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One click edge to edge mapping tool

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Hi form.Z,


Can we please have a tool that applies a texture map to a face 1:1 in one click? Or an option for the Texture Mapping tool? I know I can just drag the arrows but I always seem to have many faces to do. Also a cubic map option that applies the texture map at 1:1 edge to edge on each side of the cube.

These little changes would be a great big time saver and click reduction for me.


Thanks, and keep up the great work


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Here is the sort of mapping I need to be able to speed up considerably. This is the real-time theater I'm working on. Also, I always have to hand vary the wood texture maps so they don't all look the same. Someday, it would be cool to be able get a random function.

This would be so cool because I like the fact that form.Z has always gotten me around the drag of doing the real UV thing you have to do in Maya or Modo just to get some mapping going.


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+ 1

And may I add the default size should always be proportional to the color map?  

...and a "Fit To Object" option.

...and the ability to add more than one material at a time?

(I'm still on 8.6 so I apologize if these have been addressed in 9).

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