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  1. Gumby_Doyen

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    I have usually model in Form Z and export to C4D using .OBJ The scale and object hierarchy remain in tact. Be prepared to rename your objects, C4D doesn't import the names. Don't even bother texturing in Form Z, it's rather basic. Texturing and rendering in C4D is much better. For example you can have multiple texture layers and control the interaction between them. C4D's physical renderer also looks a hell a lot better than Form Z's too. If AutoDesSys had nodel texture mapping and a bad ass renderer, I'd be in 3D heaven.
  2. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    Upon opening preferences for Mac OS 10.10.5 and selecting the 3Dconnexion icon. Near the top center is a pull down menu with various supported apps. formZ / bonsai3D is one of the choices. Toward the bottom of this menu is the choice "remove application", but this choice is visibly muted, and cannot be selected. I have the most recent 3Dconnection driver version 10.2.3 Most up to date Mac OS 10.5.5 Most recent version of formZ Same troubles, even with the second spacemouse that was sent to me.
  3. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    Yes it works fine with Cinema 4d. Perhaps its a problem with the Spacemouse Pro Wireless. Do you have this particular model. The Buttons numbered 1 through 4 are programable. The buttons locate beneath these, are the ones I am unable to program. Though the fit to scene does work. I am a rather capable user, stuff like this annoys me to no end. I don't have the time to screwing around with something that doesn't work properly. Now I have a new $325 door-stop.
  4. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    Ironically I became tired of trying to figure out the problems. 3Dconnexion actually sent a another device for free, with out having to return the original device. It too had the same problems. With the first device 3Dconnexion ask me to update the firmware. I was able to update the firmware for the device but not for the wireless receiver. So now the original device and receiver have different firmware. The comments Bo made closely reflect how I feel about the device. The ability to freely move an object or scene in 3D space is great. I kind of wish I only spent $100 and the more basic wireless model rather than the $325 for something doesn't seem to work properly. 3Dconnexion's customer service I feel is out of sync with it's various products in relation to the software used with it. If it worked as advertised without the technical hassles, I would be a satisfied customer. At this time I'm not. Got to go now, worked way to long to today. Would like to figure this out though. Best. Gumby
  5. I've been a Z user for over decades. I also use CD4 for texturing, lighting, and rendering. Thus I am really looking forward to forth coming render options with Z. What would compliment and would be amazing with Z is a plug such as laubwerk's plant kit and surface spread. I use it with C4D and it's very very very useful. If not this, something similar in Z would be a huge benefit for exterior scenes. Here's a link to the laubwerk web site. Laubwerk – 3D Plants for CG Artists – 3D Tree Models
  6. I would think with the latest beta release form•Z would of fixed the trim and stitch function for front view operations. Is this a difficult task? I hope this corrected with the release of 8.5.
  7. Gumby_Doyen

    subdivision symmetry tool

    Any chance of symmetry tools for subdivision modeling? This certainly would stream-line the modeling process.
  8. Gumby_Doyen

    layout tool manager

    Within layout, I don't seem to find the tool manager for changing the orientation and icon sizes of the drafting tool palette? Where is it?
  9. Gumby_Doyen

    Beta 4 Boolean Crash

    What is occurring with 8.0, and 8.5 is the same. I've discovered the following with trim and stitch, or split and stitch. These functions aren't working in the front view, back view, or when the working plane is in the xz view. In all other views it seems to fine. You shouldn't need a file. I created a 6" cube from 0,0,0, to 0,0,6/0,6,0/0,0,6. Then a single line to cut with. That's my file.
  10. Gumby_Doyen

    Beta 4 Boolean Crash

    I'm having similar problems with trim and split. 1. create a cube 2. create a line 3. trim and split command, using split with line and stitch. Nothing happens. 4. crash 5. reports have been sent
  11. Gumby_Doyen

    Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems

    At this time 3Dconnexion is replacing my space mouse pro wireless. This is because all drivers, and firmware are up to date. Hopefully this will resolve any issue. On another note! Due to the fact Form•Z increasingly becomes better at creating organic forms. the space mouse has a real place in 3D modeling. Being able to continually manipulate and object or scene on any axis is really the most effective way to study what one has created. It's very cool.
  12. Gumby_Doyen

    8.5 cost?

    I've a been a form•Z for many years, and AutoDesSys has behaved decently, maintaining a good customer/ client relationship. If they suddenly decide to become greedy or not share information with their client base, it will only have a negative impact. I am watching it happen with another well known software company recently, and it's not pretty.
  13. I've recently purchased the SpaceMouse Pro wireless navigation device. It has huge potential, except for the predefined view buttons for front, right, and top views are not working. I've checked the programing for these buttons, and everything seems to in order, but they don't function at all. Form•Z is a certified and supported by the manufacturer 3Dconnexion, who I am also pursuing this matter with. Has anybody had similar problems with this device? Any info or knowledge of this device is welcomed. If I could resolve this one issue, I would highly recommend the SpaceMouse Pro to any 3D'er.