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wip & recent renders


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Hey Des, Jaakko

Thanks for your comment guys

This is still a work in progress ,  attempting planning approval for a spa in this location

is fraught with problems...

The modelling to this stage is several weeks but a lot of reworks and modifications

Rendering - each sequence was  20 - 30 hours on a high end card


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Very true.  However, the power of V-ray allows me to show them fairly high quality renders pretty quickly during the whole modeling process.  With Maxwell that was not possible unless I dumbed down all the materials and lighting and rendered the image very small.  Then I would have to spend time explaining to my client why the image looked so awful.  When we would finally get the model complete and the proper materials applied I would show them a much better image that would render all night.  That is when the bigger problems would arise since they are now seeing it in a completely different manner.  Re renders were just so painfully slow.  But as I stated before, I really miss a lot of the features of Maxwell. 

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I agree with Andrew. I used Maxwell once on an arch viz illustration and made the mistake of e-mailing my intermediate results before they were done. The client (a developer) withheld a payment on me, demanded all of the source files so that they could have someone else finish the work. I had to go in and speak with his wife when I took the files in (he wouldn't even talk to me) and assured her that if given the chance I could complete the work to their satisfaction. After they shopped the files around and realized they didn't have any choice, they let me finish the piece.

When I turned in the final, the only thing I can say is that the developer became the happiest man in the world. He was bouncing around in his office raving about his image. I have never been more happy with a client's response. He hoped that I make the image the focus of my own business website he was so happy.

This also had more to do with a client not understanding how rendering works, and I have given up trying to explain it. I should not have shown early sub-par results and VRay would sort of help that to be avoided. It also allows that minute single change that needs to be done to the whole render not be so darn painful.

I am not sure that VRay's sheer speed would have saved the day back then, but being able to render as you go along building your model is how you get to a nice render at the end. Especially lighting and materials. For every excellent render, there are hundreds that are discarded along the way. Each one gets better than the last.


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