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  1. okay ...so everything needs to be ungrouped now ?
  2. I am able to import files into sketchup fine However I can only select topology as objects... Cant select any face , segment or point.....this definitely worked on 8.5 Only me ?
  3. couple of clean installs fixed this but not my tool palette issues
  4. pipo

    Lumion plugin

    we just got our first pc in our mac based studio primarily for grinding out animation
  5. Latest version of z seems to have no sketchup import ! 8.6.2 and 8.5 had this .... Is this just another issue from my latest update ? Damn i trashed 8.5 and 8.6.2 after overlooking this
  6. pipo

    tool bar issues

    Hey Justin No joy....thanks anyway Could someone from Autodessys please enlighten us ?
  7. pipo

    Lumion plugin

    Lumion has progressed now to be rather impressive indeed For architecture the perfect solution A plugin would be great.....specially as lumion only likes dxf from fz
  8. pipo

    obj import issues

    Martin Thankyou ! Annoying when the answer is staring you in the face
  9. pipo

    tool bar issues

    Thanks Andrew Im on a mac so just removing the pref in the main folder Not sure where this equivalent is on my OS
  10. pipo

    tool bar issues

    No matter what I do these tool palettes keep reappearing Reset everything replaced prefs Can I remove these "my tool Palette' files from somewhere in a folder somewhere Annoying as every time I launch Z i have to click these three toolbars off
  11. pipo

    tool bar issues

    Ok definitely some erratic behaviour tried ten times before right clicking when these tool bars were open and no delete option came up voila its suddenly there All solved
  12. pipo

    tool bar issues

    Hey Jason Thanks for the reply.....tried that to no avail To clarify Im talking about these sets , not the ones on the actual toolbar
  13. pipo

    tool bar issues

    Hmmmm Ditching the preferences file was the first thing I did with no result The odd thing is that this problem recurred on both 8.5 and 8.6 I had been retaining 8.5 as the earlier 8.6 refused to import obj files..... This at least is working now on the latest build Any answer on how to delete custom tool palettes showing in the palettes dropdown ?
  14. pipo

    obj import issues

    Thanks Andrew Yes , it has indeed been an ongoing issue Sad to hear it can't been rectified Obj files come from many sources , admittedly this is not a concern with every file , unfortunately a majority though !