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I have been using a set of predefined Display Resolutions which I built into my Template file.  They create a faceting which is more efficient (many fewer faces than the generic percentage slider) while also reducing the number of facets on smaller and larger curved faces simultaneously on the same object.  Being able to fine tune my objects' models display resolution allows me to retain nice smooth looking objects while keeping the onscreen polycount low.  The are also helpful for polygonal, facetted exports requiring efficient polycount management.  Use Wireframe Display to clearly see how the polys are applied to curved surfaces.

Download the file, from the menu items choose File/Project Settings.../Facetting Schemes and click on the Load Schemes folder icon to add these to your current project.  The setting go from coarse, .05 to very fine .00001 and correspond to the Fraction of Bounding Box increment from the settings.  Each one is approximately twice the resolution as the previous one. 

I hope you find these useful and convenient.


Display Resolutions.fmz.zip


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2 hours ago, allanjl said:

Sometimes I find myself having to model hundreds of cables with 1/8" radius. For things like that, it just doesn't make sense to have that much resolution. Besides, it inflates the file size unnecessarily.


I model at low resolution all the time and only turn it up when needed.


And thanks for the resolution file Setz, I'd been planning on doing something similar for years... 🙄

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