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  1. Gumby_Doyen

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    Well I have figured how to successfully open obj files in 3DCoat 2022 from formZ 9.2 on a Mac. This was accomplished using the scientific method of flipping switches and turning knobs. In the export dialog window for obj, the user has the option to choose which operating system the export file is intended for. Instead of using the default which is Mac, I selected Windows. 3dCoat had no problem opening the file. Choosing UNIX also worked without any problem. Fbx was able to export from formZ to 3dCoat, but also would change scale, and change the axis. What a hassle. Not sure if the problem lays with formZ or 3dCoat. I really don't care at this point. By the way, 3dCoat seems really interesting so far. The texturing capabilities are a blast to use. Hope this helps anyone who's interesting using 3dCoat, which is nice software to own in conjunction with formZ.
  2. Gumby_Doyen

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    This too is an excellent idea. I’ll definitely will investigate this possibility. Thank You Andrea
  3. Gumby_Doyen

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    Thank you Setz. I’ll be separated from my work station for awhile. Upon returning with a new machine, this on the top my list of things to unravel. '
  4. Gumby_Doyen

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    Hey Setz - Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve forgotten this possibility. I’ll give it a go.
  5. Gumby_Doyen

    3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.

    Well I've tried numerous setting for OBJ export to 3DCoat, and 3DCoat still crashes every time. I will need to pursue this another time for it's consuming way to much time. Thank you.
  6. Mac OS: 12.1, FormZ: 9.2.1, 3DCoat: 2021.70 Every OBJ file I import from FromZ crashes 3DCoat. I'm able to import Lightwave, and FBX fairly well, from I can tell at this time. It has to be something on the FormZ end. I'm not seeing much on the matter in 3DCoat's forum. So I believe everyone else in the world has successful OBJ imports I've searched the formZ forum, and haven't really come across much. 3DCoat appears to be cool, and will be more so in time, once I really figure it out. Has anyone experienced similar crashes? Thank You
  7. Thank you Justin all the same. I still wish there were selection sets for faces. Maybe someday.
  8. Okay I found the assign material and choose selected faces with material in the pull down menu. Though this should be at the top of menu instead of the bottom. With a line separating the options from create new material. Still a section set of faces or points would be cool.
  9. 1. I created an object with numerous faces, and used several different textures on the object. Selecting and texturing the variousf faces took a bit of time. 2. Upon rendering the object I decided I wanted to swap-out one the textures with another. So I thought it might be possible to replace a texture with another. Apparently this isn't possible. How nice that would be without having to go through hassle of selecting each face again. 3. Then I thought maybe using "selection set" for a selection of faces. Apparently the "selection sets" works on with entire objects, not just faces, or points. Also I haven't been able to locate in the manual how use "selections sets". I really miss a simple appendix; look up a word, and go to the page. Now we have word searches, and 200 results to wade through. 4. How can I change the texture to multiple faces without having to select and texture each one individually. There must be a way. 5. Also it would be nice to select an object or a face, select the select the texture, right click and in a pull down menu select "apply texture". Dragging and drop is okay, but it's kind of slow. Thanks
  10. Gumby_Doyen

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    I have usually model in Form Z and export to C4D using .OBJ The scale and object hierarchy remain in tact. Be prepared to rename your objects, C4D doesn't import the names. Don't even bother texturing in Form Z, it's rather basic. Texturing and rendering in C4D is much better. For example you can have multiple texture layers and control the interaction between them. C4D's physical renderer also looks a hell a lot better than Form Z's too. If AutoDesSys had nodel texture mapping and a bad ass renderer, I'd be in 3D heaven.
  11. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    Upon opening preferences for Mac OS 10.10.5 and selecting the 3Dconnexion icon. Near the top center is a pull down menu with various supported apps. formZ / bonsai3D is one of the choices. Toward the bottom of this menu is the choice "remove application", but this choice is visibly muted, and cannot be selected. I have the most recent 3Dconnection driver version 10.2.3 Most up to date Mac OS 10.5.5 Most recent version of formZ Same troubles, even with the second spacemouse that was sent to me.
  12. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    Yes it works fine with Cinema 4d. Perhaps its a problem with the Spacemouse Pro Wireless. Do you have this particular model. The Buttons numbered 1 through 4 are programable. The buttons locate beneath these, are the ones I am unable to program. Though the fit to scene does work. I am a rather capable user, stuff like this annoys me to no end. I don't have the time to screwing around with something that doesn't work properly. Now I have a new $325 door-stop.
  13. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    Ironically I became tired of trying to figure out the problems. 3Dconnexion actually sent a another device for free, with out having to return the original device. It too had the same problems. With the first device 3Dconnexion ask me to update the firmware. I was able to update the firmware for the device but not for the wireless receiver. So now the original device and receiver have different firmware. The comments Bo made closely reflect how I feel about the device. The ability to freely move an object or scene in 3D space is great. I kind of wish I only spent $100 and the more basic wireless model rather than the $325 for something doesn't seem to work properly. 3Dconnexion's customer service I feel is out of sync with it's various products in relation to the software used with it. If it worked as advertised without the technical hassles, I would be a satisfied customer. At this time I'm not. Got to go now, worked way to long to today. Would like to figure this out though. Best. Gumby
  14. I've been a Z user for over decades. I also use CD4 for texturing, lighting, and rendering. Thus I am really looking forward to forth coming render options with Z. What would compliment and would be amazing with Z is a plug such as laubwerk's plant kit and surface spread. I use it with C4D and it's very very very useful. If not this, something similar in Z would be a huge benefit for exterior scenes. Here's a link to the laubwerk web site. Laubwerk – 3D Plants for CG Artists – 3D Tree Models
  15. I would think with the latest beta release form•Z would of fixed the trim and stitch function for front view operations. Is this a difficult task? I hope this corrected with the release of 8.5.