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  1. Replace the spheres with cubes or low poly shapes (facetted) and sub-d will work The form with parametric spheres would most likely not have worked with T-sub anyway
  2. components structure for creating windows and doors needs a huge overhaul A large percentage of my widow and door placement is of a recessed type with the frame both internally and externally recessed into a wall The current limitation only allows for a very archaic form of design and construction methods Just wish the component system model started moving forward more in line with the sketchup system.... At least would be good to be able to achieve the above as for now it is not a lot of use
  3. Used to be able to assign a key shortcut to show/hide normals in v6 Is it possible to do this in 8.6 ? Need to do this often .....
  4. pipo

    wip & recent renders

    A few childcare projects
  5. pipo

    skydiver 3d model

    thanks guys managed to frankenstein this guy together....
  6. pipo

    skydiver 3d model

    Working on viz for an indoor sky diving centre trying to find a realistic 3d model of a skydiver in action but not having much joy Any leads or suggestions appreciated TIA
  7. pipo

    3d model now built

    Hey Des Thats a well done montage I generally prefer to use site photography with non directional light , normally this produces a far more realistic effect when paired with a maxwell render
  8. pipo

    Shear tool (skew)

    Andrew Maxwell studio object attributes....directly beneath object coordinates
  9. pipo

    Shear tool (skew)

    Is it possible to shear an object in fz ? I seem to recall the ability to do this in v6 Such a rarely required operation that I can't even recall for sure..... ......may need to do it in maxwell .....seems an odd work around
  10. pipo

    Very slow color picker in 8.0.2

    not fixed in 8.5......on mac