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  1. johnalexander1571

    Alternate use of one license on different computers

    diedel you have to contact support in order for them to reset your number of installations, only they can fix it but they can do it if in the office
  2. johnalexander1571

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    Sorry man.
  3. johnalexander1571

    how to transfer vray texture map to shaded?

    Hi ZTek, yeah, I tried that too.
  4. johnalexander1571

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    Hi gumby, You may try the different platforms or toggle "use absolute indices" option. If not try DEA?
  5. johnalexander1571

    how to transfer vray texture map to shaded?

    I also was getting the same thing, any .fbx export from Maya or 3dStudio trying to get around this. DAE and obj also failed.
  6. johnalexander1571

    how to transfer vray texture map to shaded?

    Des, yes the whole problem is that the textures are not ever getting loaded into the Shaded version, and this is why they won't display or export to Datasmith. When they are right there in the VRay render, it is so frustrating. There are hundreds of them, so I can't load each one by hand. I wonder if a quick script by someone could just go through and load the Vray materials or just the texture maps into the shaded ones and solve the whole problem.
  7. johnalexander1571

    how to transfer vray texture map to shaded?

    Hi, Thanks guys, I updated to 9.2 to be sure, tried with and without RZ trial enabled, I did try saving and reopening with Save Textures on, I thought that did have a good shot of working but it didn't. The file is a large environment that imports beautifully into TM, Maya, 3DStudio, etc. I can't go straight to TM because I need to work in the file for long periods first. I just have to use Maya for my main drive software since I have to have something that works. I gave it a whole day of trying, I can't keep trying it in formZ when it works fine in Maya. The file is the Bistro file associated with Amazon and NVidia's Omniverse Developers program. I can't find a link to the download at the moment.
  8. johnalexander1571

    how to transfer vray texture map to shaded?

    I have spent a large portion of the day trying to bring in .fbx so that it doesn't set all the materials to white. I can't do it from Maya or 3DStudio fbx or obj or dae. Nothing is working.
  9. I am importing a huge .fbx file with textures. They appear in the Vray version of the file and render in Vray, but don't export to Twinmotion. The Shaded thumbs are all ? marks I cannot figure out how to get the shaded versions to update themselves from the Vray materials at all. Does nyone know of a way to navigate this issue? I tried launching formZ without VRay installed and this didn't work.
  10. johnalexander1571

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Ahhh Bernd.... I thought we were gonna go without the cone folk this year! Sir, if you only knew how Paul Helm in Tech Support looked forward to these every year. He enjoyed them every year. I do so as well! Bravo Bernd! Now the Holidays are complete!
  11. Hi guys, Here is my latest and greatest Twinmotion animation project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkiBc-J5h0g I wish I could move and rotate an item at the same time, I tried drag and drop nesting of the materials into the actor things and it doesn't work for me. I created 50 ten to 15 second shots in one eight hour sitting, all saved in the TM file if needed later. And they were, punch list fixes were not a chore to re-render. I could not have touched this with standard rendering. The time saved is really worth the step backward in lighting right now. Plus textures tend to be more sharply represented and not blurred out the way rendered animation tends to do.
  12. johnalexander1571

    Need to import Alembic animation files

    I had a falling rubber skirt to put into a revised VRay animation, and I wound up exporting each frame .obj geometry from Maya and making stop motion frames and then animation in After Effects. It was a very short animation, so it was ok.
  13. Hi ADS< It would be really helpful to someday be able to import an Alembic animation file from Maya, for example, and have it play in the file on the timeline, if it's easy to accomplish. Currently I would have to render a cloth sim for a curtain in Arnold, for I have no way to get it to formZ and VRay. I have to use Maya for simulations for example springs and rubber materials. It would be nice it that went to Datasmith and Twinmotion. I understand that UnReal 5 supports Alembic files from Maya at this time. Twinmotion does not right now.
  14. johnalexander1571

    Just Great!

    I also thank ADS for Datasmith, it has been a great tool, and something myself and others asked for on the forum in the past. We've got DS. VRay5, and PowerCadd for the drafting asks we've seen. I think ADS has responded to requests with fulfillment. I appreciate this so much right now and look forward to how these things continue to improve and improve our working experiences.
  15. johnalexander1571

    at Setz finally, finally, finally, your trove

    Hi santa, He posted some images of the concept work he has done for films over the years, they are in the gallery under W. I do have a Wacom tablet I do use with both ZBrush and formZ. I find I am quite a bit faster even with formZ on the Wacom pecking tools and settings (mouse is heavy after nine-million miles).