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  1. gordonjay

    formZ models into Keyshot

    I am using Keyshot to render all my FormZ. I need to use the older version of FormZ because the newer one does not export the maps correctly. (9.0.6 works). I export as an FBX with facetted and triangulate all facetted on and it works great. I have communicated with support, and if you use the new version of FormZ, you can't even import into FormZ with out the maps getting messed up. They say it is on their list of things to fix. My first inquiry into this was over a year ago.
  2. gordonjay

    MIMI updated :: Sort of

    Any chance of getting this working on v9? The main reason I have not switched over to v9 for my everyday work is because of how cumbersome loading textures are. Some of the projects we work on have dozens of maps and each map takes a minimum of 8 mouse clicks to load (if you are already pointed at the correct folder and you do not name the material). I love the MIMI plugin but it doesn't work on v9 as far as I can tell. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest issues with FormZ and should be part of the program.
  3. Hard to know without seeing the file, perhaps if you run object doctor on the geometry? Make sure you click the check box to "Fix if possible" Sometimes imported geometry can have issues.
  4. gordonjay

    [Q] Prevent export of lights to FBX?

    There are check boxes for Visible Layers only and or Picked Objects Only. Just select what you want and export Picked Objects Only.
  5. As for the movement, if you set your origin to a specific spot in the info panel. Or if you want to move a specific distance, start moving in the direction you want and type in the distance.
  6. If you use the Transform tool and set it to Non uniform scaling.
  7. gordonjay

    FBX export... let's discuss

    I use FBX to get my models from FormZ to Keyshot. Sometimes maps applied to a surface of a model do not come in correctly, it drops all but one map and applies that to all the surfaces of an object. I found exporting from FormZ as FBX and importing into Blender (free software), re exporting as FBX and then importing into Keyshot seems to fix the issue. I am not sure if the problem is with the FormZ export or with the Keyshot import, but somehow this fixes the issue.
  8. Here are the Keyshot files. G. uv keyshot files.zip
  9. I am not sure about importing UV into FormZ, but I export to Keyshot from FormZ all the time. Your file had a lot of errors. I needed to ungroup the cap from the base, used object doctor with fix if possible clicked on (for both the cap and the main structure) this messed up the mapping but I just re mapped (I edited your map file to include only the bottle and bleed the color beyond. See attached.) I included a screen shot of what my settings are for both FBX and OBJ. I find FBX works better with Keyshot. Let me know if anything is not clear. Gordon
  10. gordonjay

    FormZ jr Transform tool is missing?

    According to the list, Jr has the transform tool, but not Transformation Macro. I also have pro.
  11. gordonjay

    formZ models into Keyshot

    I have been using Keyshot to render all of my formZ models for almost a year with great results. I export as an FBX with similar setting to what you are showing. If you have two objects with the same material, you can unlink them in keyshot allowing you to apply different materials to them. I have not however figured out how to change different surfaces of the same object to differing materials if I have not already mapped them in FormZ. I do not have the pro version, so perhaps you can in that version.
  12. gordonjay

    FZ and Keyshot

    We started using Keyshot last month. For the most part it works well with FormZ. I found exporting as an FBX with everything Faceted works best. You may need to tweak any materials that are procedural and transparent, but it is relatively easy to do. Getting good results is fairly easy. Gordon
  13. gordonjay

    MIMI updated :: Sort of

    It is working for me as well, however, it loads the map as a renderzone map but not a shaded map, thus it does not preview. Is there a way to make it work in the shaded map as well? it seems when I load a map manually, it maps to renderzone as well as shaded.
  14. gordonjay

    Measure tool change just one dimension?

    With the transform tool, you can move the origin using the transform controller button. It only lasts until you exit the tool. If you want to permanently change the origin, you can use the edit axes tool. It would be nice if you could change it in the transform tool and have an option of keeping it where you move it.
  15. gordonjay

    Measure tool change just one dimension?

    If you use the transform tool, you can scale either uniformly or non uniform.
  16. gordonjay

    Integrated Calculator

  17. gordonjay

    3d Warehouse alternative?

    www.turbosquid.com some free some pay models.
  18. gordonjay

    6.7.3 functionality missing in 8/8.5

    Pipo, In the open dialogue box there is a check box for "Add to project" another window will open that allows you to import a list of things including views, lights etc.
  19. gordonjay

    Multiple material upload

    I am not sure what Andrew is referring to, but we used to be able to use the MIMI plug in to load all our materials at once and it would name them according to the file name. This was a huge time saver when you have a lot of materials. Gordon
  20. The volume scatter tool is great, however the way objects are scattered are not the way it would look in the real world (unless you are in zero gravity). Is there any way you could add gravity to the calculation so objects would settle down? I design store displays and often need to populate a dump bin with product, but the volume scatter tool does not create a realistic scattering. I know lightwave has the ability to do this, and have gotten mixed results trying to get the scattered look exported into formZ. Gordon
  21. I really miss the MIMI plugin- also random transform would be helpful.
  22. I really miss the MIMI plugin- also random transform would be helpful.