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  1. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Excellent work Justin. Thankfully I don't have to ask permission to post my images since it is written into my contract that I can use these for promotion of my business. This could be the last image I post for a while. šŸ˜£ Now entering another recession which will mark the 5th since I started working in architecture in 1984. I am not sure which business is exempt from the up and down swings of our volatile economy but I am open to suggestions. Lets hope this doesn't drag on for an extended time. At least I now have time to play around with more features of my various programs. Maybe I will finally figure out Caustics!
  2. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Exceptional. Really hard to tell which is the real one and which is V-ray which is the whole point. The only thing missing in your shot was the reflection in the glass but no one would notice but us. Good job.
  3. Andrew West

    Example Images

    It is also worth reiterating something I have posted about in the past. Which is the Material ID channel option. If selected in Render Elements and your all your materials have ID numbers then it is very easy to isolate objects, adjust materials and adjust curves and colors in PS. Works a lot like an alpha channel for every material independently. I love this feature and it saves me a LOT of time.
  4. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Chris It has alpha channels. V-ray would be pretty useless without it.
  5. Andrew West

    Example Images

    I understand your dilemma. Perhaps if you add an HDRI image to a dome light you should be able to keep that highlights from washing out. Just a thought.
  6. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Excellent work rmulley. Hard to make any suggestions. It is probably client driven but I would have snuck in a little more glossiness on the packaging if they allowed. That along with an hdri light tends to add a lot of life to objects. Here is one I have been playing around with. It is actually an older project that was originally done in Maxwell. I wanted to try V-ray on it to see how they compared. No real difference other than the fact that V-ray was 100 times faster. The lights were a little harder to set up in V-ray because Maxwell has the multilight function which is one of its greatest strengths. If only we had that on all render engines!
  7. Andrew West

    Palette weirdness in Mac 10.15.3

    One thing they added to v9 that you might take advantage of is the ability to dock multiple palettes together now to make Combo Palettes. In other words you can place palettes within palettes in order to save on real estate. This should help you organize your workspace better. From the form.z manual: All of the palettes that display project contents (materials, objects, layers, line weights etc.) are now ā€œcomboā€ palettes. The palettes can be combined to save screen space. When combined a row of icons will be displayed at the top the palette for each of the combined content. Selecting the icon displays the respective content in the palette. By default, the Views, Scenes, Reference Planes. Clipping planes, Selection sets, Line weight and Line Styles are combined into a single palette at the bottom of the right dock. Command + click-drag (Mac OS) or Ctrl + click-drag (windows) one palette onto another to combine them. The same method can be used on the icon at the top to drag the content to another palette or into free space to make it independent, re-order the icons, or drag a palette back into the icon toolbar. If the palette stack on the right exceeds the screen size, use the mouse scroll wheel or option + click-drag (Mac OS) or Alt + click-drag (Windows) to scroll.
  8. Andrew West

    Moving or rotating certain objects causes crash

    This is a strange one. It is not the program that is the problem but the object itself obviously. In extreme cases like this I have either rebuilt the object or you can try to export it out in a different format (try OBJ) and then re import it back in. I have also exported an object and then imported it into another 3D program and then back to FMZ in order to clean it up. Do you have other software you can try? AW
  9. Andrew West

    Reverting to 8.6?

    Allan I assume you mean Trash the Autodessys Preference folder. Yes, that helps when things start to go south. For anyone who does not know its location on Windows it is : Drive C-Users-Computer Name-App Data-Roaming- Autodessys. Just throw it away and the program will rebuild it upon restart. This has been a go to fix for some time now but it really cleans things up.
  10. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Very nice work. If I may comment on one thing the last image with the red dome lights could use an SSS material for the shade. There is an orange plastic SSS material that comes with V-ray that would work once you change the color and scatter distance. Just a suggestion.
  11. Andrew West

    Does Vray form FormZ support vertex color?

    All the models I import need to be re textured in Form.z regardless of how they were mapped previously. Vertex color mapping is not a thing in Form.z from what I can tell. Seems like something that is unique to Maya and a few others where you can paint directly on a model. A quick search tells me that it is designed for the video gaming industry to save resources.
  12. Andrew West

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    Anton I understand your frustration with this release. We were all a little surprised at the lack of depth in this one. However, they are making some definite improvements to the way the whole program works. Just not enough to satisfy our long pent up demand for something truly ground breaking, which many of us were hoping for. I get the impression that this release is still a work in progress at this time so maybe things will get ironed out soon. One big change for me will be the introduction of reference objects which will substantially improve overall system performance and replace the awful component system that has been a thorn in my side for years. Once they make reference objects selectable so we can move them I will use v9. Until then I am sticking with v8. Hang in there. AW
  13. Andrew West

    Example Images

    I now need to update this post since I just found out something in V-ray that I did not know exist. As I said before this feature requires a unique number assigned to each material. In the past I assigned one manually to each using the Material Options button in the Material Parameters window. I just found a little button in the V-ray Settings window that automates this process. If you go to the Render Elements drop down window you can pick your different render options ( I choose Material ID and Denoiser for instance)- then right under that window is a line called ID MANAGEMENT- if you click on that there is an option to Assign Unique Material ID's to all materials. I wait until I have created all my materials for a project and then click on it. Not a huge time saver but it all adds up. Hope this helps (or maybe everyone knew about this already).
  14. Andrew West

    formā€¢Z 8.6 Update Released

    Alan When I updated my system to 10 the computer became very slow and laggy. If I remember correctly there were a few issues but the main one that improved things was under the system performance settings. Go to the lower left corner search window on your home screen type in the word "advanced". Some options pop up including the one "View Advanced System Settings". Click on that and go to the advanced tab, under Performance-Settings you will see the option to change your system settings to "Adjust for best Performance". The default was "let windows choose" which caused issues for me. Hope this helps. If not then you also need to check what your system is loading at startup.
  15. Andrew West

    Cutting and pasting

    Jaakko is probably right on this one. However, after re reading your post it sounds like no matter what you copy and paste an old object appears that you did not intend. If that is the case then that is truly strange. To fix that I would throw out my preference folder and then re launch the program. As for not being able to select the object that you posted it is on a locked layer.