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  1. Smarttec

    Is Maxwell dead?

    *fast CPU renders
  2. Smarttec

    Is Maxwell dead?

    The whole 3D rendering space is in major upheaval and change. Particularly as GPU rendering has entered then scene. That is not to say that there are not past CPU renders as well but denoising acceleration with CUDA based nvidia cards is amazing. However, that doesn't help Mac users and thus 'cloud based' rendering systems will become the answer -ie Rendering as a Service (RaaS). Maxwell is certainly brilliant but the next step in acceleration/speed has taken a while to update as you may see a different direction and a new product is also due soon see this teaser roombox3D.com There is an update for Maxwell Render itself soonish. Rob
  3. Smarttec

    FormZ buggy on Win10

    My experience with users using Win 7 when they upgrade to Win 10 a lot issues go for formZ, Maxwell & V-Ray. The clocking is ticking down for Win 7 EOL.
  4. Smarttec

    Old debate, new deal? Nivida's graphic cards

    The old question about using high end graphics cards that support CUDA, is supported on these cards (1080Ti / 1080 Titan X / 1070ti/1060 and better coming) well and generally cheaper with these GTX cards than the high end spec Quadro cards ( more expensive ) used by Catia and Solidworks etc - but there are some very high end Quardro cards now (Quadro P5000), much more powerful than the gaming GTX cards. Both will work but I suggest most new GTX cards offer a cost effective GPU rendering and video output solution. Rob
  5. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Has your graphics problem been fixed...? if not try support@formz.com
  6. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Has your graphics problem been fixed...? if not try support@formz.com
  7. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Hope so or something new and better... and reliable.
  8. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    on Support.... - I think Paul was a unique talent that had a long term knowledge that may now be hard to replicate internally. Internally they have just had to replace the rendering capacity that was RenderZone with V-Ray; a major project that took some time and they are now back on track with v9 development. Who knows what will happen with the 'components' there certainly has been a lot of 'noise' rightly about it's functionality (sic) but we can only hope the new world of v9 ( sooner than later ) includes a whole new direction - it needs it to keep up! They don't have a big development team and the more sales they get from new users to buy software, updates and support the better to fund more staff... ... by the way keeping the formZ up to date ie. 8.6.2 now and its increments is best to check new functionality or fixes. Yep time to change Windows 7 it goes back to 2013 - time to get used to the new world. Rob
  9. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Have you tried 8.6.2? Rob
  10. Smarttec

    using vray render interactive

    It looks like formZ just crashes - are you using formZ 8.6.2 and latest Vray 3.6.1 - What Mac OSX version? It looks like the render is well advanced before the crash - and how long has it taken to this stage? Does it render OK in Progressive?
  11. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Sorry I meant LESS active... I personally want them to spend more time and personnel on developing v9
  12. Smarttec

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Sorry you are having problems - you are probably right about formZ support being more active as they sell a separate annual support plan called 'the Family Plan' as you only get 4 months from purchase support. Also it is the 'Memorial Day long weekend holiday'.... I did see that you are using a very old OS Win 7 ??? ( going dead soon ) and I think v8.5.3 is not the latest v8.5. I'd recommend looking at v8.6.2 (http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_86_Pro.html) as they have improved Open GL support. You can run both versions. Rob
  13. Smarttec

    Place along path

    It's probably that version. The next version 8 and the subsequent 8.5 upgrades were major rewrites and I know they completely redid the 'core' database. The current version is 8.5/8.6
  14. Smarttec

    8.6 bugs

    Yes there was a problem with that build - it's now 100027 They're coming thick and fast. I think they need a better referencing system for these updates as I downloaded this (100027) yesterday.
  15. Smarttec


    I think there is a problem with V-Ray Animation