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union bug


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1 hour ago, ¢hris £und said:


the lesser complex of the two objects is not planar.   If you intend it to be so, the boolean isn't your best option.   You can triangulate it first, however and then the boolean should work fine.



Are you saying that the base of the red roof below is not planar?



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39 minutes ago, vva said:

the long roof is not a proper solid.

"derive" the gable of the long roof and use the "reshape" tool to build the roof.

then the boolean works.


One of the greatest problems on working with a rotated model and not in a cartesian position it gives a lot of headaches, I fight more to make things working with boolean the actually build my model for work.
but selecting the red roof above it says that is a solid


I would love to see how people work with such shapes is there any tutorial of professionals working with the large buildings?
One of the tools I use a lot is the extend but is really hard more than it was in version 6 going back and forth selection preview and 2 clicks face/outline selection .


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From vva's post:   "proper solid" which I take to mean it isn't planar.

No, it is the top two faces that are not planar.  Below, I triangulated the object.  In this image, you can see.

If you apply the triangulate tool to it with the "Strict planarity" on... you will get similar results  (may differ depending on the triangulation method you employ)



Since we do not get to see how you generated this object, it is tough to guess how you created it without these faces being planar.

From here I would separate the base off, reverse its direction (or your roof will end up upside down), apply the roof tool with the following settings.

This will give you your roof with a .2m fascia and a 1m tall Gable.


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Me, not being an architect, I would probably draw out the profile of the roof then extrude or use the "reshape" tool to get the final shape.  For me, that would be faster than trying to figure out what slope, rise/run yadda yadda I want/need.

If you are using the "free" version and it doesn't have the roof too (I don't know if the free version has it or not,) this method would still work.


I think Architects being more practiced at that kind of thinking, the roof tool would suit best, if available.


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If you check the roof with the Object Doctor tool, you will see that both sloped planes are not planar. 

If you don’t have a strict reason for not work parallel to the X and Y axes, it’s always preferable that you rotate your model and place some notable point at the origin 0,0,0. To do it, I usually draw in plan view an auxiliary line between my chosen point on the model and the origin, which serves to move and rotate using snaps. I keep the line in an auxiliary layer as a reference for later. This way, I can return the model to its original position if it’s needed.

The following are some of my general recommendations to help with this kind of error when modeling architecture in formZ.

Increase the Numerical Precision to a minimum of 4 decimal places, preferable 6 if you are working on meters. In your file, you only have 0.001 m. I always work in centimeters or inches with 6 decimals for Numerical Precision and 4 for Angular Precision.

Try Stick To Edges in the Palettes/Snap Options and be careful when using Give Guide Snaps Priority.

Consider using Snap to Point, Endpoint, and Midpoint regularly and, in general, use only when necessary Snap to Segment, Snap to Perpendicular, or Snap to Intersection.

Use Grid Snap always on with a measure that make sense. If I work in centimeters, I use 1 cm, and if I work in inches, I use 0.25 (¼”). In formZ, the snaps to the grid work great, and don’t bother when drawing (I cannot say the same in the case of AutoCAD!).

You are wright, the Extend tool is one of best for architectural work, I use it all the time.

I hope it helps.


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Sometimes it’s just easier to move an object to the origin and Cartesian to work on. It is possible to work at weird angles using custom reference planes but great care is required when doing this. The “three point align” script was invaluable at aiding in building skewed objects by moving them to origin and then back into position. Would love to have it back working again or have it incorporated as a proper tool.  A righteous Development Team project?

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A related query.

Placing an object by selecting a face on the source and then selecting a face on target object, "Place on Face" sort of works but then faced with removing multiple objects attached to all the other faces.

Is there another way?

Thanks in advance

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Maybe you accidentally moved the upper points of the long roof ?

If you don't want to move/rotate all stuff around (and assuming the gable is meant to be centered) extrude the bottom face by 20cm (to point on side) then use "offset segment" (snap to mid of the new object), then move that segment up.

Edit: the boolean is still odd: reason is that the bottom Face is not rectangular, one of the long sides is 2mm shorter than the other... fix that and it should work.


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Really nice support from all of you, I have to dig in my mind and remember the right approach to get back on technics to model in FZ.

But why in prior version 6 any action on a non-planar face would give a warning and now no more message.

I am looking at the day that Formz team put the extend to face without any restriction like backface and able to work in full wireframe with selection preview, not 2 click face.

Thank you for all the advice to all of you, that really helps.


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