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FormZ model Lumion animation Tadao Ando Iwasa House


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Me again Sebastian,

I remember you posted another excellent vid using Twinmotion. You obviously have great skills in Lumion judging from this vid. How come you’re switching from one to another or are you using both?

I don’t think I’ll be using Lumion, because I’m planning on Twinmotion and not because I have a favourite, just because of time and Fz integration is a priority for me. 
Keep posting those vids man. 

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Hello everybody 🙂,

first thanks to you all for the nice comments.. Even though I did not want to spook anybody😀

@Des well to answer your question I kinda switched to Lumion even though I agree that the bridge between FZ and Lumion is not optimal.

Still if you export your 3D as a sketchup data the import goes smoothly in Lumion.  There are a lot of things that I find much better in TM  and the list would be to long

to write here. But at the end of the day Lumion deliver a better quality at the cost of longer endering time but quality is what matters. I consider using Sketchup as a go beetween  to take advantage of the Live sync possibility with Lumion and Unreal 5 which is the next software I really want to use. The datsmith export from FZ does not work with Unreal 5 but with Unreal 4 which means no Lumen no Nanite and so on... But the import works smoothly from Sketchup so I guess it's a bummer for me that I have to learn Sketchup as well. One thing that stopped me a bit to work with TM was the problem that it does not produce ID map or texture map and therefore make it's very difficult

for post processing.  Using the path tracer for film did not work for me because the denoiser kept producing flickering effects which was a no go for me.

If you found a way to solve this problem with TM please let me know...

Best Regards,


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Hi Santa sound design is really important and it is also really fun to do..

I work with Davinci for editing and sound designing.  I also did the lightning effect in Davinci. I just scratched the surface of this software

but I really enjoy working with it. It is free and there is a lot of tutorials on You Tube...

Thanks for the link

If I feel spooked I'll tell you...🙂

PS Kubrik always did just perfect things.

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For those who live somewhere with 4 solid seasons and lots of weather may  appreciate Sebastian's vid as something rather than spooky.  I personally found the subtle qualities comforting and a clear tribute to Ando.  I could easily watch more with a cup of hot coffee with the sound of rain on my roof. Feeling safe and warm in a bunker like environment. LOL.  Sebastian beautiful vid. 



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I was a bit surprised by Sebastien's comment that fZ's .datasmith format doesn't work well with Unreal 5. I don't use U5, but sometimes I use Twinmotion, and the export works very well.

Sebastien, have you tried exporting from TM to U5? I wonder what advantage could there be in doing it from Sketchup, apart from using SKP plugins, libraries, etc.?

Very nice. Congrats Sebastien, for the video!

Many years ago, when I was a student, I went to a talk by Tadao Ando. It was a small group of students, about 100, in a reduced space. The experience was unique, having the chance to listen to him and get a real sense of his character, plus looking at his works from the beginning, the very first. I particularly remember his sense of humor, as his talk was full of funny anecdotes and comments. Very honest and transparent. I was surprised to learn that he started his career as a professional boxer when he was very young. He hasn't formal architectural studies and is self-taught. He learned architecture by traveling, visiting different places, and also studying the masters of modern architecture. His first project, the design of a small house for a friend, he considered failed because of the bad design of the staircase -too narrow for his obese friend!- so he bought the house from his friend to compensate him and turned it into his first office! Quite an extraordinary character who designs the most beautiful bunkers!😉

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To ZTEK the export to TM works fine for me as well The real advantage of integrating Sketchup in the workflow is that allows a Live sync with Unreal TM and Lumion

meaning that your model in Sketchup and the other software are synchronised and if you edit something in your 3D model it will be done in the render software.

No need to reimport retexture and so on.. A real time saver.🙂 If you think that it costs a bit more than 200 bucks a year.. I am really thinking about it.

I still plan to use FZ as a prime modeler but at the very end export it to sketchup and do last tweakings from there.

To John I don't know maybe I have got it wrong here but after exporting thru FZ Datasmith Unreal 5 could not recognize any unreal Data in the Folder.

Maybe I am missing something here...

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  • 1 month later...

Great video, amazing what Lumion can do render wise. Lot's of special effects in there, I was stunned by the raindrops on the glass door and windows, which are very cool when spashed on the surface and actiually running down the glass surface! Is this a procedural effect inside Lumion? Great sound design as well! I agree, DaVinci is amazing an fun to use. Btw your clip reminded me too of some spooky scenes of the movie "Parasite". Cheers, Markus

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Hallo Markus,

first thanks for your comments.. Maybe I pushed the special effects a bit too far in this one 🙂. I wanted to emphasize on the

cosy interiors created by Ando with some rainy atmosphere. Concerning Lumion I don't know if you use it yourself but its

kind of mix bag for me. Sure like you wrote rain effect are really cool and customazibles but things like snaping, object placement

multiple copy (non existant) gizmo postion control also non existant using your own HDRI  makes it a bit for me to fully recomend.

If you work with Lumion please let me know what you think about it..


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Hi Sebastien, thanks for getting back! I'm using Cinema 4D with Octane for all my scene setup, renderings and animations, a way more "traditional" animation and rendering package. I tried Lumion some years ago, but never got into a deeper testing, so I can't comment well on this. Before using Cinema I did work with LightWave, but this package unfortunately didn't get developed anymore well - especially it had issues with MacOS, so I had to make the jump.

Speaking of the great architect, I did this viz of Tadao Ando's "Church of Light" many years ago:


Cheers  Markus

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I did also use a lot of Maxwell before switching to Octane. I always used Nvidia cards with my MacPro's but nowadays, MacOS is not supporting CUDA and OpenGL anymore. Fortunately, most of my software runs incredibily well on the new M1 machines. apart of FZ 😞

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