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New update 9.0.6


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Has formZ stopped filling out the Extension Manager? (It used to be pre-filled with a long list and check boxes, where sometimes 3dConnexion/ for Navigator needed to be checked once more). I recently discovered this when my 3d Connexion palette was found missing after some weeks of needing to reinstalls OSX  (old High Sierra, old MacPro). 

I have reinstalled the latest formZ A26A and the previous update, both have blank Extension Managers on my machine, but were great until my very old OSX started deteriorating.

Delays of upgrading were due to current video card, (and does anyone know the best older video-card names for  Mac , which by now must be at bargain prices?)

PS- I'm waiting for my first 3D Mouse, (in the mail), but was very happy with my discontinued Navigator, which has suddenly become inaccessible through formZ (and may have other problems too, as the fresh download of their legacy driver doesn't reconnect either)...

... Any ideas out there are welcome.

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Solved with OSX/Finder/Menu/Go+OptionKey/Delete FormZ# folder.... Necessary every few years when we forget.


Updates– The Multi View still needs a work around when tools become unresponsive. (Open new project window and immediately close it, with shortcuts).

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