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All images export at 72 dpi despite Image Options


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I'm unable to export a rendered image at any resolution other than 72dpi. If I set the Image Options to 300dpi, it will open in Photoshop at 72dpi. The File Info will also show that the image is at 72x72.

This is occurring in pro v 9.1.0, but was never an issue prior to version 9.

Any solutions beyond repeatedly resizing in photoshop?



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Dpi is kind of irrelevant, it's the actual image dimensions which are important so I don't know why it's an option in the first place. I'm not having any problems with this in v9.1.0 on any of three machines.

Try setting the pixel size instead of by size and resolution to see what happens? Otherwise I can't think of any other reason. 

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I'm having the same issue. I have to do lots of revisions to the same image. It's handy to be able to set it to render the same view at say 8" x 10" @200ppi

That way I can replace my existing link in Adobe Illustrator in the exact same place.

They way it is now I have to make an extra step to open it in Photoshop and resample it or else it comes in huge.

Maybe that's not a big deal until you are doing 10 of them in rapid fire succession.

I never had this problem with any version of FZ until V9

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I have the same issue.... started a thread about it here:



No word on when it can be fixed.... slightly annoying because I use Full Shaded all the time. My only work around is taking a screen shot, not ideal but I haven't had much of a choice :(

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Even if it is not the right place, but Autodessys need to improve also the .pdf format. We use to print in pdf but the result is allways shrunk; so we print on a larger paper size expecting to have the complete view. The scale of the drawing is not accurate either.

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I set by pixel size, per Des's comment.  It works quite well and subsequent image exports auto update in Vectorworks & InDesign (my two frequently used programs).  No need for resizing in Photoshop or screen shots.  For example I set the window to 1600x900 and export as a .png or .jpg.  I include a 10'x10' box to easily scale the image in Vectorworks if it is a scaled image (building elevations).  Once it is set I never have to rescale again.   I export the image with the same file name and it is updated in Vectorworks (or whatever other software I use such as Adobe Indesign).  For higher quality I simply start with a higher pixel size.  

FYI:  Scenes save the window image size, so you can set an export Scene with all the correct layers on and image size set.

I gave up on printing and PDF export from FormZ a while back.  Simply impossible.  Easier and faster to export to another program for PDF.  I had a request in v7 I think to improve that and have since given up hope on that front.  It's possible it is better from Layout, but I have not tried.  It could be something worth looking into?


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