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  1. Smarttec

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    Doe the .vrscene file help?
  2. Smarttec

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    Who's going to start one? I did have a good look and there are some interesting aspects that are good and some not so! It does open up the opportunity for the user base to share their experiences and ideas of using formZ i.e.. How to do it video's? 'Brag reels' or 'created images' with detail of how it is done. This group should/ would not be to detail 'user issues', 'reporting of bugs or negative comments' ( issues and other bugs etc are for the forum ) and meant for and limited to formZ 8 & formZ 9, the current version and all person interested in these products and related tools that add to it's value for 'formZ Users'. This should encourage the publication of any users experience of these tools and can promote their related services, capabilities and tools and where available. However, it also must be monitored and would exclude any political, religious or direct marketing, multi level marketing MLM, scams or spam like material. The other issue is that on inspecting other groups - Revit has at least 110K users, ArchiCAD has 25K etc formZ user base like above would be initially very small and I am not sure how many of our users have a Linkedin presence? The next question is to ask is how many use Linkedin and get digitally 'pushed' updates? Just interested as there is literally no presence for formZ on linkedin or elsewhere that on formz.com or Facebook - but on searching it for formZ takes 2 pages of other crap about games, dating, rave events to get to the autodessys inc page. Its' just a good idea from rmulley?
  3. Smarttec

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    Who's going to start one?
  4. Smarttec

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    Good idea as this forum is too closed and actually just reinforces inadequacies and mostly users issues without trumpeting the benefits that should be communicated to a wider field. There is so much about formZ 9, it's Vray, Maxwell Render etc that remains hidden from the 3D masses. Rob
  5. Try amongst these 'Tips & Tricks' http://www.formz.com/support/tips_list.html
  6. Smarttec

    Exciting times

    Gone forever are those ancient old versions and now long reign formZ v9 - at least until the new v10 - hopefully within the 12mth subscription license..
  7. Smarttec

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Python Scripting is an important part of opening up formZ to new users in different fields. There is a significant library of python base scripts from other 3d packages that 'could' be ported for more unique and turn key solutions; ie. possibly kitchen design?? - something that is more plug & play. could be anything... I must admit I was originally expecting a more node based graphical interface i.e. like grasshopper in Rhino to this script based approach, but this is better than nothing. Now we just have to wait for some interesting new apps from 3rd party developers.
  8. Smarttec

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Yes since v4 was released there was a significant rationalisation of the plugins with some being dropped i.e.. Solidworks, Modo & Onshape it became too hard to manage the 3rd party developers and the products were separated; Maxwell 4 Studio is essentially a separate product. It was offered to v3 upgraders as a special - order 2x plugins (same upgrade cost) but they were separate and that offer has now expired. So with Maxwell 5 you must order and pay for each license separately if you want to buy Maxwell 5 | formZ it is a product as is Maxwell 5 | Studio This is the same for most other renderers. They have improved the licensing and installation with Maxwell 5 as well as offering cloud rendering that can allow for much higher speed rendering as an option particularly with this Mac users excluded by Apple from using nVidia CUDA based high speed RTX2xxx GPU rendering. The results from Maxwell 5 are now outstanding and much better than v3 & 4
  9. Smarttec

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    But isn't that the purpose of an upgrade is to move on to v9 - they can't keep investing in old product v8.6 surely! hey they're a small company!
  10. Smarttec

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Not quite but it has been replaced by v9
  11. Smarttec

    Where's the info on 9?

    Try here http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/support/documentation.html The new website is literally days away
  12. Smarttec

    V9 release for family plan members

    Yes and all Family Plan members should get formZ 9 release
  13. Maxwell 5 for formZ is still not released but Maxwell 5 STUDIO is available. Each version is an individual license that must be bought separately - to multi install you will need to get the Floating license and have running license server.
  14. Come on guys we need your help to get NextLimit to respond and develop (co-develop) the future Maxwell 5 plugin for formZ9 at this stage on the Maxwell forum there are only '15' requests - that will have to be more than '100' to get any effect. and change their thinking. There must be more than 15 people using Maxwell or who want it... If your not already on the Maxwell forum - 'Join' https://forum.maxwellrender.com/index.php and add your support Maxwell 5 is huge advancement now incorporating the latest nVidia GPU acceleration for 'Fire' - rendering - additive materials and converts V-Ray scene files with more still to come - make it happen as well for formZ Rob
  15. The new version Maxwell 5 now supports conversion of V-Ray scene files and has cloud based CPU rendering available per instance. But this is the GPU enhancement Maxwell users have been awaiting plus much more, but GPU's are nvidia Cuda based cards which now excludes ALL new Macs ( Post MacOSX 12>) and that is an Apple decision. Rob