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  1. rmulley

    Layout fonts outlined

    Oh I have the same problem and I was apologizing just yesterday to my CNC guy. I feel like I battle Layout evefrytime I have to produce a drawing for production and just when I think I've got it figured out it throws up some weird shit that wants me to throw my laptop out the window!
  2. rmulley

    Example Images

    This stood out for me.... I've been trying to get a texture to be reflected in something but still have a white background but it never worked for me so I'm just wondering what this is actually for....
  3. rmulley

    Example Images

    Been quiet in here lately....
  4. oh boy, glad I haven't upgraded yet.... this would stress me out no end in the middle of a project.
  5. Is it working with Vray ok too ?
  6. rmulley

    FormZ & Catalina

    I just saw that Catalina was released today.... Does it play nice with FormZ ? Should I wait a bit until I upgrade ?
  7. rmulley

    Example Images

    This is great.... how did you do the texturing on the rope handle ?
  8. rmulley

    Example Images

    Something I did a while ago but finally got manufactured so it's out in public now.... Design and Rendering by me. I still can't quite figure out a pure white floor and background but with nice soft shadows though.
  9. rmulley

    Piano WIP

    Very nice!
  10. I have a zoomed in section of my model and I want to move the frame contents so the part of the model I want to dimension is visible within the frame. In the tutorial video when the frame contents is picked the model model is selected and turns red and is moved around inside the frame. However, when I go to pick frame contents I am only able to pick elements of the model so when I moved them it ruins my drawing. How do I moved the model around inside a zoomed in frame ? Pics below....
  11. rmulley

    Example Images

    Jaako, Where did you get that 3D model of the girl from ? I do a lot of retail work and would love to add a proper 3D person.
  12. rmulley

    Layout - Blurred Text in PDF

    I figured it out in case anyone else has the same problem... In the plot/print dialogue box check "Vector Output" and "Use Print Line Weights" Click "Print..." Move slider to "Best"
  13. I've had to use Layout finally to get some simple elevations done for a client but when I print them and export to pdf all the text is blurred (see screen shot below) Anything I can do ? Didn't there used to be a 'stick font' option for drafting in FormZ ?
  14. rmulley

    Example Images

    I did the same with the cabinet and plant pot too.... raised them about 1/8" off the ground.