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Inspector Palette Alternative

Justin Montoya

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So, I have been so annoyed with this newly added Inspector palette that I made a UI concept that would streamline it back into a single palette sidebar, making the 'Inspector' concept also integrate the Tool Options.  All while using the more efficient TAB UI structure than the drop down menu method we had in previous versions. 

I'm also indicating that these Tabs should have an adjustable height panel (6 dots in lower right corner) and scroll bars so that we can set a fixed height to this panel and just use the scroll wheel while hovering to navigate longer panels, such as some Tool Options like the Stair tool just for example.

I think this is a good compromise to our new Inspector panel addition that really just clutters the UI without adding enough benefit as it's own stand alone palette. 

I'd love to hear some feedback or thoughts from other users in hopes that Tech will also see there is a better approach to the Inspector than adding yet another troublesome palette.



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I've gotten used to it by now.  I actually had to reopen v8 to remind myself how it used to work as part of the Pick tool - which likely still makes more sense.  It worked fine as part of the Pick tool.

However, since it would save vertical real estate in the Dock and there doesn't seem to be much advantage for it to be its own palette.  

so +1 


sSlow scrolling speed combined with the lack of a Palette Dock scroll bar is more the issue for me


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