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form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released


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We are pleased to announce that formZ 8.6.3 is now available for pro, jr, free and student editions.


If you are using v8.6.2 or v8.6.1, you can update you installation by selecting "Check for Update" from the Help menu within form•Z.

If you are using v8.5 or v8.6.0 (or if you experience issues with the software update feature because of a firewall or other connection issue), you will need to install from here:
Click Here for formZ pro.
Click Here for formZ jr.
Click Here for formZ Student Edition.

Highlights of enhancements in v8.6.3:

• Large STEP files now open properly on OS X.
• Selecting “Group/Component Complete” while editing a group or component no longer crashes on certain systems.
• Performance of switching between graphic windows has been improved.
• Performance of switching between form•Z and other applications has been improved.
• Image files used as textures are now updated in the graphics window and material parameters when the texture is externally edited while the form•Z project is opened.
• Auto save is no longer initiated immediately when a file is opened or a new file is created.
• Animation using RenderZone on scenes where the camera (view) do not change no work properly.
• The mouse scroll wheel no works properly on certain Windows versions.
• Group override materials are now copied properly between projects with "Copy & Paste”.
• Components that contain layers with override materials or groups with override materials now work properly.
• Printing with extents selected now properly fits the page for non-perspective views.
• Printing Notes and dimensions is more accurate.
• Picking/pre-picking certain geometry no longer crashes.
• A new option “Remove Duplicate Materials” has been added to the materials palette context menu. This will remove materials with identical parameters (except name). All objects/faces that reference the duplicate material will use the remaining material.
• Selecting "Purge Unused Materials" from the materials palette context menu no longer removes materials used in Group overrides.
• Snapping/picking of arcs or objects with circular/elliptical edges much faster. (Most noticeable in files with a significant number of these shapes, specially ellipses.)
• Texture image files that are 65K in size now properly work with distributed rendering.
• Subdivision objects now inherit face colors from the original mesh/cage.
• Collada (DAE) import now loads the materials and UV’s properly.
• Notes now import from DXF/DWG files with the proper placement.
• Other various optimizations and stability improvements.

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Yes. Although my perception of formZ is a bit skewed since I used to run formZ using a preference file that caused tons of issues before, I must say, this latest release is almost rock solid. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Congratulations Autodessys!.

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