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  1. "Form Z Tech" used to chime in pretty quickly and regularly with help on this forum... but not much lately. Have they given up on it or is there help elsewhere? I posted a question several weeks ago and no response from them.
  2. Charles Freeborn

    Modeling Tool Palette Odity

    What is the cause of this? I've had the same thing happen when using the full Form•Z modeling tools palette as well. When I've tried to access through Tool Manager it gets really weird with multiple multiples and generally makes a huge mess resulting in my having to go back to the defaults. Computer is an iMac 27" running OSX 10.13.6 Thx.
  3. Charles Freeborn

    Drafting v. Layout

    Another vote for open clip / PowerCadd.... Or better yet figure out how to integrate the "Wild Tools" suite of tools into Layout. Then you'd really have a fluid way to generate working drawings.
  4. Charles Freeborn

    Derive Face from outline

  5. Charles Freeborn

    Derive Face from outline

    Outstanding. Thank you! 9 times out of 10 my troubles are caused by non-planar issues...
  6. Charles Freeborn

    Derive Face from outline

    I'm having trouble converting this outline to a face which I can then extrude (or go straight to an extrusion) I've tried the original geometry (composite curve) and then converted to plain object. The derive face tool doesn't create the desired effect. When I extrude I get the outline with sides shown here. My goal is to have a solid object. Thanks. CreateFaceSample.fmz
  7. Charles Freeborn

    Brain Fart

    The close line tool brings up a "no-go" symbol (line with slash through it). I ended up re-drawing the shape and was able to extrude it. I had done that several times before, but for some reason it didn't work until now. Not sure how my last attempt differed, but I must have missed the last click previously, thus not creating a surface. Thanks.
  8. Charles Freeborn

    Brain Fart

    I've been away from F•Z for several months and for the life of me I can't remember how to get a solid object or extrusion from an outline. This is generated as a continuos line composed of vector lines and spline through points tools. I've tried using the derive tools as well and no luck. Thanks, and sorry for the rookie question...
  9. Charles Freeborn

    Deform Tool

    Is there a replacement for the deform tool in F•Z pro? I need to model a log cabin type wall and need a random roughened surface. Any suggestions on how to do this? Thx.
  10. Charles Freeborn

    Using Scenes

    I've struggled with scenes since day one. What I'd like to do is save a "scene" with specific objects or groups of objects on or off. For example one "scene" would have a door open and another closed. I'd like to be able to view or export images of these "scenes" by selecting which one I want to view. Can someone walk me through this procedure? In other CAD programs I use it's easy. I put objects on layers, choose which layers are on or off for any given view and then I can click through them. In 2-d parlance they're "sheets" just like a plan set. How does Form z handle this?\ Thanks.
  11. Charles Freeborn

    Print causes crash

    My version is I ran some other diagnostics, maintenance & restarted. Problem seems to be gone. I'll let you know if it re-appears. Thanks. -C
  12. Charles Freeborn

    Print causes crash

    The only update I can find on your support pages is 8.5, which I am running. Is this different from, and if so where can I find it. When I invoke "check for updates" from help menu I get a "check for update failed" message.
  13. Charles Freeborn

    Print causes crash

    When I attempt to print I get a 15 or so second pause, spinning beachball and then FZ crashes. FZ version 8.5, OSX 10.11.2 Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Charles Freeborn

    "Dimpled" surface

    Image map / texture is just fine. I've gone through the standard textures ( Cast, etc) and none of them are quite right. If I could create a texture map that I could re-use, that would be great. Thanks.
  15. Charles Freeborn

    "Dimpled" surface

    Is there a quick way to create a "dimpled" surface in a random pattern? I need to emulate the look of wrought iron, which is what happens when metal is heated and hammered by hand. In real life it looks like this: Thanks!