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  1. graham_g

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Thanks Guys, Layout Is looking great so far... Graham...
  2. graham_g

    Learning Python with fZ slant

    Hi Chris, Yes - I am interested.. Graham Griffin
  3. graham_g

    FMZ 10.6 No FBX Export

    "We updated the v8.6 installers to v8.6.0.2 (#10027) this morning." 1) This installer works OK for Windows 10 - But not installed for MacOS > (v8.6.0.1 #10025) is installed. (Note: I installed the smaller download - App only). I have tested both Win & Mac versions and the problem "Smooth Modeling errors and possible crashes with certain files" still exists with Mac. 2) Tech: Is it possible to put the full version / release details in the app file info? (Thanks in advance) Best... G