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  1. I'm unable to export a rendered image at any resolution other than 72dpi. If I set the Image Options to 300dpi, it will open in Photoshop at 72dpi. The File Info will also show that the image is at 72x72. This is occurring in pro v 9.1.0, but was never an issue prior to version 9. Any solutions beyond repeatedly resizing in photoshop? Thanks
  2. When will Tool settings or a Tool Manager be available for Layout 8.5? I would like to clean up the tools palette and create some favorites. Thanks
  3. Is there any way to employ snapping while using the context menu item Insert Sequence on a Sub-D model? My goal is to center a new sequence between two existing sequences. Using the Offset Edge with Copy selected alters the placement of existing sequences so I have to center by eye. Using Insert Sequence via the context menu on the control cage allows for no accuracy. Like throwing darts at a wall. The only solution I see now is to use the Swap tool to go back to the original facetted state to insert accurate edges or take measurements. However, when using the Swap tool to toggle between Sub-D and the facetted state, any fine tuning to the sharpness of select faces or edges is lost. Thanks.
  4. Is there any benefit to disabling animation under the Project:Modeling:Animation preferences? Particularly if one rarely, if ever, uses the animation features. Thanks