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  1. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Very nice image and effect. Could you share your settings on this for everyone else? Thanks
  2. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Nice images. How are you applying the decals? More examples will hopefully help build our little community. Here is one of mine. The nice thing about this image is that no matter how many lights I throw in the mix it still renders fairly quickly.
  3. Andrew West


    Just to clarify my statement above. V-ray reads the information from the RZ tab so that you only need to set up your materials once.
  4. Andrew West


    You can certainly use regular form.z textures and materials. Understand that Renderzone was a plugin that worked in the exact same manner way back when it was first introduced. With V-ray you will have a shaded tab, a renderzone tab, and now a V-ray tab all in your material editor. You just set up your material as always and then go to the vray tab and set the new parameters for that. Usually just adjusting the glossiness of a material is all that is necessary. Using outside materials from other sources is just nice to save time for complex materials. There are just so many already created online. V-ray also comes with a lot of baseline materials when installed but I have found them to be of limited use. As for setting up in RZ for faster renders you will actually find that V-ray is faster to do test renders. I go straight from shaded view to V-ray for speed. If you have a good graphics card that really helps. I have not hit the RZ render button in years now and I don't miss it a bit.
  5. Andrew West


    The short answer is yes, it has the same functionality. That said there are some missing features that I would still like to see. One thing they did do on this plugin is to try to optimize the settings to something baseline that would work for most users. This helps simplify the learning curve for some. Deviating from those settings is fairly easy but might give you some very unexpected results. So my only suggestion would be to try to take baby steps one at a time when adjusting parameters. One disappointment in this plugin is that it only uses .vrmt materials. There are literally thousands of other outside materials that you can download for free that would be so very helpful. However, they are in .vsmt or .mat or other formats that the current build can not recognize. There are also some materials that are disabled in the current build for some reason. So, hopefully that will be resolved in the future.
  6. Andrew West


    If you go to the Form.z for Vray forum you will see a post of Example Images that help to show the capabilities. I personally use V-ray now after switching from Maxwell. I found the quality of Maxwell to be a bit better but at a time cost that was unacceptable. Now Maxwell has released a new version that is supposedly a lot faster. It does require a stack of GPUs to run it efficiently though which adds significantly to the cost of upgrading. There is also a new V-ray plugin for Z that should be out shortly and may include added features that were missing in the first release. Or so I am told. So for now I am sticking with V-ray to see where it goes. BTW the speed is really fantastic for the quality that it can produce.
  7. Andrew West

    texture scaling

    I miss the texture groups from 6 as well. For what its worth there are a few more little ways to improve editing textures of multiple objects. One is to use a palette that I rarely use which is Selection Sets. You can right click on an object, click on "select all objects using this material", then create a selection set for future editing. If you want to drop or add an object from that set then deselect or select that object and create a new set. Another useful tool is a script named "separate object faces by color" which I use quite often. If you model by applying different materials to different faces of an object this can come in very handy. As for different sizes of materials being applied just right click the material and duplicate it. Then rename the material something like "tile large". In my work I might create one wood pattern for vertical wood, one for horizontal wood, one for sloped wood, etc. using this method. Hope this helps.
  8. Andrew West


    In V9 being tested now there are even more ways to create what you are after. There is a new Rad Array tool and several point deform tools. FYI
  9. Andrew West


    Do you need physical geometry or can you fake it with a bump map? If physical geometry is needed for a close up then I would just create a small low poly "bump" and in plan view do a radial multi copy. Select the bumps, move a copy of them up slightly and rotate them slightly to get your offset. Now select all the bumps and multicopy upward as many times as needed. Another option is to use displacement mapping but that can be a bit unpredictable. Then there is the Place On tool (under t-form) that would allow you to mesh your handle and then place "bumps" at the face centers, points, etc.. For more random bumps there are always the scatter tools. There are many ways to create geometry in Form.z. Sometimes I forget about certain tools that I don't use often. Every once in a while I scroll through some of those tools to remind myself of their capabilities. Cheers AW
  10. Andrew West

    Intel UHD 620 graphics?

    Vray was added last year as a rendering engine that can be used in place of Renderzone. Renderzone was added as a default rendering engine about 3 decades ago and has not kept up with the current quality of engines available for all other modeling programs. Maxwell is another option that provides far superior images. Both of these can now be seamlessly added to the core of Form.z but they must be purchased separately. The reason I asked was because these engines run faster on a GPU which is where all rendering engines seem to be headed. If you run Vray you will need a better graphics card.
  11. Andrew West

    Intel UHD 620 graphics?

    Will you be using Vray?
  12. Andrew West

    Import Rhino 3dm files broken?

    send it over and let me take a crack at it. I might be able to do the old Rhino to Max to FMZ conversion trick. Riding at Noon today?
  13. Andrew West

    Import Rhino 3dm files broken?

    It is still listed as a viable import option in 8.6. Is your program just not accepting the file?
  14. Andrew West

    Example Images

    Thanks It is the subtle little details that are always the difference in photo realism. Dirt and defects being the major one. Texture alignment and repetition is the other. It takes surprisingly little time to dirty up a model using the right PS brushes
  15. Andrew West

    wip & recent renders

    Very true. However, the power of V-ray allows me to show them fairly high quality renders pretty quickly during the whole modeling process. With Maxwell that was not possible unless I dumbed down all the materials and lighting and rendered the image very small. Then I would have to spend time explaining to my client why the image looked so awful. When we would finally get the model complete and the proper materials applied I would show them a much better image that would render all night. That is when the bigger problems would arise since they are now seeing it in a completely different manner. Re renders were just so painfully slow. But as I stated before, I really miss a lot of the features of Maxwell.