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  1. Are people using this in their workflow now.... is it that stable ? I'm always a bit wary of beta releases, I can't be doing with the hassle of any issues
  2. I have the same issue.... started a thread about it here: No word on when it can be fixed.... slightly annoying because I use Full Shaded all the time. My only work around is taking a screen shot, not ideal but I haven't had much of a choice
  3. rmulley

    Is there a shadow catcher in VRay?

    I was playing around with this a few months back.... one thing that tripped me up was the direction of the surface I made as a "studio backdrop" was facing the wrong way. When I changed it's direction it was perfect.
  4. rmulley

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    ...to add to this Even if you are clicking 'save' in a dialogue box it will preview selection on whatever is behind the dialogue box. I move the save dialogue box off to the side. This was pre- 9.1 though because I can't save a decent enough quality image for export now anyway
  5. rmulley

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    I feel like it is a hardware issue. Your PNG looks better than your JPEG though.... with mine they look exactly the same with the jagged edges. I'll have to hold out on an upgrade for Apple Silicon
  6. rmulley

    One click edge to edge mapping tool

    +1 for "fit to face" or image map proportion should be default on import.
  7. rmulley

    Edit Cone of Vision Crash

    Thanks Andrew..... I was wondering if it was a known issue. Appreciate it!
  8. Every time I close the Edit Cone of Vision window the whole thing crashes on me.... every single time. It's killing me, I use that all the time to set up multiple views
  9. rmulley

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    Thanks for the input guys. I've tried anti alias and I tried increasing the image size and resolution.... it still comes out looking pretty bad. Here's an example of a screenshot vs an export.... EDIT: 2016 MacBook Pro, Radeon Pro 450 2GB Never had an issue with V8.6 and in fact I ran an experiment and it came out significantly better from that version.
  10. rmulley

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    I just set up a new project and placed a cube... same thing. I've attached the fmz file too. Cube Sample.fmz.zip
  11. I just upgraded to version 9 finally but I'm seeing a big difference in the quality of the image exports. Anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong ? Here's an example of an export and one of just a screen shot....
  12. I'm guessing this is version 9 right ? As a lowly version 8 kind of guy I'm guessing I should probably upgrade
  13. rmulley

    OBJ import problems

    OK, I figured it out.... the texture the oBJ was importing was coming through as transparent or something..... as soon as I changed the object texture it was fine.
  14. rmulley

    OBJ import problems

    I'm still running version 8 but this issue has only just popped up for some reason. When I download an obj file from TurboSquid is only shows in Shaded Work view as wireframe, it disappears in Shaded Full Display but renders fine in Vray All very odd.... anyone else have this issue and is there a work around ?
  15. Any word on Big Sur compatibility ?