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  1. johnalexander1571

    Project Lavina Support

    Hi Anwar, Thanks for asking this, I need this ability too and didn't know about this. This could be it, except I need to put the controls in the clients hands. I already have the RTX card. ADS can we do this? They are asking for a VRay scene? Thanks, John A
  2. johnalexander1571

    + Light

    I'm glad the lights showed up. I do seem to recall needing to really use large values on lights in Maxwell.
  3. johnalexander1571

    + Light

    Hi Bo, I have not had Maxwell in a few years now, but if my terrible memory is correct, and you may not believe this, but the model was to make geometry (read light bulb) and assign an emitter material. It was a totally different way of doing it. Maybe this isn't right. They would need a way to assign IES lights. Does someone still have Maxwell?
  4. johnalexander1571

    fZ + Python + CO2

    That's great! Bed size is reasonably large too. I used to be able to cut stuff when I worked in a sign shop. Gear heads that worked there would even make their own gaskets in a pinch. We only used .dxf for getting the path into the path cutting software. It was some time ago. Interested to see what you do with this!
  5. johnalexander1571

    Bergen, Norway

    Incredible! Amazing work!
  6. johnalexander1571

    Way to animate the move multi-copy effect

    Hi Chris, I think it can be done or something similar in several ways. Actually now that I write this and really rack my memory Mathew Holewinski has outlined a way to use animate along path and extract animation to do something quite close. He made a series of wooden bollard things that went around the edge of a garden path. He even had them getting a variable angle so they wobbled randomly. This was just with the tools. I probably should have done that method without the wobble. I was working on an animation yesterday, where the client wants a wall framed in an animation. Actually the product is a door, so the wall construction animation is not the point. My animations now need to be done so fast I have to show vertical studs fading in, which is just rendering a still and using After Effects to do the fade. I was thinking it would have been so cool to be able to pull off the studs sliding into position in the same time frame. I have never learned scripting (I sat down to do so at least 3 times in my life) the problem is can see it's value, but I am always full with busy work and never get any bang for the buck in the first week and I notice 3 weeks later I am not still working on learning it. I did do Basic and Pascal in the eighties, HTML in the 2000's and that's it. It has always been easier for me to bull through something, for example I would sit and key all the studs flying into position. This was making my animations take too long to produce--doing something more visually interesting when maybe the script or budget can't support it. A script that emulates key-framing the move multi-copy is one simple animation/script idea that would save time. But, path animation may be quite sufficient. Another would be a canned "exploded" view animation, where parts of an assembly all fly out to a certain distance, and then fly back. But alas, these are just those dreams that come as I hustle through a project. Just a strange side question, did you ever make your own balloon? I sometimes wish I could make some sort of cool flying personal dirigible, but I am afraid of heights.
  7. johnalexander1571

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Sorry guy. That was not meant to be negative in any way. I was applauding your hard honest work. I appreciate your portfolio as well.
  8. johnalexander1571

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    SJD. I am quite impressed. You have the first rule of modeling down. If at first you don't succeed try again. If that doesn't do it, then try again. Eventually you learn all the insane little nuances you have to know to make any specific object. Hardly one recipe fits, and there's probably two ways of doing. Kudos to you for knowing that building a pyramid is years of moving large bricks. If you have that, in a year you will look back and see how far you've come solving your own issues albeit with good advice from others. form.Z is the better way to go for real world sizing and manufacturing, you just have to keep at learning.
  9. I would be very cool to be able to keyframe the multi-copy effect so that I could show a series of vertical objects, in this case studs all sliding neatly into position.
  10. johnalexander1571

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Hi SJD, Chris is giving you good guidance. I know this doesn't help, but I did do a job where we had to model existing bottles for clients. We started with a 3d scan that was very lame and needed modeled over totally, but there was no "sizing" possible with any program that could get to that level of accuracy. For the record, we used Modo for that. form.Z could do just as well. I tend to use the sub-tools to grow my models a row of polys at a time. I switch back to polys only when I run into a little detail area. I once had a key shortcut on the switch back and forth and it was the same as any other programs switch. With some malice of forethought, the sub creation tools are just fine in Z. Needs an add too selection in rows type of feature.
  11. johnalexander1571

    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    Hi Joe, Sorry, I was talking about the general rules for keeping file sizes down, the common sense stuff. Paul used to describe techniques of building models correctly or setting display res correctly for models because back then it was so much more important. So, I don't have an actual list. That stuff isn't as critical anymore, computers have become so powerful.
  12. johnalexander1571

    WEIRD SCIENCE FEM Solver leg modeled in form.Z

    Thanks for the nice comments all! It has been a long dream of mine to abolish horrible CG knees, and also weightless looking characters. There is NO morphing here. The outer fat/skin is a closed mesh with an inner and outer layer driven only by the FEM solved muscles, and those by the bones. I can feed any animation onto the simple bone rig and the sim leg will perform the skin under gravity. My mind is awash with possibilities. Here is a big update, fun for the long week-end--the animation: https://johnalexander2020.artstation.com/projects/qA4qGz This was modeled in form.Z with subdivisions before converted to facetted and then exported to the FEM solver. There would still be another layer on this where uv'd skin mesh with high frequency detail is "wrapped" to the fat layer you can see in the animation and renders. There are 86 digital attachments of muscle to bone or muscle to muscle or muscle to ligament I set up via vertex selection. There were SO many little values that are dialed in, I am the mad scientist. But this is getting closer, except for extreme folding behind the knee, which I will develop better moving forward. Cheers!
  13. Hi All, Here is my fun personal lock-down project I do on the weekends. I hope this might be of interest, because I am quite jazzed about it. I have used form.Z to model the bones and muscles of the human leg using the sub-d tools in order to export them into simulation software and assign Young Modulus to the muscles and sew them onto the bones and them let the computer use finite element analysis calculate the muscles realistically contracting and jiggling with gravity all based on the animated driver bones. This is why cg characters have appeared to be hauntingly weightless all of these years, because only the outer surface is sculpted, it is not necessarily informed by bone and muscle as it should be. The final results of this newer tech are really encouraging and are only now starting to be used in feature films. It is now being adapted to real-time for video games. This is my early result. Long way to go, but I am happy with this so far. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9eGZkN One facet of my project is the absolute similarity to being Dr. Frankenstein. I had to get into some rather gruesome medical school grade references in order to understand all of the geometry I needed to model inside of the leg. So this will be the official start of Mary Shelley, the FEM solved woman. I think she will be like Wonder Woman. No I don't wear a bra on my head ala Weird Science, although I have thought about it. I am making the skin for the leg this week. Ha ha ha ha ha.... Vincent price laugh.
  14. johnalexander1571

    .obj export - can't get clean model to Blender

    Ok, sorry on that one. Glad you figured it out and can proceed.