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  1. bbuxton

    D5 Render

    Any insights into how this might be a better solution than TwinMotion/Unreal or Marmoset Toolbag? All of the above struggle with transparent materials and I imagine it is the same with D5. Given that Autodessys have already worked hard on Twinmotion/Unreal integration, I think D5 is perhaps distracting at best. If I wanted to divert attention, Keyshot or Maverick integration would be more useful for those of us that design products rather than architecture.
  2. bbuxton

    Maxwell object 360

    It would be nice if choosing Maxwell output from the object 360 display pallet rendered more than a single frame.
  3. bbuxton

    Maxwell object 360

    Thank you for the response Next Limit. There are other problems with the plugin, FormZ does not handle polygon formats very well, in the past I would send to Studio instead of Maxwell render to fix normal issues or import geometry that FormZ is unable to, but this is no longer possible without buying an additional license. I think most long term users of Maxwell are angry with this.
  4. bbuxton

    VRay Collection

    FormZ is not included in the VRay collection. This worries me as I have VRay for C4d which was developed outside of Chaos Group, and the feature set and updates suffered badly. I have other applications that can use VRay and still use it with Cinema4d (better now that development has been taken over by Chaos Group). Obviously, it is better to get the collection than to run two VRay licenses. It would be good to know what the arrangement is for FormZ and Renderzone is not improving and my recent Maxwell 5.1 upgrade seems to have been a regrettable lapse of judgement.
  5. bbuxton

    Importing 3rd party models

    I think a lot of FormZ users are in exactly this position. I have tried Rhino (90-day trial) a few times 😵. At the moment I am starting projects in FormZ then finishing in Fusion 360 which does a better job of exporting to Modo/Cinema 4D. FormZ is still much faster for roughing out basic forms and generally I stay in FormZ until things start to break or I need to share with a client. Spaceclaim comes quite close to the immediacy of FormZ and will almost certainly be where I will be heading if Autodessys make FormZ's UI any worse than it is already. For export, I only use STEP now, and for Import STEP works well too but I generally have to put up with what I have to hand (normally polygon formats). If Spaceclaim is too expensive DesignSpark has come a long way recently, the base application is free, Sheet drawings and STEP/IGES support are reasonably priced. I don't know how things are at Autodessys, but if FormZ is going to continue, YouTube and social media and this forum are a priority, it is rare to find someone under 50 that knows anything about FormZ.
  6. bbuxton

    Polymesh Problem...

    I would suggest exporting as obj the smooth mesh without attempting to reduce the polygon count in FormZ. Then import the obj into Instantmeshes https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes and reduce the poly count there. You will be able to retain a fairly good all quad topology, which is easy to UV in Maya or a UV editing application such as Rizom UV.
  7. bbuxton

    USD as file exchange module

    I don't think the ability to transfer CAD projects to 3D animation and rendering applications exists anywhere. Keyshot and Simlab have live-linking to mainstream CAD, but rarely does this happen without requiring reorganizing of your scene, recreating materials cameras and lighting etc. Vectorworks can send to Cinema 4D, but you will still have to reauthor your materials for Octane, edit lights and cameras etc. Any Animation will need to be done from scratch. But this is how things are in any transfer between CAD and 3D. VRML works well between FormZ and Cinema 4D. The Skp and FBX options are not so good. Generally, I use STEP for geometry and everything else that is not modelling I do in Cinema 4D. I would be happy if FormZ did not make a dogs dinner of object names, groups, components and layers when importing and exporting to Step. It would be time to celebrate if FormZ could import and export instances without issue but Autodessys cannot even manage to get components right inside FormZ. A working BIM solution via IFC is just wishful thinking on my part and perhaps a few others but not enough to make it a priority.
  8. bbuxton

    USD as file exchange module

    I'm not sure what would make USD a good exchange format. The features that make it good for VFX are not something FormZ could make much use of. I would prefer if Autodessys tightened up existing formats or added IFC support. Unfortunately, IFC is a big undertaking, so I doubt we will see it come to FormZ any time soon. FormZ needs to embrace BIM and be a fast content solution for Archicad/Revit etc. Creating BIM objects is tedious work, but FormZ could change that if given half a chance.
  9. bbuxton

    what's new webinar

    A link to the what's new webinar recording would be nice.
  10. bbuxton

    Palette dock FZ v9

    The UI for v9 is hideous. You can resize the pallet dock grabbing the left edge and dragging. The UI does not give any visual indication that you have grabbed the left edge so you have to hope for the best but it does work.
  11. bbuxton

