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  1. johnalexander1571

    Example Images

    Oh yeah, the other number one trick I used on this was to create a sphere that surrounds the scene, then map an industrial HDRI to the inside of it. This causes the reflections on the metal to come from this rather than a single colored background. Also, this allows my VRay point lights to bounce around inside the sphere and on my scene making it look better. I have to keep turning this on and off as I work, but I put it on a layer and it's not too bad. I don't use the HDRI for the light sources at all, however. I go ahead and light with spheres to get the more dramatic effect I really want. I add VRay sphere lights like crazy to get the effects I want because as Andrew notes, lots of lights seem to render quite quickly.
  2. johnalexander1571

    Example Images

    Actually, the setting I used for this render are mostly the default settings. I did turn on AO, but I have not seen the effect in my renders. I set the depth of field distance in inches to where I wanted the clear portion of the image. Quality was .005 to get the noise free depth of field. Chromatic aberration is a little trick I ran into recently trying to learn more about mimicking photos. Sometimes, (I am not sure under what conditions yet) cameras displace the red, blue, and green channels. I saw a tutorial on YouTube where the presenter used the Lens Correction in Photoshop to offset the three channels from each other. I just drag the sliders a little bit off center.
  3. johnalexander1571

    Example Images

    One I just finished last week. Learned about chromatic aberration on this one.
  4. Hi mojo, I am making some more Sketchfab models today, and I just uploaded a model forgetting to triangulate first, and I thought I would have to delete it, but it came out ok, even as smooth. Textures are all there. I just have to set up the final appearances. I don't know if some change was made, but it is working now without any headaches for me.
  5. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Yeah, it is still much faster and this is better if I get into a pinch or have an epic number of clips to render. I usually just render overnight, so it has to be quite a few clips to help, but over the weekend this will allow almost double the frames returned in that time space. Thanks Justin
  6. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Yep the denoiser is not applied to animation frames. Oh well, I still have half the render time now because of dropping the quality level and adding the GPU. Thanks for your experience.
  7. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Ahhh! Spoke too soon, the generate animation frames are skipping the desnoiser it looks like. Rebooting now to rule out windows.
  8. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Hi Justin, Sorry it took a while to get back to this project. Thank you so much for your insights, this understanding you laid out for me allowed me to quickly get the frame rendering time down from around 2:00 minutes each to 38 seconds each. That's a substantial difference and just what I was looking for. I don't have any of the features that aren't working in GPU mode in this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ps the drill is a bit heavy, but we're liking it.
  9. This Sketchfab model from my example is about halfway down this page: https://kineticsnoise.com/liftwrx/drawings-bim.html
  10. Hi mojo, I made some Sketchfab models earlier in the year. Sketchfab is not expecting smooth geometry. All of my geometry here is smooth it is a manufacturing co. The trick is to mesh your model. Luckily formZ is a vast set of tools that allow us to navigate this thorny ass problem in one click. Use the mesh tool set to triangulate on all of the objects in the file. See attached shot for the settings. This operation takes a while, as it uses one core, but there is a lot to do. This operation preserves all of your mapping. This is critical because you have to do all of that in Sketchfab. Something else helpful to know is that your Sketchfab model is organized by material. You could turn the visibility of an object on and off this way. All objects with a material in common will be controlled together. It sucks to do all of the texture final settings in Sketchfab, but its display system is just not the same as Z so it has to be tweaked anyway. The trick is in getting your model "right" before you upload and do all the texture set up. ps. save a non-facetted copy of your model first for the inevitable revision!
  11. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Hi Justin, Thank you very much for that. Here is what I have, I'll try some tests next week. This is fairly nice hardware for a change I have let my boss know that I need to stop and research this so this we save more time in the long run...
  12. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Hi Justin, Thanks for answering. In contrast I have been going crazy with it. I have used the Imager to run my machine for 4 solid days rendering clips at 1080p. I so far am not using compression for the raw fan and .avi files. I am assembling in AE, then will export compressed at the end. Doing a 2 minute explainer video. I am past a minute now. I am able to confirm here that the .esc key and all methods to stopping a generating animation fail. As a result, I do workaround by planning and keeping files saved so I can kill the whole shebang if I need to. It is faster to kill it and relaunch. I have discovered too that once you do the first half of an animation without any visible noise you can lighten up on the settings and show a little grain toward the end. I am hoping to learn what I might do to run the clips a little faster. I am glad that the default setting for GI do not flicker like crazy when you make an animation like MODO's did. (went off to use that professionally for two years, now back with formZ) This is really the first time (since my first Infini-D class at OSU in like 1992) I have actually had a machine in front of me capable or producing nice 1080p animations. I am going to make animations all the time now! ps I am using AE for any motion blur. Once my animation is done in a few weeks it will be up on Youtube, so I will be able to link to it here.
  13. johnalexander1571

    What to turn off in VRay for animation?

    Can we make this a place where tips for speeding up VRay for animations can be placed? Does anyone have an idea what settings in VRay can be changed or set to 0 when not needed by the actual render?
  14. johnalexander1571

    C-Mesh - Facetted «Nurbs by boundary »

    I want the C-Mesh tool as well. +1