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  1. it would be so great if you could implement background saving of files! when working on large projects, it's generally good to save automatic backups from time to time. but if the saving starts during a complex modeling task, it will interrupt the workflow for a few seconds and even longer - if you set corresponding save options before. as an example, if you set FZ to save your project automatically every 5 minutes, this easily ist starting to develop into a serious workflow stopper.
  2. 3dworks

    Form Z Palette System

    same observations here. while i see some improvement in the main window containing switchable palettes, the general palette - workspace system is unreliable and always has been, at least since version 7. as i am working with a 2 screen setup, the secondary screen layout just containing floating palettes and tools has been the biggest issue. in version 9.2.x, unfortunately saved workspaces don't just set up the screen correctly when reset or imported from saved ones. the only way i found out to fix screen layouts gone bad, is to keep a zipped backup the /Users/username/Library/Preferences/autodessys/formZ 9.0 pro/Workspaces folder and replace that after a corruption. i would prefer to save my screen layout when quitting the application - to get the same workspace again on which i was working with the project, but since this destroys the setup many times, i keep it locked (don't save between sessions in workspace manager) for now. aother major problem is that sometimes the top bar of palettes is not grabbable anymore because for some reason formz moved it over the top border of the secondary screen. in this case, if you don't have a backup, it's time to rebuild the whole palette layout... see screenshot below. it would be helpful if we could grab palettes on all sides to move them around the screen. a third problem area is that not all palettes can be resized, generating gaps in the screen layout. a distracting interface patchwork is the result.
  3. 3dworks

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    this is definitely great news! nevertheless, hopefully there will be a sort of hotfix for older versions soon - if this can be done.
  4. correct, end of 2020 was first appearance. btw i believe the problem is not so much the M1 - ARM chip architecture, but the transition of apple's graphics and computing API from opengl and opencl to metal. this process is going on for a much longer time and was announced 2018 by apple. not sure how well FZ is already optimized for metal. any hints from the developers? btw i'm currently evaluating a beta version 8 of rhino, which is already optimized to run under M1 and latest macOS. the screen handling speed in metal mode (which has to be switched on by a manual commandline) is really impressive inside my macbook pro with M1 max. rhino is also using the ACIS kernel, so i wonder if they are already using a beta of this kernel for silicon or if mcneel are just implementing some clever tricks to improve speed for screen handling. the older rhino 7 is behaving like FZ version 9.2 and currently is unusable for larger projects on M1 and monterey because to slow. hopefully autodessys in the same way is trying to improve the handling speed for FZ. right now, i cannot work anymore in FZ when not on my macpros at the studio, as i already sold my old intel macbooks.
  5. found this thread now. very disappointing! M1 transition is going on already many month and we have a 3rd generation hardware release by apple a few weeks ago. hopefully those spacial ACIS core guys are pushed enough to get things out. in the meanwhile for me working on the new macbook pro is not possible, even with the display preferences tips, my projects cannot be handled well. as i have no other choice when working remotely, i will consider maybe using a good fast VNC client to use my macpro remotely for just formz. sounds crazy but is probably way better than using FZ 9.2 pro with M1. any other news or tips to resolve this dilemma? are there any other settings which could improve speed?
  6. 3dworks

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    great tip, using new macbook pro max here as well! what settings do we need to use on M1 chips? my first experience with it opening a large project file on which i'm working on my mac pro is just terrible slow. any hints what the cause could be? all other graphics apps i'm running on the new macbook - even the non optimized ones on rosetta are running faster than with the 12 core macpro + ATI radeon 580RX card, but this one seems to be almost unusable.
  7. Am I the only one having issues when entering the "edit cone of vision" mode? With this version, the camera seems to be locked. No editing is possible. I'm on MacOS High Sierra, MacPro 5,1 with Nvidia GTX1080 card and corresponding drivers. I will have to revert to the last version in order to get my perspectives adjusted...
  8. 3dworks

    FZ / edit cone of vision issue

    Sure you can use walkthrough and other functions to position and set the camera, but only "edit cone of vision" gives you a way to set exactly all parameters for the cone of vision in one screen. As an architect, I like to see cameras in plan and elevation at the same time, especially if i need to prepare cameras for cuts and sections. 😉 Update: I got confirmation from Tech Support for this issue. Unfortunately, they seem not keen to fix it as they are "focusing on newer operating systems". As a customer, I do unterstand that new features are not making it into older operating systems. But when basic functionality are not working anymore within the officially supported OS, I will expect this to be fixed. Hopefully they will do.
  9. 3dworks

