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  1. For those without access to the forum, emails can be sent to: sales@nextlimit.com
  2. For those without access to the forum, emails can be sent to: sales@nextlimit.com
  3. Hello FormZ users, If any users have not seen the discussion in the Maxwell area of the FormZ forum, continued development of the Maxwell plug-in for FormZ is not guaranteed. Next Limit is gauging support and has not yet committed to continued development. Any current users and potential future users should head to this discussion on the Maxwell forum and express your support for continued development of the Maxwell for Z plug-in. https://forum.maxwellrender.com/viewtopic.php?f=149&t=45454 Thanks! Gary
  4. Hello Ben, It is clear to me, and I hope to others, you played no part in this. Gary
  5. I have reached out to Maxwell team to voice my support for ongoing Z plug-in development. I also would like to float an idea and see what the community thinks: I have been a Z Family Plan member for 20+ years and have never questioned its value. Awesome phone support when needed and upgrades included. I propose a Z-Maxwell family plan. I would be more than willing to pay additional dollars to my Family Plan if I knew they were going directly to maintaining support and compatibility with Maxwell. Yes, a lot of details to resolve... but any interest? How many users would spend an additional $25 to $100 a year to ensure continued support? Gary
  6. Gary

    logitech marathon m705

    I also have that problem with Logitech mice. Are you on Mac or PC?
  7. Gary

    Group for "Views"

    Good idea!
  8. Hello Support, Thanks for providing input on this. I fully understand what you are saying about future development on the plugin. To be clear, my hope is that Autodessys would enhance the FormZ api to accommodate existing Maxwell features that are either currently unsupported or have broken over the years (support of z clipping planes for instance). This is what I believe Pylon has a tracking list for. I will reach out to Next Limit and make my desire and interest in continued integration with Z known, as well as my satisfaction with the work Ben has done to date. Thanks, Gary
  9. I know Ben/Pylon has a tracking list of items Autodessys could address to further the integration between Z and Maxwell. Hopefully we will see some of these items addressed in future releases! Gary
  10. Form Z Team, I am hoping that the Z team will continue develop and support Maxwell going forward. I own both Maxwell and V-Ray. Both have their strengths and weakness. Together, they make a great toolset. There are a number of documented items (I believe Ben has tracking numbers and reports of issues) that could be addressed for V9. Personally, I would love to see Z clipping planes working again in Maxwell. They used to! I am sure other users have their list of items to address. Can you guys (Z support) give some indication of your commitment to continued development/support of the Maxwell plug-in? Can other Z/Maxwell users express their support for continued development? Thanks, Gary
  11. Gary

    Cannot Rename or Delete Material Groups

    Justin, Try switching to list view to rename or delete a material group. Gary
  12. Gary

    Vestige objects?

    Hello Peter, Try disabling visibility through the layers palette instead of the objects palette. Gary EDIT— I see that you tried this. I am out of ideas...
  13. Gary

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Hey Des, The difference I think I remember is Z clipping planes really clip the geometry for the rendering (lighting and reflections will be different) whereas the Maxwell render Boolean just effect the camera view and object visibility. Gary
  14. Gary

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Hello Des, Over time using Z clipping planes with Maxwell went from reasonably reliable to buggy for me. I seem to remember clip hither yon working reasonable well. As an alternate to Z clipping planes you can create your own planes and designate them with the "Render Boolean (Clipping Object)" attribute. See here: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/mxdocsv3/formZ+%7C+Object+Attributes+and+Modifiers Thanks, Gary
  15. Hello support, Is there a way to have an option to heavily downsample or reduce the size of textures when opening a file in the iPad app? Thanks, Gary