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  1. Gary

    Cannot Rename or Delete Material Groups

    Justin, Try switching to list view to rename or delete a material group. Gary
  2. Gary

    Vestige objects?

    Hello Peter, Try disabling visibility through the layers palette instead of the objects palette. Gary EDIT— I see that you tried this. I am out of ideas...
  3. Gary

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Hey Des, The difference I think I remember is Z clipping planes really clip the geometry for the rendering (lighting and reflections will be different) whereas the Maxwell render Boolean just effect the camera view and object visibility. Gary
  4. Gary

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Hello Des, Over time using Z clipping planes with Maxwell went from reasonably reliable to buggy for me. I seem to remember clip hither yon working reasonable well. As an alternate to Z clipping planes you can create your own planes and designate them with the "Render Boolean (Clipping Object)" attribute. See here: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/mxdocsv3/formZ+%7C+Object+Attributes+and+Modifiers Thanks, Gary
  5. Hello support, Is there a way to have an option to heavily downsample or reduce the size of textures when opening a file in the iPad app? Thanks, Gary
  6. Gary

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Hello, Adjust the transparency setting in your MXM to a higher number and a greater amount of light will pass through your glass (and then, in effect, the glass will not cast a shadow). If you enter a transparency value greater than the size of your object, I believe 100% of the light will pass through it. Gary
  7. Gary

    Denoiser on a network render

    If you read the error message, the MXI files are being saved in the temp folder. If you go to the temp folder before quitting, you can manually merge the MXI files. While this does not solve the problem, it does get you a merged file. Gary
  8. Hello Support, In the Layout Improvements description for build #9917 it says "Export defaults to polylines (higher order levels now disabled).". Does this mean you can no longer export smooth lines of curved objects? Or, can higher orders be turned on if desired? I would see it as a detriment if you are not able to export arc's and splines of curved shapes. Thanks, Gary
  9. Gary

    In memory of Paul Helm

    Very sad news. I always greatly appreciated Paul's patience, expertise and professionalism over the years. Truly a loss for the Z community. Condolences to his friends & family. Warm regards, Gary Helfand
  10. Gary

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    I also would find UV mapping tools of use. I often bring purchased models into Z and have no way of editing or modifying the model or mapping.
  11. Gary

    New Years Wish

    Hello Support, While it has been hoped for and wished for before, perhaps this will be the year it comes true... 1. image size as part of a view (old version functionality we lost along the way) 2. allow access to light groups in SDK so Maxwell and other plug-ins can utilize them (hoping for light group lights to translate to single Maxwell light in Maxwell Multi-light) 3. option for "reveal objects" to reveal to last state, not reveal all (old version functionality we lost along the way) 4. improved display speed of components 5. Z components to translate to Maxwell reference objects Wishing a happy new year to all, Gary
  12. Gary

    HIde From Camera with scenes

    Hello Andy, Another option would be to duplicate the objects that need different rendering settings and put "overhead settings" on one layer, and "eye level settings" on another. Then just toggle the layers per view and render. Gary
  13. Gary

    Maxwell V4

    Hello Ben, Besides Multi-light being broken out as a separate application, are you aware of others benefits in v4 for Mac users? Thanks, Gary
  14. Hello Chris & Alexandra, Thanks for all your hard work and creative efforts over the years. Having started with Z at v2 or 3 (so many years ago!) it has been a great journey. I can think of few other products or brands that I have stayed with over such a long period of time. It is testament to your vision, commitment to quality and excellent customer support. Enjoy the future! Warm regards, Gary Helfand