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MIMI updated :: Sort of

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The Multi Image Map Importer script that I wrote (MIMI) will run under 8.5.3 if you follow these steps.  

FIrst, download it here.  Then follow along with the images, and instructions below:




post-9803-0-70381600-1460532897_thumb.png post-9803-0-38972400-1460532906_thumb.png post-9803-0-02521200-1460532927_thumb.png post-9803-0-71725000-1460532940_thumb.png post-9803-0-88268800-1460532957_thumb.png post-9803-0-22635600-1460533006_thumb.png post-9803-0-27839700-1460533014_thumb.png


Text instructions to go with the images:
1,  Goto the extensions Menu and select "Run Utility"
2, Navigate to the scripts folder, then into the MIMI folder to pick MIMI.fsb
3, A new open dialog will become available (with no indication that it is new)
      navigate to your images folder, note that they will be dimmed (click on "Show all files
4, Files may still be dimmed, but you will now be able to select all the files you want
      Be careful to choose image files that fZ understands (Don't recall how much error checking I did)
5, Note that a bunch of new blank materials have been added... No big deal
6, Change from "Shaded" to "Render Zone"
7, change all of them...


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Once you have run this the first time, you can use the  "Run Recent Utility"  to speed up the process a little (and even create a key shortcut to it if you like).


Coming Updates:

    Once I get the SDK, or am instructed on how to do so

    Not have to choose "show all"  or have valid files dimmed.

    import them in automatically as Renderzone materials


Future updates:

    Allow a template to be built upon when importing maps to reduce manual configuration of each map.

    Possibly to select a folder and have MIMI parse the viable images within for use.

    Open for suggestions,  though I script for myself and share, so no guarantee that I would add them.  

         (Donation Ware isn't out of the question though assuming I get far enough into it)


Hope this Helps!!! 

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It is working for me as well, however, it loads the map as a renderzone map but not a shaded map, thus it does not preview.  Is there a way to make it work in the shaded map as well?  it seems when I load a map manually, it maps to renderzone as well as shaded.



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MIMI brings the image in as a Render zone texture.  I don't think when I wrote it there was an option to bring in as a Shaded ( Could be very wrong about that  >?)    


Don't switch the Type in Shaded before you get your preview, as that seems to walk over the loaded texture in RZ.

Just switching to RZ before doing so should get you your preview, if not, Try to change the Preview to one of the other mapping types (just below the preview portal, little Sphere, Plane, Cube, etc...


Once you have your preview, you can get it to be a Shaded with some monkeying around.


This is something I can work on when I can update the Script officially.   (a choice of what Render type)


Let me know if this works?

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This is AWESOME!


Thank you so much for sharing!  


If I could add just one feature to take this huge time saver even further, it would be to set each new texture up with specific RenderZone settings (possibly from another material?).  One way it could be done is like a multiple duplicate, but with using each new image file for a new texture as you have done here.   As it is, importing all the texture files is a great help and time saver, but we will still need to go in and adjust all of the textures settings.  Since a lot of my importing is for graphics in tradeshow booths, I can get away with using the same setting for each graphic.  Do you think this would be hard to implement?


Many Thanks!

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Justin,  that is on the list of to-do's 


What I am thinking of doing,  is to base it on what ever material is selected at the time of import.

One would need to be careful to only import maps that they want with the same settings.


I could attempt to do it with the old API's  Can't promise they will work, as there are behavioral differences between 6.x and 8.x


I'll Dig into the old API's tonight:  Will keep you posted either way, Stay tuned.


And Glad it helps at least some.

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Hi Chris,


Other renderers only know about Shaded and not each other.  You might consider making a default option to use Shaded and an option to use the Active type...



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Thought I'd follow-up with another big 




This is seriously a huge time saver!   


ADS, you guys should pay Chris for this and maybe refine it with a few more options.  Seriously,  most of the other users will never think to find a script like this online, and it'd be a crying shame to not offer such a huge time saver to everyone!



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I have not been able to figure out a way to do so.   We will probably have to wait until the scripting SDK is updated before this is a possibility, as when this was created the shaded option was not available.  (I don't think)

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