    FZ / edit cone of vision issue

    autodessys, is there a fix on the way?
  10. 3dworks

    FZ / edit cone of vision issue

    I can confirm as well its running fine under Monterey and Bigsur. High Sierra has issues, but it could be the fact I'm using Nvidia cards on this machine. Until 9.2 it used to behave well i guess. I started only recently using day by day FZ 9.x and left 8.x in the archive.
  11. I'm currently trying to work on a complex project with the latest available 9.1 version but very unhappy with how many bugs when dealing with components make FZ simply hang. I reported only a few, as not all steps are reproducible and every bug report takes time. Mostly i found issues when making a copy of a component a new unique component. for example assigning a new layer to this one makes hang FZ. Also just trying to rename a component after certain steps makes FZ hang. I'm getting about one hang every 10 minutes now, so I guess i will - once more - switch back to FZ 8.5.x, which is really frustrating, as I will also need to switch machine. Anyone else having these issues?
  12. You should first of all respect rules of conduct here.
  13. Yes, crossing fingers. I've given up on 9.2 as well this morning after trying to handle my current project. Components geometry simply disappears when trying to edit with "open component" command from the components palette. Some components material assignments get scrambled over time as well. After trying to edit components sometimes layer visibility settings are unfunctional until restart and reload of the scene. Too much stuff going on and as ZTEK reported very well, in an illogical way, so reporting is extremely difficult, because mostly there are no reproducible steps to make the bugs happen. So, switching back once again to version 8.5.6 which for me remains the most stable version ever. Some bugs there as well, but at least i know how avoid them.As long as I can keep my MacOS High Sierra Mac running with it, it remains a backup solution but working. Fortunately, FZ has the ability to save to older versions!
  14. Thanks for getting back! I see now that I sent my licensing issue email to sales@formz.com on October 9 , maybe because i thought licensing is part of their work. I never got a reply, but probably this is not your department, then... Also, I did receive all your answers on the Vray server issues, but after telling you in the previous email that I did a reinstall of the server - and sending logs and screenshots - you recommended me to do a clean re-install. Not really helpful in this case... This issue is still unresolved, but I do not need to use Vray at this time.
  15. No airing here, and I didn't get any answer from FZ support for all my last e-mails, be it just crash reporting or direct support questions. FZ Support used to be one of the best services of any software I ever used, but nowadays unfortunately it is not anymore. After the sad departure of Paul Helm a few years ago, everything changed to the worse. One example: a few weeks ago I was even in a very bad situation when I couldn't use FZ on my new laptop beacuse of licensing issues. I really needed to work on my trip, but couldn't because support didn't answer my email. Also, for what are forums here if not for sharing experience and asking questions which maybe support couldn't easily answer from a technical point of view? Why getting polemical over this? Aren't we all in the same boat using this software which is working so well on one side and at the same time has so many bigger or smaller quirks on the other? I will now try the fresh new 9.2, hopefully something got better. Unfortunaltely, the "changes" document reports ...no changes.
  16. Is there any tutorial about how to import the datasmith file and assets into unreal? I don't get this done without getting deeper into the matter. At least, it's not working drag and drop, LOL. Twinmotion seems to work well so far!
  17. 3dworks

    Imager V9 not working?

    I read in older forum posts that Imager had some quirks which needed to be addressed. Il the latest V9 incarnation it seems not to work at all. if I load a scene and set image type to shaded work for all images, then try to render, I'm getting "The following entries in the imager set have a rendering type for which no exporter is loaded and printing is turned off. These entries will not be rendered. Select OK to proceed." I don't get any solution out of this dialog, also i cannot find exporter settings anywhere. What to do?
  18. 3dworks

    Imager V9 not working?

    I could fix this by not using default prefs but loading my existing FZ modeler prefs in Imager preferences. Honestly i don't understand what this does exactly, but suddenly i could render everything...
  19. 3dworks

    Imager V9 not working?

    BTW in FZ 9 I'm also generally missing image options in the dialog when exporting rendered images, for some reason they have been removed - in V8.6 we still had them.
  20. 3dworks

    Apple Silicon M1

    same question here!
  21. I'm always using FZ for all the architectural modeling in my projects. The modeling and polygonal editing features in C4D are extremely useful however, once the model was imported into the scene and setup for rendering. I wish there was a better data connection between FZ and C4D but actually it works quite well going the route via VRML or Sketchup format. Before switching to C4D, I used Lightwave for many years, and FZ supported that format directly. However, LW became less and less well supported on the Mac side, and C4D, while expensive, has so many useful and straightforward features that make my work much easier now. LWCAD, a complete parametric and NURBS capable modeling plugin formerly just available for LW is now availeble and actively developed for C4D, so maybe in future this could be used inside the package as an alternative modelling tool.
  22. Apart of Redshift, Otoys Octane is also available for Metal users and running extremely well. As I pushed my hardware also forward to use Big Sur and Metal with AMD graphics cards, I guess Vray without such an option will not be a likely upgrade for me on FZ right now. Running happily C4D with Octane on Macs here.
  23. wakening up this discussion again, and now we have already FZ version 9.1. is IFC file support something on the list for future versions? i'm regularly getting projects where this kind of exchange could be really useful.
  24. As I recently upgraded one of my Macpro's to use MacOS 11.2.3 (with help of Opencore and a Radeon RX580 card), I was wondering if there are any known issues with the legacy FormZ version 8.6.5 when working with this system? I'm unhappy with 9.x and still consider this version the best and most stable version I ever used. Any feedback would be extremely helpful. Cheers Markus
  25. thanks for confirming my findings.