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I have entered the Unreal Engine Furious Elegance animation contest

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Oh, I have gone and done it. I have entered the Unreal Engine Furious Elegance animation contest. Here is the Youtube link:



I ran out of time, I thought I was going to get Friday too, but it was due today. I made the house in formZ, also the guitar. Yoda's robe is really a Z mesh too. The rest is stuff that Unreal Engine gives you free. This is all real time rendering. I started yesterday at 6pm, exactly 24 hours before it was due. I had to play the guitar parts and mesh them with the story board I made. I always wanted to do this and said I would someday. I can cross this one off of my bucket list. I kept remembering two quotes, one from George Lucas. "You may not be able to make just what you want, but you have to make something." The other was "Already you have, that which you need."

Best guys,

John A




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Hi Santa,

Thanks, it hope so too, but I am really glad I did it for a change. I usually have an idea, don't push myself enough to enter, then see that the entries weren't sooper dooper you know so I should have entered. There is some really nice competition this time though, just my luck. I don't expect to place but maybe some more people watching will emerge as I get better at doing characters. I told some people a year or so ago I wanted to do this, and I am so glad it's done now. I can say look here, I do the stuff I say even if it's crazy sounding.

Being able to render 90 seconds of animation in 6 hours or less is just wonderful, really now it takes me longer to dress, set up, and animate a shot than it does to actually make the clip.

Two things aren't working in this I couldn't figure out. All the plants should be gently moving in a light wind, but do not work. Yoda is supposed to have physics based flesh as well, but I don't have this quite developed into the character yet. Also, I haven't quite determined (but I am close) that the guitar actually move too and be parented to his spine bone, and then a strap that has physics.

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