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facetted arc segments


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I'm trying to clean up a large imported DWG.  Sorting through all the linework and connecting or replacing as necessary.  Two questions:

An old question: When drawing a "facetted arc" how do you control the number of segments?  The options panel is empty?  In V6 you could input the number of "even" segments you want. There has to be something somewhere that controls this????  Yes, I know If it's set to smooth there are settings they are just not overly useful if you're building geometry to export. I need better control than "medium" of 50%. 

Also since I'm asking what does it mean when you have "show points" turned on and some of the lines have colored points and some have dark grey or black points?




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Well you have me stumped.  I remember being able to type in the number of segments in a curve in past releases.  That seems to be either discontinued or hidden so deep I can't find it.  Wish I could be of help here and I hope that Tech can chime in on this.  It would be very useful in certain situations.  

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not sure if this helps but for drawing circles with a set amount of segments I use draw polygon and set number the of sides I need. Also, if you convert a smoothed arc to facetted their does seem to be a correlation between the smoothing option and the amount of segments/points it produces - a 360 degree arc at 100% smoothness produces 360 points regardless of size. A 360 at 50%, 45 points and at 25% 32 points. It might be possible to work out a formula for this - not ideal admittedly 

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