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  1. I would like to share my frustration on modelling with Formz. here is a sample situation I create some simple polygon circles with 60 edges a triangle poly then extrude them perpendicular to the reference plane. I use boolean to create a single shape now if I use the doctor things get really wrong. Unfortunately continuing to work without checking the mesh is wrong because you end up with problems with future boolean operations. Now, how can a simple circle object extruded can be wrong and result in missing face, non-planar faces, coplanar faces and at the end break the mesh with the doctor? I have to keep every piece alone for non-getting stuck, but double the time to perform more boolean. I don't remember in version 6 all these difficulties to model such a shape. When modelling I lose much more time in fixing than finishing the work straight forward. I once contacted formz support about another problem with the thicken tool that result in an object non-exportable in STL. the answer was and no solution answer was solved. Hi Fabrizio, It appears that this is a surface object, whereas STL requires solid objects. I'm going to look into this further to see why the Object Doctor isn't resolving the open holes in the model. Regards, fan-duct-hemera.fmz
  2. Simbio3D

    frustration 3d modelling

    First I use facetted because I need to control polygon, how many faces, the way they interact with each other and the smoothing of course. So for me working in smoothing it's a major aspect, where if you freeze the mesh because soon or later you will need to export in whatever software, as for rendering or working with substance, marmoset, share with colleagues etc. The result is dramatic, imagine working on a mesh that you can't even use as low poly. But seriously as an example, make an extruded Polygon of 60 Segments and use the doctor and let me know how the doctor will destroy your cylinder without any reason. And you are obliged to use the doctor after a while with vertex left by boolean soon or later you will face a broken solid, so go and check where is the hole rebuild the face and fix with stitch I know that. I know that I need to work with 2-3 decimals not only with the problem of this message that you need to click 1000th times and have more precision. I know to use extend tool that was working in v6 also in wireframe and some time (often) it crashes, but now in v9 is a nightmare with this pre pick logic. This is my point here IMHO is very unproductive, If this is a normal behave of the software, well, I don't share the same value. @ZTEK If there was some mistake? yes and I can tell you, mostly because of the doctor that ruin the shape, but that's not the point, as in version 6 and even before there was no such nightmare in working in FormZ, you could face some nonplanar face or leave some vertex after boolean, but the doctor never destroys your work apart fix your error. In any case, if you fill to teach the right method show me a video working in Formz just curious. @Hugo so when you model you go directly on 3d you don't start by measuring shape what's so ever, you are already in VR concept well I am not sorry I need so badly 2d that you can imagine. In any case, I start to work in Formz before 2000 and use it in so many projects maybe I getting older so a loose logic but I am still perfectly fine in modelling. To demonstrate here some examples even in video games I use to model in Formz
  3. Simbio3D

    Left field, far out suggestion

    Yes of course we could post a thread that brings up every request for importance or a poll of what people really want. Since you start this thread no post from ADS have shown interest so I wondering if they are really interested to let us known what's in the hoven.
  4. Simbio3D

    Left field, far out suggestion

    The problem here, is that we don't have any clue of what is going on, I have severel problem with FMZ, like extend tool or snapping and we don't know if they are working on it or not.
  5. Simbio3D

    Left field, far out suggestion

    What about an update post every month of what's cooking from AutoDesSys in regards to Formz in terms of bugs and improvements.
  6. Simbio3D

    union bug

    What exactly is the problem with this boolean operation. I attach the file Boolean.fmz
  7. Simbio3D

    union bug

    Really nice support from all of you, I have to dig in my mind and remember the right approach to get back on technics to model in FZ. But why in prior version 6 any action on a non-planar face would give a warning and now no more message. I am looking at the day that Formz team put the extend to face without any restriction like backface and able to work in full wireframe with selection preview, not 2 click face. Thank you for all the advice to all of you, that really helps.
  8. Simbio3D

    union bug

    One of the greatest problems on working with a rotated model and not in a cartesian position it gives a lot of headaches, I fight more to make things working with boolean the actually build my model for work. but selecting the red roof above it says that is a solid I would love to see how people work with such shapes is there any tutorial of professionals working with the large buildings? One of the tools I use a lot is the extend but is really hard more than it was in version 6 going back and forth selection preview and 2 clicks face/outline selection . Thank's
  9. Simbio3D

    union bug

    Are you saying that the base of the red roof below is not planar? thank's
  10. Hi, when I try to translate any typological element with snap active, I can't get the snap on the old position of the vertex, only by using a copy I can snap on vertex. On version 6 it was possible, where is the setting to activate this option? thank you
  11. here another bug where I can't snap on a vertex. https://i.imgur.com/MDNjAhU.mp4
  12. Simbio3D

    Dynamic Extend

    For me, the way extend tool was working prior version 6 was quite good, apart from some crash due to bad mesh, mostly because during boolean operation there was left duplicate points and collinear segments. Today after upgrade to version 9.1 I find it much more difficult to use it. You can't really perform in an optimal way the extend tool in wireframe mode, which is fundamental, because where in shade view you can easily select a face and extend to another but you can't see the full geometry like in wireframe. there is not much use by working in shaded as mention you can't work in full geometry. I would like to understand why user Setz is talking about 9.4 is it a beta version? do we have the right to test it?
  13. Hi, I come from version 6 and behind, there was control of edges in doing arc and curve with resolution panel and the new faceting scheme for me is difficult to operate. I need to model and count every poly I put in the model. I like to work with facetted, how do I tell to facetting scheme how many edges I want like in the old resolution panel? Thank's
  14. Simbio3D

    Creating facetted with number of poly

    Hi thank's for your help indeed it's not an easy task, I will try that.