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  1. This seems strange - If you need to use the Floating license then this must be new problem and I assume you're up to date with latest formZ plugin and latest Maxwell Render off your ePortal then it is problem as you say with the RLM server and that is definitely a Maxwell Support issue as it sounds the same in STUDIO as well. There is not enough info here to comment more... need versions OS - Is RLM Server running? What does RLM say? https://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/RLM+License+Server https://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/Installation+and+Licensing and
  2. By the way I mean that after formZ 9 release we will see V-Ray Next soon after.
  3. All I know is that formZ & Maxwell Render are due for a new release very shortly and I expect there to be a new Maxwell - whatever that means, but they have taken a while to add any new updates and substantial new capabilities are expected and with V-Ray now moving rapidly towards the 'NEW' spec. So it is up to us that are keen to see Maxwell support continue to ensure that NextLimit works closely with Autodessys and and share specs now for all the new changes still unannounced from both parties. Interesting that Autodessys are in discussion to take of support for the future plugin? Does that mean that Pylon is out of the game?
  4. But the key part is Maxwell Render is about to have a major upgrade?
  5. Don't worry Maxwell Render development has been occurring in the background and I believe you will see very shortly a major new release of Maxwell Render. By the way it was never the formZ team that developed the Maxwell plugin as time marches on both programs formZ & Maxwell need some updates. All we can ask is that they are talking with the plugin developer so it is ready when their major updates get released shortly. formZ & Maxwell Render continue...
  6. Smarttec

    Example Images

    Looking very good but still needs substantial noise reduction
  7. Smarttec

    display components as boxes - crash

    Sounds to me like a Video problem. I think you might understand that using nVidia cards (980Ti) even on the old High Sierra is dangerous even with latest drivers 418.105 From Mohave MacOSX10.14 + on there is NO support. The future down't look good for Vray (formZ) unless they can support Metal now the new developers kit is only now just available Rob
  8. There is also a bunch of work being done with Unity ( and for that matter Unreal Engine 4 ) but have seen this work by Tridify ( I think a Danish company ) to interface BIM to Unity and that opens up VR experience. Be nice to have those tools here. See this latest post from Unity With our partner, Tridify Cloud Service, you can now quickly streamline your large 3D BIM and CAD models for real-time visualisation in Unity - perfect for applications like product design, engineering, VR/AR training and high impact customer experiences. Join our webinar to get started in 3 easy steps! Streaming Live at Tridify's YouTube Channel (bit.ly/TridifyYT) on 27 Jun 2019, at 1800 hrs Singapore time (GMT +8). Our presenter, Jukka Muhonen, Head of Production, Tridify will answer questions after the walkthrough session, join our Discord channel (discord.gg/bznxRx7) to post your questions. Try it for free before the webinar, download at bit.ly/BIMTools
  9. Des, you are correct in the massive uptake in BIM - firstly with ArchiCAD that started it in the early 80's and then Revit that has taken a real foothold on big documentation and visualisation projects for architectural work. I am familiar with the Australian and Japanese market, both different. In Australia formZ had a good base prior to the BIM take up, but we saw more and more formZ users being replaced by the use of ArchiCAD & Revit that did both documentation and 3D, but at the same time Sketchup came out as design tool that spread in a simplistic use amongst the architectural designers for simpler tasks (mainly) that and Rhino grew for predesign because of the 3rd party capabilities. Since then ArchICAD has lost significant ground to REVIT due predatory Autodesk marketing and discount sales. Most architects still hate REVIT too, they are now asking for realtime modelling design tools ( Revit & ArchiCAD are not ) however, most architects income comes from documentation and that's where BIM software works. ArchiCAD is big in Japan and down to Singapore. I have seen some interesting some interesting Real time rendering (cloud based ) that are only now starting to take off - this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO5YE3FK5LI uses ArchiCAD as the core and iRay for rendering in the GPU cloud. There are Japanese companies working on similar stuff. Choice of renderers and architecturally specific front ends to modellers are essential and although BIM is taking over, there is still room for modern 3D design software that provides versatility, power and ease of use - as well as choice of a 3rd party ecosphere. Rob
  10. Smarttec

    V-Ray FormZ GPU Rendering Future ?

    With the MacPRO monster just announced Apple also released a developers kit at the recent WWDC for Metal development by existing software vendors like the renderer companies. So far only Maxon Cinema4D with Redshift and oToy with Octane have announced future support. Given that the MacPRO is still 3 months away for availability and the Metal development platform has just been announced then it's very early days. Maxon “Tapping into the amazing performance of the new Mac Pro, we’re excited to develop Redshift for Metal, and we’re working with Apple to bring an optimized version to the Mac Pro for the first time by the end of the year. We’re also actively developing Metal support for Cinema 4D, which will provide our Mac users with accelerated workflows for the most complex content creation. The new Mac Pro graphics architecture is incredibly powerful and is the best system to run Cinema 4D.” — David McGavran, CEO, Maxon It’s all pretty new and future stuff but Metal is being used apparently, the point being Apple has a ‘cunning plan’? https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/06/pro-app-developers-react-to-the-new-mac-pro-and-pro-display-xdr/
  11. Smarttec

    Is Maxwell dead?

    *fast CPU renders
  12. Smarttec

    Is Maxwell dead?

    The whole 3D rendering space is in major upheaval and change. Particularly as GPU rendering has entered then scene. That is not to say that there are not past CPU renders as well but denoising acceleration with CUDA based nvidia cards is amazing. However, that doesn't help Mac users and thus 'cloud based' rendering systems will become the answer -ie Rendering as a Service (RaaS). Maxwell is certainly brilliant but the next step in acceleration/speed has taken a while to update as you may see a different direction and a new product is also due soon see this teaser roombox3D.com There is an update for Maxwell Render itself soonish. Rob
  13. Smarttec

    FormZ buggy on Win10

    My experience with users using Win 7 when they upgrade to Win 10 a lot issues go for formZ, Maxwell & V-Ray. The clocking is ticking down for Win 7 EOL.
  14. Smarttec

    Old debate, new deal? Nivida's graphic cards

    The old question about using high end graphics cards that support CUDA, is supported on these cards (1080Ti / 1080 Titan X / 1070ti/1060 and better coming) well and generally cheaper with these GTX cards than the high end spec Quadro cards ( more expensive ) used by Catia and Solidworks etc - but there are some very high end Quardro cards now (Quadro P5000), much more powerful than the gaming GTX cards. Both will work but I suggest most new GTX cards offer a cost effective GPU rendering and video output solution. Rob
  15. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Has your graphics problem been fixed...? if not try support@formz.com