V-Ray-Next-GPU-Roundup-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-SUPER-Performance-1548/ https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/geforce-rtx-2060-and-2070-super-review,25.html https://community.foundry.com/discuss/topic/150635/modular-macpro-what-we-got If Animations are a priority, you could always add a dedicated Render Node or two. A high powered Windows based machine that would handle the heavy lifting for animations using FormZ Imager. Then you could keep using Apple hardware as your workstation. I'm not sure how well this cross compatibility works with VRay for FormZ, so you'll need to reach out to tech to even see if it would be possible to run a VRay GPU rendering from a Mac based FormZ Imager. I hope this information helps quantify my answers to your questions. Hardware is a passion of mine and I wish Apple were more competitive there, as I always loved their OS. Unfortunately, their offerings make little sense for most 3D professionals these days.
  19. Justin Montoya

    slope a spline

    Do you just need a surface? Probably not the most accurate way to do this, but here's how I would do it: First, I rotated copies of the compound curves upward so the endpoints aligned to the predefined straight ends where 1 is 30ft higher. Then I moved 1 endpoint on each curve so it attached to the predefined 30ft raised straight end and closes the shape: Then I tried to Derive a face from the new shape, but it doesn't work? So I created a Cap minimal surface from the outline segments: I moved it 100ft north for this demonstration. Is this what you need? offramp-jm2.fmz
  20. Justin Montoya

    Is Thea for FormZ dead ?

    I'm happily transitioned to VRay but I'd be open to more rendering options in FormZ. When I purchased and used Thea previously, it was remarkably well put together compared to some of our other options. Thea's features like camera lenses was incredible. I'd love to see the new version with the built in denoiser, as that was really where Thea failed me previously. It would be up to SolidIris to update the Plugin, so you should probably reach out to them directly.
  21. Justin Montoya

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Good Info! I've also noticed that you need close to 60FPS to keep things smooth. I'm not sure why, as our screens are really only displaying 30fps, I think, but that's a trick I learned a while back. It makes the animation rendering twice as long though! I like the playful Pixar style. The people models are especially nice for that. If you need people outside of Poser, I've found the Render People import nicely in the SKP format or converted from Max if you have that. - https://renderpeople.com/free-3d-people/ I hope one day we can use pre animated 3D people in our FormZ animations.
  22. Justin Montoya

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Thanks for sharing John! Interesting solution to the problem. I think the animation is great, showing how the system works. I think with the VRay setup, you could push some of the lighting and materials a bit further, but that's probably a compromise due to rendering time? Are you using the VRay GPU + Hybrid engine? The newest version of VRay NEXT GPU is going to offer on avg of 40% faster rendering times when using the newer Nvidia RTX engine and GPUs. Hopefully we will get to see this option in FormZ soon. https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/v-ray-gpu-adds-support-for-nvidia-rtx
  23. Justin Montoya

    Auto translate Units on Input boxes?

    Hi Chris, Since you have experience with scripting, is this something we could implement with the new Python available in v9 using an already developed calculator/converter like this? https://github.com/Stephen150/Simple-Scientific-Calculator
  24. Howdy! We could really use the Edit Axes tool more efficiently if we could access it whenever needed from the Transform Tool Options. I've found that often times boolean objects and grouped objects end up with really messed up Axes that needs to be reset to default before Scaling (sorry, Transforming - why isn't it just called Scaling???) which wasn't an issue in v6 that I can remember. Is there a way to keep this from happening? It's also annoying to use the Edit Axes tool and have it Deselect the item when immediately selecting the Transform tool after resetting the Axes to default.
  25. Justin Montoya

    Sketchup model woes

    I agree! I find it that way with all surface based modelers after more than a decade of wonderfully efficient FormZ. I'd call FormZ more of a pseudo solid modeler since it easily and automatically creates solids from what would be a surface in most other programs, which require an extra 'extrude' step to create the 'solid'. Add in the ease of using Smooth modeling for curved objects that you can interactively 'sketch', really makes FormZ stand out. I just wish more people could see the advantage, and FormZ was a bit more approachable out of the box for new users. Maybe v9 can show this better. Layout question - Do you think the new FormZ 9 Draft layout will work better now that it is a seperate app once again?