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background saving of files


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it would be so great if you could implement background saving of files! when working on large projects, it's generally good to save automatic backups from time to time. but if the saving starts during a complex modeling task,  it will interrupt the workflow for a few seconds and even longer - if you set corresponding save options before. as an example, if you set FZ to save your project automatically every 5 minutes, this easily ist starting to develop into a serious workflow stopper.

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Autosave is very important in my workflow, and I prefer to use it by a number of operations, 20 in my case.

This way, I can also control whether I want to intentionally make an autosave without forcing myself to keep a separate backup. To do it, I add points or copy and paste an object repeatedly with key shortcuts and undo it until the autosave happens, which takes only a couple of seconds. This method sounds silly and forced, but in reality, it works great when I need it or want it.

I see two other possible improvements for autosave in general, either by time or number of operations. There should be an operations counter that you can see, like a pedometer, which should be automatically reset when it occurs and which also might be manually reset to delay the autosave if you wish. The other is the possibility of intentionally triggering the autosave as a temporary backup.

Both possibilities with command and key shortcuts, of course.

My 2¢

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