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  1. pipo

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    Most certainly photos and especially when this is considered https://www.beardsley.com/architecture-design-engineering-portfolio-ny/great-camps/victoria-boathouse/
  2. formZ v9.0.0.3 Pro - CGPersia Forums.pdf comes here to trash his pirated software unbelievable that he actually uses the same user name lol
  3. most specifically , last post , bottom of page https://forum.cgpersia.com/f37/formz-v9-0-0-3-pro-189930/
  4. pipo

    off topic

    no disputing the extraordinary range of assets available........but why ?!
  5. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    *Aquatic centre internal refits *Simple renders indicating an addition in red for local council....result has a pleasing graphic quality (?)
  6. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    Always appreciate your comments guys Just happy there is still a trickle of work to show !
  7. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    modelled in form z rendered in maxwell
  8. pipo

    wip & recent renders

  9. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    simple scenes but tricky to light
  10. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    couple of recent renders
  11. The above model will render like this in maxwell if set up correctly You need to use glass and liquid with correct Nd and attenuation glasses of white & sparkling.tga
  12. Liquids in bottles or glasses need a very specific modelling technique to render correctly n Maxwell. Depending also whether you are using render booleans. You can't just model a glass with a liquid inside (as in real life) and expect a correct result. This is obviously incorrect Have a look at the attached glass with liquid.fmz
  13. pipo

    Importing 3rd party models

    Sorry , to clarify... 'Sometimes' fz wont open obj files....whereas rarely have issues with 3ds....or dwg Semi related... Simple self test for fz obj files....try importing a fz saved obj into Ivy Generator....wont happen because there is no end of file command. Import the same fz obj into another package and re export , problem solved with Ivy Generator Something about the way fz handles obj files is not correct PS Rhino is a great for file transfer pip