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  1. johnalexander1571

    Render animation in vray?

    Hi Cearch, I can confirm it works in formZ 8.6.2 build 10099 with VRay 3.6.1 build 1191. i have not had the chance to update in a while. I am not using imager. I am rendering directly in the app. Also, I am making a fan file, then exporting to AVI. In my test just now I stopped the animation frame rendering before it reached the last frame (didn't want to wait). AVI plays fine. I am on Windows 10. Hope it helps, John A
  2. johnalexander1571

    How do I create a face?

    Hi, You can assign a single key shortcut to Subdivision Swap All. This toggles the state of all sub-d objects back and forth between cage and sub-d. A quick tap on the keyboard, and you are now swapping at ludicrous speed (unless you have a heavy file). Look in the shortcuts manager for the other useful key shorts you could add to the other ways of swapping this state available in there. I like this one because you don't need to have the object selected as you tap the key. Best, John A
  3. johnalexander1571

    How do I create a face?

    Hi Justin, When using the Sub-D tools, there are always two... the cage, or the facetted object that establishes the structure of the sub-divided version, and the sub-divided version itself over top of the cage. So, your model is always facetted underneath, but looks subdivided, and as a result "smoothed". You can toggle this state by using the Subdivision Swap tool. Make your facetted edits, and then switch back. In addition, you can use tools that work on facetted objects to change the shape of the sub-divided model even when it is in the sub-divided state. The caveat is that it should be expected to work on the facetted model as if the sub-d was not applied. So if you know well your form.Z, you will be able to predict what will work and what won't. It is best to keep four-sided faces for sub-division surfaces, otherwise the results can become unexpected. Hope it helps. Best, John A
  4. johnalexander1571

    SketchFab exporter being utilized to market products

    Hi Joe, I am always here....in some format or another.
  5. Hi All, I wanted to thank ADS for the SketchFab exporter. My employer wished to begin offering a 3d rep of the products offered embedded on the company website. I have found the SketchFab exporter to be very solid, it has worked for me every time, even after using the Mesh tool to reduce to triangles. Maps and mapping are amply exported. I simply set up specular or bump settings when I get into the SketchFab interface. This is a great feature that is not to be overlooked if you have a client wanting to display 3d models. We are doing noise control springs, so nothing too exciting, but for now you can so easily create a snazzy 3d version of your model/product that sales reps can show off. My employer is quite impressed. Thanks and Best Regards,, John Alexander
  6. johnalexander1571

    Render animation in vray?

    Hi all, I updated to the 8.6.2 and 3.6.1. I am able to generate VRay animations now! I can confirm on WIndows 10. Thanks for fixing this. Best John A