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V build A26A


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Hi there,

I have a win 10 pro 64 bit machine, with 64 gigs of ram, an NVidia Quadro rtx 4000, and an intel core i7-7800X,  and I am using v9.0.5.3 Build A26A now, (just because people said not to upgrade yet..)

The problem is that i am experiencing a lot of Lag and delay in my workflow. the whole interface and interaction with the software is slower than what used to be in V8/ has anyone experiencing this?

it applies to all aspects, but mainly to picking objects, switching between tools, scroll zooming with mouse etc... and basically this means 80% of the workflow is effected by that lag.

the delay is huge (about quarter of a second to switch between tools for example, or once you've picked your "Move" tool, then it takes about a quarter of a second to show on the tool options palette if it is Self or a Copy... ) and it is constant there... so it is really annoying to the point I'm thinking of switching back to the last v8.

any insight on that ?


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I have noticed a significant lag as well. I am using the latest release.  It affects most of my tools and all of my key shortcuts.  My machine is a Win 10 pro 64 with a 1080Ti GTX card, dual xeon processors and 128 gb of ram.  My lag times are actually a lot worse than yours.   One thing that sped up my machine considerably is to turn on Keep Textures and to select Opens Fast in the preferences.  Still, it is disconcerting to see newer releases performing slower.  I had an occasion to use 6.7 recently (drafting) and it really shocked me as to how fast it was.  But it also lacked a lot of the features of the latest release. 

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First, you should upgrade to the latest release...  and see if that helps.  I'm having some lag again on these basic tools too, so I'm going to try and delete/rename my FormZ preferences folder to reset it and see if that helps.  Try Andrews suggestions see if that helps.  Also make sure you do not keep Open the Inspector palette or the Material Parameters palettes while modeling.  They add a noticeable lag while working in a project.  Hope this is fixed in a future update.

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Yes it is amazing how fast and smooth was 6.7   

V7 was slower but gotten better towards the end (still not as fast as 6.7 was), and v8 was a bit better  and v9 now had gotten really bad. and its a shame because the tools are amazing and it is more stable than 6.7, 7 and 8 together so far from my experience. hope it can get fixed soon.

unfortunately i really need to have the inspector palette open while modeling to constantly check sizes and location and info of objects. but even if i turn it off, it still lags a lot.

as for your suggestion, i do have Keep Textures on, but i don't see the Open Fast option, where is it supposed to be?


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I'm on 9.0.6. Build A283  7 yr old MacPro  10.13.6   1GB video...
Everything is pretty good here, 100-200 MB files, Inspector-Display Options- Material Parameters used a lot. However there is just one big glitch:

V9 disconnects most of UI often, which is easily fixed by opening a new project and then immediately closing it. (closing the new project).  This means two fast short cut key combos, and that cures all. It has become a fast workflow. The quickest onset of this "UI-disconnect"  happens with Multi View, which I use a lot.

It also happen with other things and if I have several projects open, the current project is cued behind others so it has to be clicked back on top. This encourages me to use just one project, close others.

The other methods of past versions apply to those versions and the past OS specifically, and V9 has it's brand new ways of keeping stable.

PS- I updated recently but just now "Check For Update" results with "Update Failed"  :)

"The New Normal" Just focus on what works, ignore the rest .

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I am also using and OS X Catalina now and it works quite well.

No considerable lag, it feels quite snappy actually. I also loved V6 and for v9  have taken out the action palette off the top, saving some screen space.

Imo the inspector thing has to be worked out, but for most of the rest all seems to work fine. 

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