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Strange Artefacts with Vray


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  • 2 weeks later...

I ended up reinstalling everything from scratch:

latest High Sierra, latest CUDA and Nvidia drivers, latest FZ and Vray.

Does not work still.

Light caches and merging works , but once "rendering" starts its garbled.

No toon shader, just  new file, Material 1 (white).

I get a vray error in the log which seems to be the whats causing it. (librt_cuda.so)

I can run the Vray benchmark fine.

What to do next ?







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I wish I could help you specifically with your problem here, but VRay is working great here with the latest release on Windows.  I hate to be a buzz kill, but since Apple has continued to show no interest in supporting NVIDIA GPUs on Macs, even removing the ability to install Nvidia's 3rd party driver on the newest Mac OS Mojave.  This means that VRay GPU has no future on Mac OS.  I was a big Apple supporter for years, but Apple died with Steve Jobs.  Their inability to support their brand champions (creative professionals) has gotten so bad that they have turned into a liability.

In the short term, you should try using VRay without the 'Use GPU' option, which is the standard full featured VRay production rendering engine.  That should work without giving you the CUDA library error.  Maybe Tech can come up with a fix for you here, but their arms are increasingly being tied by the poor decisions Apple is making.  In the long term, if your work load demands the VRay GPU rendering engine, then a nice Windows workstation with NVIDIA GPUs is likely your only option.

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Thanks Justin, point taken but I would rather stay on macOS.

Usually Tech at least replies something along the lines of „this is working fine here“ , or „yes there is an issue“.

And apparently there are not many people left using OSX/Vray/Nvidia/FZ thanks to Apples policies.

Using Vray without GPU defeats the point, and so I hope someone can come up with either „this works: user error“ or „this works using OSX version X.xx...“; at this point I just cant render and its been two weeks.

But who knows next thing you know Thea comes back using AMD and Vray is dumped....

happy holidays.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It seems as though your GFX card isn't getting used for the render. Open your V-Ray Settings palette and click the arrow in the bottom right corner next to Utilities. From that drop-down menu, select GPU Device Selection. Then choose your Nvidia card in the next window. Make sure you click Set Devices, then try a render. The artifacts should be gone.



In the future, please contact us at support@formz.com for quicker response times.

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It never occurred to me that I had to click on set devices, but it did not work, it is asking for root privileges but even running FZ as root did not work.

On fresh install again it appears that librt_cuda.so is installed directly in "V-Ray for formZ" but Vray is looking for it in the "plugins" folder inside of "V-Ray for formZ".

I´ll send an email.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have yet to use the GPU or Hybrid render engines.  There are just way too many issues associated with it and I actually find it to be quite a bit slower.  CPU is plenty fast and it provides a consistent output that I can always count on.  One thing that GPU does not do is allow for a Material ID channel which I use every day. 

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