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  1. I thought this might interest you Des. Twinmotion Cloud Rendering | Twinmotion Render Farm | iRender (irendering.net) I know there are plenty of gpu render farms, but this is the first time I have seen something for Twinmotion. Twinmotion only supports one card so this is not going to be scalable.
  2. bbuxton

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    Thank you for your kind comments. Although intended for fusion 360 this video is a great help for understanding what it takes to get good transitions for rounds. Smoother Transitions To Flat Surfaces in Fusion 360 - YouTube In formZ using 'convert to nurbs' will split an object into nurbs surfaces. You can use 'nurbs extend' to set back each surface using a negative value. This does not work on planar surfaces so you should add some curvature by increasing the degree to 3 or more using 'nurbs reconstruct' and then edit the control points to make it slightly curved. Once the edges are set back use 'nurbs blend' to reconnect the surfaces before stitching back into a solid. You can also use sweeps to run a good profile around a surface. Form Z analysis porcupine plot will help you visualise your curve continuity for this.
  3. bbuxton

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Happy Holidays from the East Hope everyone here has a great New Year 2022 🎅🎉🍰
  4. bbuxton

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    G3 is useful for automotive applications where the curvature is manipulated to preserve continuous reflections. Aerospace applications have used conics for a long time, perhaps now that computers are powerful enough to digest the math, 4th order curves might be appropriate on rare occasions. For consumer products and furniture, G2 is about as far as practicality goes. The analysis tools in FormZ aren't going to help you much beyond G2. Fusion 360 can get close to G3, but to really work with G3 you need to use Alias Surface (not the cheaper Alias Concepts) or software of a similar calibre. What would be nice in formZ is for N Blend and other nurbs tools supporting higher orders to have numeric input for T1 and T2 magnitude. The sliders are almost impossible to manipulate even with a fairly powerful PC. Higher-order curves are not going to produce better surfaces and without a full set of controls will most likely just introduce errors. An affordable cheat to work with high surface continuity is SharkCAD Pro plus DarCorps AeroPack. While the analysis tools are pretty much the same as in FormZ you can match Rho values numerically between conic surfaces. This produced good enough results when I was working on wind turbine concepts and needed to create flawless surfaces.
  5. bbuxton

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    AFAIK the best continuity to a flat surface is G1. G2 and above require some curvature in the surface to be continuous to. You could convert a flat surface to nurbs then add barely noticeable curvature by raising the curvature handles slightly. For each level above G2 you will need to adjust additional control points to make a smooth transition. This is exceedingly difficult to do. Some applications like ZW3D use conics for blends, which are much easier to control. Currently, FormZ does not have conic type curves. ZW3D is quite expensive. Fusion 360 has conic curves as does SharkCad Pro (not sure about the ViaCad etc from the same developer) but in these applications, you will need to create a conic profile and sweep it between the boundaries.
  6. bbuxton


    I tried a random xFrog plant from the Oceanic library and the 'separate objects' tool worked just fine. I tried again on a European tree as they are heavier and still OK. My XFrog plants are in LWO format though. I did not get them in OBJ format. xFrog plants are very old and produce problems in lots of other software too. Namely Modo and Cinema4D in my case. Initially, with v7 and 8 I found it a constant pain going back to v6.7.3 for almost everything. More recently I only go back to v6.7.3 to access LWA materials and the occasional old fmz file that won't open in v9.2.
  7. bbuxton

    frustration 3d modelling

    I'm not questioning the OP's experience, but for sure, there is more to this than the Object-doctor not working. I'm not a FormZ expert, but I too picked up formZ at University perhaps the same time as you in 1992. I have been frustrated and ranted about some form Z's less than trivial issues on numerous occasions (components and UI are good examples). But, unfortunately, it does not solve the problem. The comments to use smooth modelling are all correct and helpful. It is usually easier to re-tesselate a smooth object or build over the ugly mesh in a retopo tool like Topogun or 3D Coat. Polygons are generally a bad choice for boolean workflows in any 3D software. It is not arrogant to suggest slowing down and looking at other options, even other software, usually does solve the problem or at least solves enough to muddle through. It is not arrogant to find it odd that a seasoned user is stuck using the Object-doctor rather than more appropriate tool choices. Finally Martin, you have not offered anything to the discussion other than criticism of those trying to help the original poster.
  8. bbuxton

