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  1. rmulley

    Example Images

    Andrew.... looks like a piece of Pop Art
  2. rmulley

    Example Images

    I think I've finally got my head around this and have been playing around. Not sure if I'm using it right but I saved a regular RGB image and then a Material ID image (both as PNG's) I opened the Material ID file and copy/pasted it as a new layer into my RGB image. Using that layer I selected the area of the Material then switched layers and adjusted the levels on the original RGB image layer Does that sound right ? Results below....
  3. rmulley

    Example Images

    I did play around with it a bit but couldn't see any discernible difference in the rendering so I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong.
  4. rmulley

    Example Images

    It was predefined Vray material Glass_Window_Neutral
  5. rmulley

    Example Images

    I whipped this up the other day as an idea to stop my family going through 30 glasses a day during isolation.... The glass was downloaded from an online CAD repository, I can't remember which! I thought the glass came out pretty realistic. The wood needs a bit of work though.
  6. rmulley

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Yeah, I was bemoaning the fact I was just making sure it wasn't my headphones that were messed up
  7. rmulley

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Great video.... was anyone else only getting sound out of the left channel though ?
  8. rmulley

    Example Images

    OK, I gotta get my head around that. I've seen your posts explaining but never really delved in, I'll check it out.
  9. rmulley

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    AutoDesSys hopefully
  10. rmulley

    Example Images

    This is where I come unstuck with a white background. When products are white when I add any reflectivity to it they become washed out but if I turn the light down a bit to compensate for the over exposure the background becomes grey.
  11. Here it is with the texture map rotated 180 degrees. For the record the face normal is facing backwards towards the rear part.
  12. Recursive rays didn't help. However, I think I hit on something. Not sure where it came from but I had a feeling it might be something to do with face normals. I rotated the plane around and lo and behold the problem disappears....
  13. haha, I thought I solved it by turning off the dome light.... then I realized I still had the reflection turned down on the material. Once I realized I deleted my post. I'll try the recursive rays idea. Thanks.
  14. GPU is turned off.
  15. I have yes, still the same