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  1. Hello tech. I'm just wondered if nobody is no longer interested in illustrations to my posts and replies. Otherwise I can not imagine why I am limited to 68 megs of file space. Next I will try to illustrate my Form*Z modeling in ASCII (.) (.) [this one stands for modest NURBS surface] ( . )( . ) [and this one is for more complex ones] ¯\_( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)_/¯
  2. AHTOH

    Layout and fonts. Again

    OK folks. Finally I found a good solution for printing my multipage Layouts. Here we go: I do all the text with Note tool. I make a content frame to fit my actual frame in order not to have separate frame around my content. I case I need to have multiple content frames within one page I choose an option «Match frame to content» Then I export my page to image. Due to high monitor resolutions now days I have pretty high res image. And finally I get my pages all together to Acrobat Pro. Voila — I have perfect Layout print!
  3. AHTOH

    Layout and fonts. Again

    OK Hugo. It makes perfect sence. If you would create your workflow movie it would be great. I would appreciate it very much. Regards, Anton
  4. AHTOH

    Layout and fonts. Again

    Hello again Hugo. From this point and on I would say all my Layout difficulties are gone. Let me explain my workflow: Yes, Modeler is as good as 3D app could be. Yet in my interior design projects I usually need multipage layout. And my drafts contain mostly the same elements (e.g. walls, partitions, sanitary, floors e.t.c) I create 2D draft with layered layout: walls, partitions, sanitary, floors etc.. Each subject on it's own layer. Than I use Layout to get my content to content frame on respective pages (dimension plan, demolition plan, partitions plan. I can add items from my 2D Layout library to add sockets, lights, coaches, tables etc. And that's the way to keep everything in order. As soon as I need to change something I do it within Modeler and it is changing in Layout on the fly. So my Layout turned to my charm from my pain. The only thing I need to remember not to misuse hatches within Modeler. At least in small scale. Otherwise it is going to slow down Layout significantly. As you wrote you use external publishing app for layout purposes. And that's what I tried to do. Yet I realized that if I need to change even the smallest detail I will need to redo all the page Layout. Or it is not what happens in your workflow?
  5. AHTOH

    Layout and fonts. Again

    Hi Justin. Looks like export to image is thу only method. The only sad thing about it is an amount of effort on multipage Layout documents which have not only to be bind to the same Acrobat doc but also exported with original names manually and cropped to size. Yet your suggestion is the only one working. Thanks' a lot for it.
  6. AHTOH

    Layout and fonts. Again

    Hello Hugo. Thank you for answering. I tried to Export to PDF my multipage Layout file and got a big sheet of garbage. Not to be talking bad jugged fonts but also all sheets appeared on the same page and lots of objects even did not render. So, seems like it is useless at least with FormZ 8.7 Layout Best, Anton
  7. I am trying to be polite but it seems like AutoDesSys does not listen to users. My moans to improve Layout to at least V6 level where supported by other users and have been heard for at least 10 years. Yet they don't care. There where suggestions from other users on the same matter. They improved everything but Layout and created this dumb Drafting module instead of doing what we really need. I would not even mention lack of support for any other language except for English in file and directories names.
  8. Hello Tech and folks. Would you please explain how possibly I can avoid this effect: I am trying to print my project containing some notes dimensions and text. Which is quite obvious task for drafting. Yet I can't achieve any reasonable quality by any way I am doing. If I use Text tool I always get outlined text whatever I would try to do. When I use Note tool, Annotation tool and Dimensions my fonts look perfect on the screen yet blurred on printed matter and PDF. The smaller font size I opt the worse my result. Whatever printing method I choose nothing changes. Any suggestions on how to fix it? My setup is: Windows 10 FormZ 8.6 Layout and modeler Adobe PDF Printer or Microsoft Print to PDF Geogia font for all attempts
  9. AHTOH

    Nurbz surface help needed - Please!

    If I'd you I'd rather redraw those profiles in order to get nice clean model. Seems like the original profiles are quite simple. Yet you should be ready not to be 100% presize. All those import things not always work in FormZ
  10. AHTOH

    Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer

    Hello Bo. Same thing here. Seems like there is no reason to stick with Mac OS. Yet there is a solution here: https://www.paragon-software.com/home/apfs-windows/ Since I installed it I don't see any difference between my drives except for mac ones are little slower.
  11. AHTOH

    Learning Form Z 9

    Hi SJD. Yes you are right. Nowdays formZ as majority of 3D apps are way more to be graphically oriented. Ind this is big advantage. Since V7 you can fluently operate it. And as you get aquitted with it you will find great modeling speed improvement. When it comes to me I find myself more modeling than drafting with formZ as I upgraded from 6 to 7. Drafting in v6 is still way far better then the one in current version.
  12. AHTOH

    Bergen, Norway

  13. AHTOH

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    Sorry for being a little harsh and sorry I did not notice that option. Yet there is a question: which way I suppose to draw in real scale and than print my blueprints? For some reason there is no interchange between Draft and Layout. Also Draft Layout mode in Draft does not do anything. Or I just did not figure out the way it works.
  14. AHTOH

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    But the idea of the whole thing was to interchange either way. Say my typical workflow is to make quite rough model get it to Drafting and than make precise blueprints. NOT to make precise model which is nearly impossible and totally senseless and than wait for ages it is being rendered within Layout. And than repeat and wait ones more for redraw in Layout. And again after slightest change. Sometimes (usually) it takes so long that I already read entire Internet for third time. I am not sure you guys know but CAD was created to make blueprints faster not slower.