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  1. Andrew West

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Are you using V-ray or just straight RenderZone? If using V-ray I would forget about point lights and use a flat plane or a mesh light. Much simpler and easy to control. Better still if you have the time your project would benefit from Maxwell but that is much more of a commitment. It certainly still looks like you have issues with shadow casting and receiving in both your lights palette and your materials.
  2. Andrew West

    V-ray troubleshooting

    Once again. Had to throw out my preference folder. The program slowly starts behaving worse and worse and you almost get used to it. Throwing out your pref folder is like getting a new computer. You wondered why you didn't do it sooner. In this instance my texture maps were loading poorly, not showing properly in the palette, and generally getting glitchy in the V-ray materials options. Then the project I was working on seemed to loose half the maps. All is well now. Hope this info is useful to everyone until FMZ gets around to fixing this.
  3. Andrew West

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Sure looks like you have shadow casting turned off in your light setting. It needs to be enabled for all your lights.
  4. Andrew West

    Example Images

    One other channel that I have been using lately is the effects channel. This contains the glare and bloom effects that help make the image a lot more realistic. Especially the interior scenes.
  5. Andrew West

    Example Images

    I just use the default PNG for all my channels. Using the Reflection Channels is the only way to get the control of the reflections correct in your final image. Since most materials have some degree of gloss it adds a lot of realism to the image. It is also one of the great strengths of V-ray and every good illustrator uses it along with the depth of field channel and Material ID channel. Knowing when to stop messing with your model and then taking it into 2D for corrections and modifications is key. Channels allow that. It will save you a lot of time and $$$$$. Once you get the hang of it you can composite in minutes.
  6. Andrew West

    resize off-screen layers palette

    I would go and eliminate your Autodessys preference folder completely if you haven't already. I am on windows so I can't tell you exactly where it is. BTW do you have V-ray installed?
  7. Andrew West

    Scattered textures fix?

    I do a Save a Copy to consolidate my texture maps for individual files. I did notice that when using V-ray the program often looses my maps and then creates a new folder on my C drive that has copies of my maps. Then the scattering begins. In all my years of using this program I have never really understood how it accesses the maps and why it has been so problematic. It seems to have all started when they implemented Maxwell and then it got amplified with the addition of V-ray.
  8. Andrew West

    resize off-screen layers palette

    Go to Workspace at top menu and Reset your Workspace.
  9. Andrew West

    Stereo Panoramas ?

    Are you using GPU or CPU? Hybrid? Many of my issues have been solved by switching back to CPU and of course throwing away my preference folder. Just a thought.
  10. Andrew West


    Lets not get into a discussion of software platforms here. I own Max and several other programs and they all have their issues and quirks. Yes, V-ray is a work in progress for FMZ and we are working on getting it implemented properly. Testing this has taken a lot longer than I hoped but I am able to generate production images fairly quickly. So I am looking for advice on whether this is an internal issue with the software or if it is internal to my lack of understanding on how its used. As for bump maps I did find out why the GPU is not getting the bump maps correct. One must go down to that tiny little box in the render settings to check Advanced Mode for GPU. Now it works. As for caustics who knows why I can't get it to work. Tech has gone MIA again. The displacement issue has continued to plague me but it is mainly when turning a corner. I can get physical displacement on a flat plane pretty easily. I do find it strange that the disp map tool is just an icon that you click and then click on the geometry. Never sure if it is doing anything when I do it. I would have expected an alignment tool or some pop up to indicate that something is happening. My guess is that the displacement map is somehow linked to the alignment and scale of the texture map and that tool just gives the map some amplitude. Don't forget to mesh your object before displacement. One thing that I did find interesting were the values for displacement. On a model with pool water I had a very blurry disp map that was not that high of a contrast and my Displ. value was 0.08 out of 100. I attribute this to the contrast and the size of the original map.
  11. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Jaakko I turn on the channels for Reflection and Raw Reflection in my render Elements. Then in Photoshop if I use the Reflection channel over my Final output I set it to Screen Mode and adjust transparency of the channel. That can be all it takes. Sometimes I use Raw Reflection over the output and set it to Soft Light mode. This give reflections along with a bit more contrast. The only issue with Raw Reflection is that it can be a bit noisy compared to the other channels. So the cheap fix is to reduce the noise in PS. The better fix is to increase the Shading Rate in your render from the default of 6 up to 18 or more. Increases time but worth it. AW
  12. Andrew West

    Example Images

    And another
  13. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Nice images Jaakko Are you working with the reflection channel much? Your images seem to need a bit of gloss to the hard surfaces. Or is that the look you are after? Here is one that is all about the reflection. Really wish I could figure out how to get Caustics to work. So far I am at a loss no matter what I try.
  14. Andrew West


    Has anyone been able to get V-ray caustics to work yet? I am trying to create some realistic pool water and I have watched a few videos of v-ray for Max. No matter what I set my caustics to it has no effect on the image. I have messed with every v-ray setting and even displaced the water surface. Secondly I noticed that if I use my GPU to render not only do the caustics not work but my bump map disappears and then the render hangs forever. Does GPU not support bump maps? Using Hybrid does the same thing. Anyone out there that has tried to make great pool water yet?
  15. Andrew West

    V-ray troubleshooting

    Same issue with the light palette. Stranger still sometimes I can't select the light from the palette, only in the model window. No big deal but I have gotten used to really buggy software .....which is unfortunate in its own right.