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Auto translate Units on Input boxes?

Justin Montoya

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It would be amazing if FormZ could auto translate other working units.  Example-

Project is in Feet and Inches -  However I need to add metric sized items.  If I could type in '55mm' and have it automatically convert to Inches that would be great.  Possible?

Thank you!

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Furthermore, what if we could input simple equations?  For Example:

11' - 83" ... to automatically generate a 49" input.  

I realize there might need to be some sort of container added like (11') - (83"), but it would keep us from constantly going back to the desk calculator.  

WAIT a sec...

What if there was a calculator built into FormZ that you could pop out of the numerical Input boxes!?  That would be AMAZING!  It could handle all the conversion from metric to standard as well.  


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In addition... why not also improve all the measurement tools in the Measure palette with drop-down menus with the different units that formZ offers?

Currently, some of them offer this possibility, for example, Mass Properties and Measure Quantities (partially).

It would be very useful and I don't think it's difficult to add.

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I will look into it.  As I understand, the interface part would have to be re-written.  As, again my understanding, fZ will not use outside libraries for it's script interfaces.

the tinter in

import tkinter as tk

is an interface library.

without getting the opportunity to dig deep at this time, I suspect this will be the hardest part. (hopefully an interface builder will come someday)

in 6, even though I could build interfaces, I never really understood how it worked.


It may be better to use fZ's built in math library too.  Keep things smaller.

Will probably tackle other stuff first, get my head around things.  But yea!



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I have actually developed a calculator palette for formz v 6.x log time ago.... but at one point i droped it because formz ui couldn't figure out that i am typing inside the calculator palette and kept poping key shortcuts actions//// i have the old files somewhere.. if someone wants to take over this and try adjusting to new versions. email me directly.

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Just being able to type in the unit makes so much sense.  If you are adding a model that is in metric, you don't need to convert to fix the scale.  120mm, done.

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Not within a number box, but with the form•Z Pro 10 Assistant, you can convert to current project units within form•Z, then paste.

Type <SPACEBAR> 120mm <ENTER>

But yes, we understand what users are looking for and will look into implementing conversions, etc. within number boxes.



Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 3.39.17 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 3.39.35 PM.png

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Excellent, and it would be great to select the result with the Tab key first and then copy it with Cmd/Ctrl-C without using the mouse.

I also add that I recently realized that when doing numerical input, you can use slash (key) as an operator to do any simple division, which makes sense for working on fractions in the US. So you can divide any distance by any number you want, which is very handy.

I wish you could do the same with the other basic operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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