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  1. Smarttec

    VRay Youtube Tutorial by Matthew Holewinski (request)

    He now works in a completely different industry and happy doing that in an unrelated to 3D CAD business and is not using formZ and has not kept up with the latest upgrades - so I don't think he's interested. There must be newer resources?
  2. Smarttec

    fz 9 download

    Your eligible for it if you bought formZ v8.6 in the 90 days before it was released in January. They should have let you know if you qualify - otherwise it is chargeable for anyone else from any other version cheapest from v 8.5/8.6 and then increases the older the version you run. There is a 12 mth subscription option as well.
  3. Smarttec

    Suface solid (two sides)

    The issue of using 3D models in 3D Printing that come in .stl format from the Thingverse (or similar) or from 3D scanners (or similar) is not a simple problem and if it was someone would have solved it easily they would make a fortune. The trouble is that 3D Printers need complete solid water tight meshes and formZ doctor can usually do a good job of fixing wayward patches, surfaces and holes in those .stl models. It's no good for modifying the model. The meshes that .stl models ( i.e. from catalogs and scanners) are massive sized meshes and the formZ graphics viewport is not designed to move around millions of polygons or modify these models. There is a program called "meshmixer" that can handle large mesh models but doesn't do a lot more. The Einscan Pro 2X scanner can come with Geomagic software at a $4K premium ( it is more on it's own ) that takes a mesh model and fits splines to the mesh surfaces, they can be modified to change the model and then back to solid 3D print meshes. It a complex/expensive solution so far.
  4. Smarttec

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    On reviewing that response I guess I'm in total agreement, except all 'Discussion should be related to v9 ( the current version and the future of formZ ) and any that relates to past versions should be in a past versions folder - maybe separated by versions?
  5. Smarttec

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    I disagree I believe v9 is the current version and all post should relate to this version and other version comments and posts should be kept in a past versions files.
  6. Smarttec

    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    Yes it was Matthew Holewinski who did most of these.
  7. Smarttec

    Incremental Update Log Location?

    I have attempted to update a little but there is still no history and as said a lot of the text is hopelessly out of date and needs editing, which is up to anyone who knows the facts and that autodessys can check or add too!
  8. Smarttec

    Incremental Update Log Location?

    There is a hopelessly out of date listing on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form-Z that if someone has the knowledge to update and edit from the history a version using Wikitable could be set up with dates and versions and is a good idea. This could be group effort and should be checked by autodessys. It is a good idea
  9. Smarttec

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    In fairness they had to produce everything from their home and remotely under these unusual circumstances
  10. Smarttec

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Me too - not sure what was missing -methinks they had an audio problem.
  11. Smarttec

    Example Images

    Yes you can one has 'depth of field' turned on - OH! I'm assuming the one taken with the camera is using an lower aperture an hence displays the foreground is not as clear. Rob
  12. Smarttec

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    Doe the .vrscene file help?
  13. Smarttec

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    Who's going to start one? I did have a good look and there are some interesting aspects that are good and some not so! It does open up the opportunity for the user base to share their experiences and ideas of using formZ i.e.. How to do it video's? 'Brag reels' or 'created images' with detail of how it is done. This group should/ would not be to detail 'user issues', 'reporting of bugs or negative comments' ( issues and other bugs etc are for the forum ) and meant for and limited to formZ 8 & formZ 9, the current version and all person interested in these products and related tools that add to it's value for 'formZ Users'. This should encourage the publication of any users experience of these tools and can promote their related services, capabilities and tools and where available. However, it also must be monitored and would exclude any political, religious or direct marketing, multi level marketing MLM, scams or spam like material. The other issue is that on inspecting other groups - Revit has at least 110K users, ArchiCAD has 25K etc formZ user base like above would be initially very small and I am not sure how many of our users have a Linkedin presence? The next question is to ask is how many use Linkedin and get digitally 'pushed' updates? Just interested as there is literally no presence for formZ on linkedin or elsewhere that on formz.com or Facebook - but on searching it for formZ takes 2 pages of other crap about games, dating, rave events to get to the autodessys inc page. Its' just a good idea from rmulley?
  14. Smarttec

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    Who's going to start one?
  15. Smarttec

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    Good idea as this forum is too closed and actually just reinforces inadequacies and mostly users issues without trumpeting the benefits that should be communicated to a wider field. There is so much about formZ 9, it's Vray, Maxwell Render etc that remains hidden from the 3D masses. Rob