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wip & recent renders


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This is the level of work that I expect from all users of formZ especially when using high end rendering tools like Maxwell Render. It's good to see professionals using these marvellous tools and getting fantastic results. E

I'd love to see more formZ professionals sharing other excellent results that prove that formZ can match and mix it with all the other 3D modellers.



Which reminds me that the FormZ Gallery is a 'hodge lodge' of different quality images from very basic results to creative images but there is no real detail with the 'provinence' of what was used i.e. formZ Pro 8.5.7 with RenderZone /Maxwell and a Comment like the value/benefits the images displayed achieved.

Don't get me wrong there are some great images in the Gallery but it should be more easy to navigate and find images of relevance without being presented with low quality beginner school work as well ( place enough for it but in a different area ).


Good on you Pippo!

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Hey Des

Appreciate your comments

Regarding lighting , generally all the dusk renders are hdr illuminated

The daylight shots , either Maxwell sun sky or hdr.......those with Maxwell sky in the background are usually using

sky as illumination as well......For example the car sales yard wip

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Pipo & Des,


I really appreciate you 'lifting the bar' so to speak and we are starting to share some intelligent comments and I see many more that I know are of similar capability. I know there are more of you out there that can work the magic with formZ for some spectacular models and what better renderer than Maxwell Render to finish - one that really has not equal with results quality and in commercially acceptable speed.


Good work again.



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