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  1. Gyro


    This is well overdue, when looking to alternatives to FZ having tutorials online does influence the customer, I settled on Fusion 360 for that reason. Cheers Andrew
  2. Gyro

    Deleting a custom palette

    I'm having a similar issue on Mac. A few custom palettes that are only a few pixels square, when attempting to drag a tool onto them they expand and once the mouse released they go back to being the tiny palette with no tools. There seems to be no way of deleting them There seems no way to save them like the custom Tool Manager Palette's which I share across machines. Any help appreciated. Andrew
  3. Gyro

    NURBS or SubD?

    For someone that is not conversant with the more advance lofting tools I'm finding this very helpful, using the file as a template to learn the ropes, is there a decent tutorial anywhere you can recommend. Thank in advance Andrew www.gyro.co.nz
  4. I have a similar issue especially when using my 3D connexion space mouse, a toggle views from axonometric and 3 point perspective or the other way round solves it for me.
  5. Gyro

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    Can I tag onto this post my issue since updating: Since updating to v9.0.1 the space bar doesn't bring up the favourite tools after a few minutes of running the app. Restoring keyboard shortcuts to default doesn’t work nor does deleting prefs files on the Mac. Restarting the app it works but again only for a period of time requiring yet another restart!
  6. Gyro

    Rounding issue

    Hi All, I've spent much the afternoon attempting to get a simple form have rounding applied. If the shape is tapered it works but if it is tapered with a waist it is not possible. Any pointers appreciated, offending file attached. Thanks in advance Andrew www.gyro.co.nz Rounding Issue.pdf Rounding Issue.fmz
  7. Gyro

    Grid sometimes appears/disappears

    Unrelated but is there any way of drawing a rectangle from the centre rather than the workaround of using a 4 sided polygon?
  8. I think I've have solved the problem along with help the replies submitted. Basically I need to choose between non planar faces, non planar edges, or edges where the facets intersect not aligning. I've chosen the latter as I can sand of the overlapping areas still keeping the points of to outside skin colinear. I've attached a file if anyone is interested or has some feedback. In answer to you last comment vva apparently a 5 axis circular saw is capable of cutting non planar faces to a small degree, but I suspect cutting 2 parts wouldn't result in a perfectly mated join between faces. Failing all the above I'll just cut steeper angles and use a thixotropic adhesive to bond them and act as a gap filler. Replied Andrew Body Sections Test.fmz
  9. Hi All, I think I have it following Alan's comments but stayed in the same file, image attached I'd be interested if there is a more streamlined solution. Thanks again for all your help. PS Every time I attempt anything in Fusion 360 I end up back at FZ!
  10. We are building an autonomous vehicle with a body consisting of tessellated planes. I’ve created the panels as a series of planes and now want to fabricate the body from a 12mm substrate. I need to create a file conprised of each panel as a solid object for CNC cutting with a 5 axis circular saw. The problem I’m having is finding the angle where the facets meet. If I thicken each facet select the top and bottom faces and loft between them I end up with edges that are twisted planes. Is theres way to create the file using any of the tools in FormZ? I’ve attached a file of a few of the surfaces that make up a section of the body. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance Andrew www.gyro.co.nz Cowl_Test.fmz
  11. Gyro

    resize off-screen layers palette

    I'm having a similar issue, upon opening any file the palettes across the top of the screen do not keep their position resulting on the tools palette dropping down, this requires rearranging multiple palettes every time Formz is relaunched. I've trashed every preference (OSX) I can, reset workspaces all to no avail, any help appreciated. Thanks in advance Andrew aka Gyro
  12. Gyro

    Circle or Arc - TTR method

    Related question, sorry to hijack your thread. How to draw a square from the centre rather than drawing a 4 sided polygon which measures by radius. Thanks Andrew