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  1. bbuxton

    Modeling shipping container help

    There are some good ones on Grabcad too. The Grabcad ones are better quality than the Sketchup files but I would check commercial usage is ok. https://grabcad.com/library?page=1&time=all_time&sort=recent&query=shipping container I have an account at http://www.containerhome.info/members-area and it is a great resource. At the moment I am working on some freight container farm concepts but if you need the containers modelled for you directly, rather than grabbing a public resource then let me know and I will create to your specs. I don't use VRay with FormZ, I do have a license for VRayforC4d however.
  2. bbuxton

    Are there any future updates for FormZ?

    Unreal Studio imports Step, SAT etc via the Datasmith Plugin for Unreal. FormZ exports FBX and OBJ both of which work well with UE4. FormZ supports VRay For BIM and links to other systems like TwinMotion and Lumion, you are better off using Vectorworks or Archicad on a Mac or giving in to Autodesk subscriptions if you are Windows-based. Rhino is good if like me you need to work with point clouds it also has a live link to Lumion. The alternatives are unlikely to match FormZ for fast concepting, but for links to other software and current architectural workflows maybe you need something else to run alongside FormZ. My set up is to go from FormZ to Modo via the Power-Translators plugin. Modo has a direct connect with Unreal.
  3. bbuxton

    From formZ to VR?

    Most fairly recent 3D applications support 360 rendering. Maxwell Render for FormZ has a 360 camera and I'm pretty sure VRay has one too. If you want a man with a PC solution I could render a simple test scene as a 360 image or as a 360 animation but animation would require some budget. For Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and Occulus Rift etc the renders can be made as a stereo pair. You might want to look at Simlab Composer too as this is geared for exactly this and is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. http://www.simlab-soft.com/
  4. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Turning off text scaling has solved the issue. Not sure why this affected and not 8.5.7 but I'm able to work again without palettes cluttering my second monitor.
  5. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thank you, Justin. This particular problem is only affecting v8.6.3.1 not earlier versions. I have gone through the process of clearing out preferences etc. even though it is clearly not a preference issue. The previous builds had issues with scrolling when a tool was selected among others. While these issues do not affect everyone, I am sure they are not isolated to me or my system. For now, I will revert back to v8.5 and live without the clone functionality restored in v8.6. If I upgrade to v9 it will be for improved functionality, not in the hope that it will address bugs from the previous versions. Edit: Yes, custom workspaces, save on close, and custom preference files have been for quite some time on my avoid list too.
  6. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thank you, Justin, Unfortunately, this does not fix the issue. It is a bug in this version's palettes implementation and needs to be fixed by Autodessys. The Window layout has been bad since v7 on both Windows and Mac, particularly with dual screens. I have absolutely none of these issues with v6.3.7 but obviously having upgraded to each version since I want to be using current versions not stuck using legacy ones.
  7. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    More than a month later... I assume this issue is just affecting me. Additionally I tried with Aero off and the issue still persists. So again Docked Palettes are not working if I pull a palette out of the Tool Dock or Palette Dock then behaviour returns to normal. FormZ is almost unusable like this.
  8. bbuxton

    FUSION 360

    STP works well
  9. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    version build 10163 The interface is quite borked now, far worse than previous 8.6 builds and worse than any of the 8.5 builds I have used. I am running Win7 pro 64 with Aero on (required for other software such as Affinity Photo) The application window opens with bits of the interface over both screens with elements difficult to select as they go off screen. Pallets inside the palette dock do not respond correctly. I cannot, for example, select materials or the menu items in the material palette. However, the palette behaves correctly when dragged out of the palette dock. This behaviour is consistent with every palette when in the dock. So yet another update to FormZ is unusable and again I have to revert back to 8.5x FormZ's interface has been terrible for a very long time, every time I open the application the interface looks like it has been kicked across my desk.
  10. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    Nice to be able to zoom in the viewport when a tool is active. Thank you.
  11. bbuxton

    8.6 bugs

    Hello JL Most of my work is visualization, sometime a client will say I have to use xxx application so that I can knit wore closely with their pipeline. This usually means using Autodesk products and has pulled me away from using Mac Os. However after moving to Tokyo work has been a bit sparse, so now is a good time to get rid of things. SharkCAD was brilliant when I was modelling all sorts of interesting wind turbines, so ideal for bringing in NACA curves and generating super smooth organic shapes. It has an associative subD workflow that I can derive a nurbs model from, with booleans etc. If I edit the subD the nurbs model will update - nothing affordable does this. Oh, and on Windows it opens Solidworks, ProE and Catia etc. Vectorworks was required for one job 5 years ago. It has proved useful for lots of other things so I kept it up to date but I have very little need for it now. It has a dongle (which in an age of online license fails is an absolute blessing) but this does mean I will need a mailing address from the buyer.
  12. bbuxton

    forum Sign In link

    as with the sign in link. Right click and choose open link in new window or tab is working.
  13. bbuxton

    forum Sign In link

    Alternatively, copy and past the sign in link to a new window or tab. It will then work as expected.
  14. bbuxton

    8.6 bugs

    If you or anyone else are looking to save some money on supplementing FormZ drafting with Vectorworks Fundamentals 2018 or SharkCAD pro v10 plus PowerPack, I'm looking to get rid of both of these licenses as I am looking to pair FormZ with Ansys SpaceClaim instead. SharkCAD does an excellent job alongside formZ for precise curves, with robust model to sheet drawing tools. Vectorworks (even fundamentals) is good to make up formZ's architectural capabilities. SharkCAD pro + PP retails around $2000 Vectorworks Fundamentals at a similar price point. I'll accept anything around the 50% mark. My vectorworks is dongled, so buyer needs to give a shipping address.
  15. This is so important. +1 Hopefully, Okino Polytrans will update soon too. 3DBrowser v14 is supporting LWO3 Much of my workflow with Lightwave has necessitated saving a neutral file alongside the LWO for almost every asset. I also avoid using LWO exports from FormZ as I hate having to sift through hundreds sometimes thousands of objects to correct the ones with inverted normals. If Autodessys ever get around to fixing LWO exports it would make sense to support LWO3.