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  1. Andrew West

    Mesh Light Question

    I always wanted to ask that question as well. The weird point in space away from the mesh always throws me off when I select the mesh and then want to switch to another view to move it somewhere. The screen centers to that point first rather than the object. As for the controller I just rarely use it for transformations. For what its worth I create light bulbs by giving them an emissive material. Then I create either point or cone lights for the power which don't have those weird points out in space. I still find that emissive materials in Vray just don't work as well as they did in Maxwell. But again, there is always a work around. Which is something I have gotten used to saying a lot over the years.
  2. Andrew West

    Model no responding to Reshape

    I often have the same problem. I find it ironic that the very thing I hate about Sketchup models has been introduced into Form.z with the Reshape Tool. Namely that it allows for the creation of non planar geometry and missing geometry. I am not sure why all of a sudden the reshape tool no longer works but it is often a case of my working quickly on a model and then something random happens. If you explore the attributes of the object in question you might find that it is suddenly an open shape or non planar. Thankfully there are a lot of work arounds. The other thing I hate about Sketchup as well is the fact that people constantly build geometry from faces of existing geometry, which is also a Reshape issue. Once everything is attached to each other it makes it very difficult to both texture map and to modify. Things get messy in a hurry.
  3. Andrew West

    Lamp Shade

    If you watch this video you will understand what I am after and why I need it:
  4. Andrew West

    Extensions suddenly not loading

    Joe When you say you trashed the Autodessys folder do you mean the preference folder? That is what I occasionally trash to fix things. AW
  5. While I have not used Renderzone now for years since Maxwell and Vray came out I still remember the good old solution that I used to use. This is really quite simple. Create a solid 1/2" thick plane. Use material Glass Accurate in the reflections channel. Within the Reflection channel set reflection to 90%. Set the transparency to 0. Leave the other settings alone. Then below the Reflection channel you have your transparency channel. Open that and set it to your desired amount. I use 85% for most windows. Make sure you to to your glass objects and turn off shadow casting and shadow receiving. Now go to your Display Options palette and under Renderzone options go to Scene and change your background tab to Alpha Channel. Now export out your renderzone image as a TIFF file. Open it in Photoshop and under your Channels tab you will see your alpha channel. Does that do what you want it to? Andrew PS. For those of you who might say that I am creating a double transparency object I say so what. It has never given me any issues over 30 years.
  6. Andrew West

    Lamp Shade

    I really hope that the next release has the 2 sided material option that all other Vray users have access to. For those who are not familiar with it this allows you to have an outer material and an inner material that are different on the same plane. So the inside of a lamp shade can be an emissive material and the outside can be a fabric. Another example is a leaf with sunlight shining through it. Some day.
  7. Andrew West

    Shaded Render not working with Imported File

    Make sure that your video card driver is up to date. Check to see that your attributed texture maps are all jpegs and of a reasonable size. I had issues with some 30mb texture maps that came with a model and choked my system.
  8. Andrew West

    Example Images

    I can answer that for you. When a 3 d person is absolutely necessary I go to either 3D Sky or TurboSquid. The Sky models are a lot less expensive. https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/category/zhvie_sushestva?page=3 Really pay attention to the export options on their models to make sure that they are compatible. I usually use OBJ if available. Andrew
  9. Andrew West

    VRay fur - save to preset option

    I agree 100% and I will talk to Tech about this. When things get complicated in my models I tend to take screen shots of my settings once I get them to work properly. One annoying feature of the fur tool is that if you get it just right and then open the project the next day your Blade Count defaults back to Zero. No fur. I then go back into the dreaded Attributes Palette and scroll down to Vray Fur Attributes to re enter the blade count. So my solution is to always set my fur to Per Area, make the area the same size for all future fur materials and then always use the same blade count so that I remember. For me that means 6 sq inches and a blade count of 50 which gets me grass, fur and shag carpet as a starting point.
  10. Andrew West

    Portal Light

    There are many things that only work in CPU for me. I gave up on GPU rendering almost immediately. Fortunately, my twin Xeon 10 core processors are quite adequate for quick renderings.
  11. Andrew West

    Lamp Shade

    I will answer my own question here. After many hours of searching for a solution that mimics all the tutorials out there I have gotten word from Tech that this feature does not exist in the current release of Vray for Form.z. They plan on including it in the upcoming V9 release now that they have become aware of it. So if you need a glowing lamp shade or a back light object with semi opacity you are out of luck for now. Photoshop to the rescue again! AW
  12. Andrew West

    Lamp Shade

    I am in need of a quick tutorial on how to create a glowing lamp shade. In all the videos I have seen they start with 2 Sided Material as a base. However, I can not find that option anywhere in the Vray editor or in the materials library. Anyone have a solution that they have found that works well? Here is one tutorial http://www.cgdigest.com/creating-a-lamp-shade-material-in-vray/ Thanks for your help
  13. Andrew West

    Strange Artefacts with Vray

    I have yet to use the GPU or Hybrid render engines. There are just way too many issues associated with it and I actually find it to be quite a bit slower. CPU is plenty fast and it provides a consistent output that I can always count on. One thing that GPU does not do is allow for a Material ID channel which I use every day.
  14. Andrew West

    undos are still broken

    Happens to me randomly about once or twice a week. All of a sudden the undo's don't work. Close the program and restart solves it every time. Until it happens again. This is something that has been around my office for many years now and I just learn to live with it like so many other quirks. If you are having a consistent issue with this and a restart does not clear it up then I would suggest trashing your preference folder before I bothered with a program reinstall. Just my two cents.
  15. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Another option to create bump normal maps is to go Filter>Nvidea Tools>Normal Maps Filter. Works like a charm.