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  1. rmulley

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Great video.... was anyone else only getting sound out of the left channel though ?
  2. rmulley

    Example Images

    OK, I gotta get my head around that. I've seen your posts explaining but never really delved in, I'll check it out.
  3. rmulley

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    AutoDesSys hopefully
  4. rmulley

    Example Images

    This is where I come unstuck with a white background. When products are white when I add any reflectivity to it they become washed out but if I turn the light down a bit to compensate for the over exposure the background becomes grey.
  5. Here it is with the texture map rotated 180 degrees. For the record the face normal is facing backwards towards the rear part.
  6. Recursive rays didn't help. However, I think I hit on something. Not sure where it came from but I had a feeling it might be something to do with face normals. I rotated the plane around and lo and behold the problem disappears....
  7. haha, I thought I solved it by turning off the dome light.... then I realized I still had the reflection turned down on the material. Once I realized I deleted my post. I'll try the recursive rays idea. Thanks.
  8. GPU is turned off.
  9. I have yes, still the same
  10. So this has driving a bit crazy because I work like this quite often. Is I place a transparency map in front of a non-reflective surface it's fine, but as soon as I make that rear surface reflective the transparent parts of the front material changes whats behind it the transparency map is definitely solid black because you can't see it when the rear material isn't transparent. Anyone have a work around for this ?
  11. What are the chances of FormZ having an official Linkedin presence or User Group ? It would be great to network with other FormZ users and see who's using it in my area in case I ever needed a hand with something.
  12. rmulley

    Example Images

    Thought I'd throw a few images up.... any rendering tips to improve my technique are always warmly received. I do love Vray I have to say.... Renderzone is just a sad distant memory now I'm still trying to nail down a good go-to technique for a white background, I am getting there but I can't show those right now.
  13. rmulley

    Layout fonts outlined

    Oh I have the same problem and I was apologizing just yesterday to my CNC guy. I feel like I battle Layout evefrytime I have to produce a drawing for production and just when I think I've got it figured out it throws up some weird shit that wants me to throw my laptop out the window!
  14. rmulley

    Example Images

    This stood out for me.... I've been trying to get a texture to be reflected in something but still have a white background but it never worked for me so I'm just wondering what this is actually for....
  15. rmulley

    Example Images

    Been quiet in here lately....