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  1. Alan Cooper

    formZ v9.0.4 Now available

    Good to see these improvements. We've not jumped up from 8.6 to 9 yet but hope to when I feel the time is right. Will continue to watch progress. Keep up the good work.
  2. Alan Cooper

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Yes, if all the older stuff and new posts which relate to pre v9 versions could be gathered up and placed in a new preV9 folder under each of the main headings (see attached) that would simplify things going forward.
  3. Alan Cooper

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Tech, can we please have a new FormZ9 Topic heading and move all the scattered V9 related threads into it? The longer it is left the more muddled it is likely to become.
  4. Alan Cooper

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Thanks for the very helpful video. V9 looks promising.
  5. Alan Cooper

    Reverting to 8.6?

    Why on earth was beta testing so short? Seems like unfinished work in progress still. For the sake of the Autodessys company which I strongly want to see go from strength to strength, I do hope the most important priorities are being focussed upon. I was hoping all would be good for the usual Easter promotion, but not sure that will be very likely with that being less than a month away.
  6. Alan Cooper

    form•Z 9 beta

    Can someone who has purchased v9pro and was familiar with 8.6pro please give a review of the latest user interface? I would like to know what you think of it regarding how much you needed to adjust it to your liking, whether you were able to tune it just right or what compromises you had to put up with? How stable is the UI? Do you think it gives you maximum real estate to work in, or are there parts you have to put up with which you would prefer were absent, smaller or located elsewhere or differently? I would like to know for my own consideration and also to raise any issues especially in the hope that it has been perfected for a new user to get straight on with, avoiding the need to tweak or become frustrated. Needs to be right before a strong marketing thrust. Thanks, Alan.
  7. Alan Cooper

    what's new webinar

    Can the topic title be changed? I clicked hoping to watch a what's new webinar.
  8. Alan Cooper

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    jldaureil Some interesting points there. However, regarding Twin motion Quote: "Autodessys you should really look closely at the evolution of real-time rendering software." I would say, all in good time, maybe as a bolt-on for those who need all the clever terrain and vegitation producing software. We don't all need those features. I still would like the focus to be for FormZ to first be excellent at what it does already so it can be marketed effectively for core strengths of being able to produce a 3d model with full information management in a free uncomplicated way (no constraints) faster than any other product, and also to be very affordable, which will attract more users with good marketing. Real-time enhancements may be good for the future but especially as the data can presumably be exported to a specialist program like TM, please continue to bring the user interface and core program features to perfection first.
  9. Alan Cooper

    FormZ Layout autosave extension

    How strange, since actually making a use of the formz layout autosave, the icon has changed. Maybe the earlier icon was connected to a previous version, and this may be a newer icon. I'm glad anyway as doesn't look like formz icon any more so less confusion (especially when I use the highly recommendable program: free-file-sync, which skips the google docs documents in google drive when I back up my other sync-able cloud files). Example of new icons attached.
  10. Alan Cooper

    FormZ Layout autosave extension

    Chris, I have not tried Layout for years. Just had a quick experiment, checked the auto save settings to make sure they were on and have found what I think is an autosave file with .fmb extension.
  11. Alan Cooper

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    Hi Chris, yes I posted details on the Beta forum about 1 week before full release of V9. I'm at work so sorry don't have time to find and point to it atm. It is to do with the small information windows which I would like to be able to be resized and made full screen when required as I find some information gets truncated with a lot of columns for bills of materials. There are some other improvements I would like to see in info management to make export/import a bit better from the csv output, less essential, but would be nice all the same.
  12. Alan Cooper

    FormZ Layout autosave extension

    Thanks Chris. I am presuming that in this particular case it could be that Autodessys did not add the letters after the period for file associations for the windows installation? Screenshot attached.
  13. Any file my computer doesn't understand gets assigned with a formz icon. Why is this? It appears to be that in my Windows file associations FormZ layout autosave files are assigned to a simple full stop (UK) period (US) . without any letters after the period. So I suppose anything without an extension gets lumbered with it. Not a problem except that the icon is so similar to the general FormZ file icon it looks like non extension files are associated with FormZ in some way. I presume it is an error where we should be seeing some letters after the period for FormZ layout autosave files. I don't know how the non extension files will display themselves when this has been fixed. Maybe without an icon, which is probably more appropriate. Is there a fix I can make to my file associations in Windows 10 to stop this confusion? Running FormZ 8.6 pro
  14. Alan Cooper

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    Personally, I am waiting for improvements to the info management displays as requested during beta testing. When that has been improved I plan to evaluate whether I am happy with the new user interface which was not yet finished when I last looked during beta. I regret that at the time of beta I had limited time available to be involved but I did contribute a little. If I am happy with it and most wrinkles and creases have been ironed out I will look out for a good deal for upgrade of 3 licences, but am hanging back because autodessys don't seem to have enough faith in the new release to market it properly which is quite worrying. It seems like such a wasted opportunity, because with a little more faith and investment, (could be wrong but I suspect this maybe in the guise of another competent and enthusiastic staff member to help you out) I believe the market is ripe for a big burst of FormZ taking it from a dawdle to a gallop. I do hope the potential is fully realised and the best balance for speed of progress is attained.
  15. Alan Cooper

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thank you Justin, this sounds great advice, which I will follow when I get some time and it next starts to really bug me. It has improved a little already, so I will see how things go. I might even upgrade to v9 if AD bring in some of the things on my wanted list.