    frustration 3d modelling

    "Not that hard to model cleanly? ... Why make this comment? or this 'fix crappy modelling'? ..." FormZ is a great modeller and I stand by that it is not that hard to model cleanly when using it. ----------------------------------------- 'sigh....' we all do 'crappy modelling' and 80% of the time it does not matter. When it does matter it is important to slow down and look at what went wrong and pay attention to details. Pressing the magic Object-doctor button with all the options checked and blaming the software for being rubbish is a surprising response from someone with '20 years of experience (????)' using FormZ. Generally, I use FormZ and work with smooth objects when I need to produce drawings or models with manufacturing in mind. I also use formZ as a polygon modeller when massing out iterative design concepts - because it is faster than anything else for this. When modelling for render or to take into Marmoset TB or Substance etc I use Modo as it is more suitable for this type of work. Frequently going back and forth between the two, I rarely have issues with smooth objects translating well, so the OP's strict adherence to Polygons is a little hard to understand.
  9. bbuxton

    frustration 3d modelling

    The best way to use the object-doctor (particularly on polygonal geometry) is to only check 1 or 2 options at a time and initially to highlight the problems for you to see what they are, before running the tool again to fix them or if you prefer to correct the issues manually. There are no magic buttons to fix crappy modelling in any software. For what it is, the Object doctor does a pretty good job. Look at what it is doing before getting upset with it. With excellent snapping tools and the ability to lock and edit the workplace quickly, it is not that hard to model cleanly and in particular, keep mesh surfaces planar in formZ.
  10. I don't have a great machine (2012 MacPro running Windows 10 boot - Mac Os removed now sadly) The graphics card is a 12Gb GTX Titan (Maxwell so no RTX) - memory wise it may cope with bigger scenes and more textures than a 4Gb card. I have the current version of Twinmotion installed and FormZ 9.2. Happy to help if this is enough to work with.
  11. Seems like a perfectly reasonable question to me. Given how many years Markus has contributed to the discussions here I cannot see anything in this post or previous posts, that could be construed as "airing dirty linen". Can you explain your basis for such an accusation? For the record, components are not one of FormZ's strongest features and have been plagued with issues from the beginning.
  12. bbuxton

    fz 9.2?

    I hope 9.2 stops pointing to Flash movies in the help section before trying to update Flash online. Autodessys please update the movies, or better yet make new ones.
  13. bbuxton

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    2D sketches, though usually these can be exported as dxf as working drawings. Most ID fabrication still requires 2D drawings, machinists work from 2D drawings. If there is a problem it is the 2D drawings that come back because a part does not fit.
  14. bbuxton

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    The elephant in the room is 2D drawings and 'parameters' not driving the model in FormZ. Editing the model will update the drawing in Layout but not the other way round. Most parametric CAD, e.g. Solidworks, Fusion 360 Catia etc. work from the drawing first, not the model Most architectural applications like Autocad Vectorworks etc. also work from 2D first (parametric doors and windows are just exposed values for a 2D drawing driving a model) FormZ works from the model first, edit the model and the drawings update. Working in this very direct way with the model first is much faster than the other approaches, but once an idea settles and needs constraint-driven changes, it is time to move the process out of formZ to another application. I almost always start projects in FormZ but invariably finish them elsewhere.
  15. bbuxton

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    formZ can work parametrically to a very small extent- 'show controls' and 'edit parameters' but it is not the same as editing a sketch and having the model update. Although it can be seen as a shortcoming this 'direct' approach is what makes formZ so fast to rough out early concepts. History-based CAD is better for iterative and ideation phases but formZ editing is still fine for most simple edits. As much as I would love to see formZ develop more for industrial design, it has always been focused on architecture. Perhaps BIM and ICF support will get some attention in the future??