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  1. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    Nice to be able to zoom in the viewport when a tool is active. Thank you.
  2. bbuxton

    8.6 bugs

    Hello JL Most of my work is visualization, sometime a client will say I have to use xxx application so that I can knit wore closely with their pipeline. This usually means using Autodesk products and has pulled me away from using Mac Os. However after moving to Tokyo work has been a bit sparse, so now is a good time to get rid of things. SharkCAD was brilliant when I was modelling all sorts of interesting wind turbines, so ideal for bringing in NACA curves and generating super smooth organic shapes. It has an associative subD workflow that I can derive a nurbs model from, with booleans etc. If I edit the subD the nurbs model will update - nothing affordable does this. Oh, and on Windows it opens Solidworks, ProE and Catia etc. Vectorworks was required for one job 5 years ago. It has proved useful for lots of other things so I kept it up to date but I have very little need for it now. It has a dongle (which in an age of online license fails is an absolute blessing) but this does mean I will need a mailing address from the buyer.
  3. bbuxton

    forum Sign In link

    as with the sign in link. Right click and choose open link in new window or tab is working.
  4. bbuxton

    forum Sign In link

    Alternatively, copy and past the sign in link to a new window or tab. It will then work as expected.
  5. bbuxton

    8.6 bugs

    If you or anyone else are looking to save some money on supplementing FormZ drafting with Vectorworks Fundamentals 2018 or SharkCAD pro v10 plus PowerPack, I'm looking to get rid of both of these licenses as I am looking to pair FormZ with Ansys SpaceClaim instead. SharkCAD does an excellent job alongside formZ for precise curves, with robust model to sheet drawing tools. Vectorworks (even fundamentals) is good to make up formZ's architectural capabilities. SharkCAD pro + PP retails around $2000 Vectorworks Fundamentals at a similar price point. I'll accept anything around the 50% mark. My vectorworks is dongled, so buyer needs to give a shipping address.
  6. This is so important. +1 Hopefully, Okino Polytrans will update soon too. 3DBrowser v14 is supporting LWO3 Much of my workflow with Lightwave has necessitated saving a neutral file alongside the LWO for almost every asset. I also avoid using LWO exports from FormZ as I hate having to sift through hundreds sometimes thousands of objects to correct the ones with inverted normals. If Autodessys ever get around to fixing LWO exports it would make sense to support LWO3.
  7. bbuxton

    How do you Shell a tapered object?

    I have been using both for years and they can work together depending on how you organise your workflow. FormZ is much faster for roughing out a concept but SharkCAD has a deeper toolset for product and mechanical design. Coming from Shark LT I don't think you will struggle with FormZ it is much more direct and easier to understand. It is better not to look for feature parity though. Kind of interesting is that Vellum Cobalt has reappeared at a lower price point and is being sold alongside Strata3D products as well as on the Ashlar-Vellum site. Almost identical to SharkCAD but Cobalt still has the constraint system that SharkCAD was forced to drop after version 8.
  8. bbuxton

    How do you Shell a tapered object?

    Normally I select the faces that need to be removed from the shell and cut or delete them, then use the thicken tool with the direction set to inside. Depending on the shape some clean up may be required. I really would love to see a shell command as thicken is not the same thing. In SharkCAD there is a shell tool and it is distinct and separate to the thicken tool.
  9. bbuxton

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Broken here too. Win 7 pro 64. You don't need a tool selected for it to stop working but when you do have a tool selected it is really disruptive as you have to drop whatever you are doing and click around until it works again.. Normally I use 3D connexion but that is completely broken too.
  10. bbuxton


    I would love to see a live link for SimLab and FormZ developed. The renderer is not quite as advanced as Keyshot but the VR tools and scene states more than make up for this.
  11. Lots of tools in FormZ do this. Ahtoh's method is the best way to regain planar surfaces that have drifted a little after a previous modelling operation. I often use the ruled loft to connect areas similar to the way I would in a polygon modeller. Always I need to skim the faces with a boolean and use push/pull to put the face back to where it belongs. FormZ could really do with a tolerance slider for a lot of operations, or a general preference to correct planar surfaces that deviate by a tiny amount.
  12. bbuxton

    FBX export... let's discuss

    Missing polygons and flipped normals and other junk seems to be a thing with all of the FormZ polygonal export formats. Sometime object doctor or triangulating all polygons helps a bit but normally I stick to Step format and convert to polygons outside of FormZ. I use PowerTranslators for Modo (Not sure how active development is anymore but for now it works a treat) Updating polygon import and export functionality is really overdue now. Particularly now that RenderZone now belongs to a bygone era. If you have obj or dxf working then Autodesk fbx converter does a good job and can batch convert. http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?siteID=123112&id=22694909 Also if you join the Datasmith beta you can bring step, iges, and lots of other formats straight into UE4
  13. bbuxton

    Tool Simplification / Consistency

    SpaceClaim is a good example of how to approach tool consolidation for a cleaner workflow. Initially, I thought it would be a good replacement for FormZ as it addresses my frustrations with components and exported project hierarchies. However, I now feel it is a good companion to FormZ and perhaps should replace my other CAD tools instead. This means that I am now looking to sell my licenses of SharkCAD Pro + Power Pack and possibly Vectorworks Fundamentals too. Both are up to date and current, please PM if interested.
  14. bbuxton

    camera icon

    The camera visibility is toggled in the views pallet. It works the same as the light pallet.
  15. bbuxton

    8.6.02 is a disaster please sort it out

    Thank you. I will try removing the application and trying a clean install. That seems to have done the trick. I know VRay integration was important but your input here on the forums is by far FormZ's most valuable feature. Thanks again.