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  1. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    Thanks guys All the best for Christmas and the New Year ! Hopefully we can continue to prosper in the coming year with updates and continued support from all our respective software choices !
  2. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    Hey Guys Here is another animation modelled in fz and lumion rendered....unfortunately not enough time as usual hence the few errors A competition for a project in Vietnam.....
  3. I have used maxwell since inception but not once have I used it within fz....always through studio, which is far superior for scene setup Hopefully we can at least still export an mxs using the the existing plugin ? or the long route.... FZ 9 to FZ 8 to maxwell Personally I don't hold out much hope for a new plugin
  4. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    render speed these days is somewhat subjective the more you give clients and the faster they receive it, the more and faster they expect all about conditioning clients expectations
  5. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    Hey Des, Jaakko Thanks for your comment guys This is still a work in progress , attempting planning approval for a spa in this location is fraught with problems... The modelling to this stage is several weeks but a lot of reworks and modifications Rendering - each sequence was 20 - 30 hours on a high end card
  6. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlqoGG4QkEE&feature=youtu.be replaced link above
  7. pipo

    Lumion plugin

    obj , dxf , dwg these all work well
  8. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    for anyone interested a Lumion animation modelled in fz original 4k doesn't look exactly glitzy on youtube but fz/lumion combo work fine very limited post work in FCP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHgilnAYLSg&feature=youtu.be
  9. pipo

    Lumion plugin

    lumion imports many file formats.....unless its a live plugin it doesn't make much difference we have no issue using fz (mac) models in lumion , basically the same as using sketchup/lumion without live link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcsdy6Dzliw
  10. pipo

    Modeling shipping container help

    3d warehouse has loads of shipping containers from suspect quality through to high here is a random oneI have used in the past pip MSC+container.fmz
  11. pipo

    please improve the underlay tool!

    +1 on improving the underlay tool regardless of other improvements , manual panning of the UL should be implemented
  12. okay ...so everything needs to be ungrouped now ?
  13. I am able to import files into sketchup fine However I can only select topology as objects... Cant select any face , segment or point.....this definitely worked on 8.5 Only me ?