    Container model

    https://grabcad.com/library?page=1&time=all_time&query=shipping container
  12. This is something that has been a big concern for so many years I have lost track.... I want to explain from a user point of view how these features are expected to work. Most projects contain repeating elements, from simple fixings, roof tiles or furniture there is a lot of use cases. It is important internally to keep a formZ project manageable. It is important externally when exporting a project for animation or rendering. It is important when managing assets across multiple projects. It is important. Currently and historically it does not work in formZ. The symbol libraries in earlier pre-version 7 editions of formZ were better but still riddled with problems. First some important concepts. Translation, rotation and scaling from within a project referencing a component copy or instance is not the same as editing the referenced item. Please hold the referenced geometry in a bounding box and have translation, rotation and scale applied to that instead. Obviously editing the topology of a referenced object would either break the link to the reference or update the reference, this is how it works in other applications too. The current way this works makes the feature redundant. Materials should default as an override or as with editing the topology break or update the reference. It would be nice if snapping could be toggled between the bounding box and referenced geometry. Finally exporting components, clones, referenced files. Currently, DWG supports components exporting as blocks (if only they worked properly in formZ). With simple projects where I only stamp components and do not try to reposition, scale or replace after initial placement I can export as DWG open in Vectorworks then send to Cinema 4D and most of the components will come over as render instances. Of course, I can do this with projects created in Vectorworks without any need to use formZ. Support for components as part instances in STEP export is not just useful for interoperability with other CAD software (MCAD) but is also useful to generate render instances in Cinema 4D, or replicas in Modo via Power Translators, Power Translators is also available for 3DS Max. Okino Polytrans will generate instances from Step files too. Please don't be offended but these features need to be brought out of the 1990s if FormZ is going to have any relevance in the near/immediate future. Other user opinions on what needs to be addressed for Components, clones and referenced files to be a useful feature set for FormZ would be much appreciated here.
  13. bbuxton

    Rounding Question

    The easiest approach is to start with a box. You offset edges, then move the points to pull the shape to match your design. I'm not a great teacher but William Vaugan's ebooks are brilliant and will help you understand what you are doing. Another great SubD modeller is Glen Southern he has lots of videos on YouTube using Silo 3D. More recently videos doing the same thing in VR using Occulus medium. Generally, the software does not matter. The concepts apply just as well to FormZ, Fusion 360 or a plethora of CAD applications that have implemented SubD.
  14. bbuxton

    Rounding Question

    One way is an inside to outside approach. So start with triangle 1 draw a box over it and make it subD. offset the faces to give you some borders around the edges and your 4 sided triangles. Move the points around to get the form you want. The width of the subD borders should approximate the desired fillet radius. So the closer loops are the smaller the apparent fillet in subD.
  15. bbuxton

    Rounding Question

    The main problem is edge-flow in your SubD model. Ideally, you should try to keep to a regular grid layout of your edges, so quad shapes rather than triangles. The depressions in the top should have an even boundary to the edges. With good edge-flow, you should not need to apply fillets as the interpolation between edges should accomplish that for you. Some reference for SubD modelling... Although the samples look like Blender this site should help a bit https://topologyguides.com/. Alternatively, one of the best references for subdivision modelling can be found here https://gumroad.com/vaughan3d?query=topology workbook&sort=page_layout $25 each but worth far more than that in the improvements you will see in your modelling. William Vaughan has tried to make the reference as software agnostic as possible but most of the examples werecreated in Modo. The ebooks are also a good reference if you use T-Splines in Autodesk's Fusion 360. Most Cad applications have now embraced subdivision modelling.
  16. bbuxton

    insert opening feature not working in v9

    Thank you. The reason I try this way, is the openings calculate much faster than boolean subtraction. With so many holes (4929) it is a difficult boolean. This technique works well in 8.6 but seems to have issues in 9.04 etc. The issues are not always the same, even on the same geometry so, for now, a bit of a mystery. Picking is very easy. Set pick type to hole, then window select over the whole object. This is great for removing openings of simple move and rotation. I wish the clone feature would work with this to allow local scaling and rotation etc. Another way is to create a 2D opening and create an array, then use the imprint tool. Carefully picking the single face representing the surface and extruding works well in 8.6 (not tried in 9.04 yet)
  17. works fine in v8.6 doesn't work in v9.0.4 etc.
  18. bbuxton

    insert opening feature not working in v9

    Ah it can fail. Exactly the same process again only this time multi copy only copied some of the openings. So perhaps I am not going mad after all. ;)
  19. bbuxton

    insert opening feature not working in v9

    it seems not arrays. I meant multi copy sorry.
  20. bbuxton

    insert opening feature not working in v9

    Sorry, it may have been something stuck in my scene. I just got it to work now but cannot see what might have been different. I cannot get it to fail now, even reopening the original scene. Visually it was just drawing 2D rectangles not cutting the geometry. Works now even with arrays.
  21. Try triangulating the model. It is easier to help if you attach a screenshot of your export settings along with the file. One problem with FormZ that has always been present is that the file dialogues allow you to enter settings that don't work. This results in a file without geometry or other problems. If possible reset FormZ preferences and try again. The default settings for file export work for almost every situation. If you need to change something such as scale or orientation make sure you keep a reference to the default settings. Autodessys PLEASE add a reset to default option to the file dialogues. It would save users a lot of unnecessary grief.
  22. bbuxton

    Clone & Unclone

    In theory, if you clone an object then edit it later, those changes will also be propagated to the clones. Clones are an option in the move, rotate, scale and mirror tools, and also now in the new array tools. Unfortunately, I have experienced nothing but problems with components and clones. If I want that functionality then I model items in formZ but use another software to reference them in a larger context.
  23. bbuxton

    formZ help videos 404

    That's good to hear. Thank you
  24. bbuxton

    formZ help videos 404

    I'm tripping over some nuances with the new symmetry tool but the help video link points to 404 page not found. I thought this may just be because it's not there yet for v9 but all the video links are broken 404. Is there an update or a way I can fix this?
  25. bbuxton

    Lumion plugin

    TwinMotion now owned by Epic Games has a Mac version and whilst not as fully featured as Lumion is much cheaper. There are plugins for Rhino and SketchUp but OBJ and FBX work just fine from FormZ.