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  1. Hi dpwr, I'm using M1 Max in a 16" 2021 MacBook Pro (32 GB): My M1 user experience is back to 'normal' (ie: same navigation speed as per the intel video above) by: Display Options > Edge and Wire Display > turn off Edges of Solid/Surfaces (This appears to be the major speed problem) However, I am happy with this work-around, until libraries & geometry engines are upgraded 'by others'. (Although it would be nice to have a shortcut key to toggle issue, if the upgrades are going to take some time to arrive.)
  2. "Support suggested turning off: Selection Preview under Edit and turning off antialias and smooth object options in display options." I also found Under Display Options > Edge and Wire Display > turn off Edges of Solid/Surfaces Thanks dpwr - this helped 'huge'. Best... Graham
  3. Hi All, Have attached 2 videos to share my experience with M1 2021 MacBook Pro compared to 15" 2018 MacBook Pro. Summary: Fmz on M1 MacBook Pro 2021 - very choppy & extremely poor response. (see video) Fmz on 15" MacBook Pro 2018 - great performance. (Won't be selling this computer in the near term) Note: computer & project specs are at the end of each video. Same file tested. - Admit the object count is high (approx 18k), however older machine handled navigation perfectly... 'Layout' performance (on each machine) mirrors 'modelling' results. Look forward to other users experience.... (Interested to see if other members are observing the same results...) Graham... Fmz M1 - orbit test VLC 1000.m4v Fmz 15inch 2018 orbit test VLC 1000.m4v
  4. graham_g

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Thanks Guys, Layout Is looking great so far... Graham...
  5. graham_g

    Learning Python with fZ slant

    Hi Chris, Yes - I am interested.. Graham Griffin
  6. graham_g

    FMZ 10.6 No FBX Export

    "We updated the v8.6 installers to v8.6.0.2 (#10027) this morning." 1) This installer works OK for Windows 10 - But not installed for MacOS > (v8.6.0.1 #10025) is installed. (Note: I installed the smaller download - App only). I have tested both Win & Mac versions and the problem "Smooth Modeling errors and possible crashes with certain files" still exists with Mac. 2) Tech: Is it possible to put the full version / release details in the app file info? (Thanks in advance) Best... G