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Where to report issues and bugs?

AHDD Designer

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I would actually like to find out once and for all where I can report issues and bugs from Vray, so that they really get to the places where they can be addressed? It seems to me that nobody is responsible. When I post something here in this forum, I only get work-arounds or other vague statements, if at all. And when I post something at Chaos Group, I get no response at all.

So where should I turn for issues & bugs?

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You should report bugs to support@formz.com

They are the developers for the VRay plug in, not Chaos.  That is why nobody answers you over there.

Reporting on these forums does not put the problem on the support ticket tracking system as emailing does. Please email your issues to support.

I understand the frustration of getting work around answers on these forums.  We often share these just to help people to keep working on their project in the short term while the developers can figure out a fix.

The real solutions must come from the developers at support.  They are quite busy and fixes do eventually come in the future releases, but unless you report them to support@formz.com, there will be no tracking of the issues.

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Hello Justin

To clarify: Sharing work-arounds does not lead to actual frustration. I am basically grateful for the Work-Arounds. That said, the reality is that most of the time these helps are just symptom relief and don't address the root of the evil.

Would you like an example?

In the late year 2021 I discovered by a Youtube tutorial that there is on the one hand an integrated «Cosmos» with assessments to download and on the other hand the function to render native «Decals». Both are not available for Form.Z and MacOS. Among others, you have kindly joined the discussion.

Nevertheless, as a user I very often feel left alone and in the dark. For me, for example, there is no official statement from AutoDesSys on this topic. 

In general, I miss a customer-oriented communication very much. For example, in October 2021 a joint venture with the (to me absolutely unknown) PowerCADD was proclaimed. But since then there is silence again. No communication about how the project stands, not to mention an outlook about possible features or a roadmap. When I compare this with other software companies, it is incomprehensible to me. Take a look at how Blender or Keyshot, for example, approach this. They actively communicate with their user base. There are sneak peaks and detailed documentation.

Why is this so difficult for AutoDesSys...?  

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Thank you for your feedback. 

Rest assured that work on modern PowerCADD is full swing and we are excited about its future. We have chosen not to reveal more details until it is a more complete product (remember you only get one chance to make a good impression). For those of you not familiar with PowerCADD, it is a wonderful drawing tool that has been around as long as form•Z with an equally passionate user base. Unfortunately, the current PowerCADD 9 product is not compatible with the newer operating systems. We are in the process of modernizing the product and adding some import new features. When complete we will have a dedicated 2D drawing tool that will exceed the capabilities of layout.  


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Hello Tech
Very well. Thank you so far for your answer and statement, which I appreciate and can also understand.
However, I hope that in return you can also understand that (at least) I as a user would like to have a bit more information in general.
We will see...

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