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  1. Why does my windows 7 laptop choose FormZ when it has an unknown file type to open? Typically this will be a pdf invoice viewable in Firefox. If I want to print it to pdf using pdf995 to rename and store with my other invoices, Firefox viewer has a problem with that and instead downloads it. If I select the choice to open the file, FormZ will start and try to open it, unsuccessfully of course. My question is why of all programs does my computer choose FormZ to try to open unknown file types?
  2. Alan Cooper


    I have 2 licenses for 8.5pro and very occasionally could use a third but my budget is quite limited. If anyone has one spare no longer requred, going cheap, you might like to let me know. Phil's is no longer available. I am in no particular hurry.
  3. Alan Cooper


    Sounds like you sold it. Well done. Surely uninstalling would deactivate? Maybe make sure you are online and restart the computer.
  4. Alan Cooper

    8.6 bugs

    Much as it's nice to spend time face to face with each other, inevitably not everyone can take the substantial time out or expense to go to a far away conference, I suggest an online conference (recorded for webinar for those who can't make the time). It could be split up into sections to make it more manageable so a different part-day for different user types, eg architectural, manufacturing, design with manufacturing (like with furniture) - that's my field, film sets, gaming, animation, chemistry and/or whatever AD decides to be more appropriate, as they have a more thorough knowledge of the range of uses. There could at the end be a summary conference where AD can present to everyone the results of their feedback from the mini-conferences.
  5. Alan Cooper

    select by criteria - suggestions, again

    Yes, as far as priorities are concerned, this ought to be high on the list but seems forgotten as you say.
  6. Alan Cooper

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Thank you Tech. Working fine now.
  7. Alan Cooper

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Sorry 3dworks, I should have mentioned the email was addressed to Family Plan members, I don't know if you are one. I found the email in my gmail 'promotions' label area rather than 'primary'
  8. Alan Cooper

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Hi support, Just received an email inviting to download 8.6 The link doesn't take me to a download, but the website and the only download there is for trial version.
  9. Alan Cooper

    Underlay File

    Thanks pkcn, I'll give it a try sometime.
  10. Alan Cooper

    Information Management bug

    I know what you mean, but export to csv works and you can print that result.
  11. Alan Cooper

    Underlay File

    Is it possible to make some objects over-ride the underlay file? I would like to show my door model when it is open but it is hidden behind the underlay file. Maybe I could cut a transparent area into the underlay image, in an external program, but seems like too much effort to do that accurately. It is nice to be able to place objects over an underlay photo, but they work best when the object is fairly flat. As soon as different depths are involved, the effect is difficult to achieve.
  12. Alan Cooper

    formZ 9 and Drafting? And Windows 10?

    I don't personally give 2 hoots about visual styling, as long as it is effective, user adjustable, with plenty of real estate to work in. And it would be nice if Layout is completely a tool fit for the purpose. Getting work done quickly is what matters to me. Time spent on visual styling is time which could have been spent more usefully imho. Clarity and economy of space with user adjustments which reliably stick please. XP, 7, 8, 10... does it matter?
  13. Alan Cooper

    Materials from materials library

    Hi Bartjuan, Thanks for your discovery: 'I have found that if I drag and drop a material form the predefined library to an EMPTY SPOT on the material palatte it will add it to the palatte with the correct name.' That's really great. I agree what you additionally suggest would be useful, but at least the former can be done, thanks so much for posting.
  14. Alan Cooper

    V-Ray for form•Z Beta now available!

    Thanks Tech. As I've said before, as I only need to render occasionally, I would like to activate the V-Ray side of things only when I need to, and not connect with V-Ray on the 95% other occasions I am using FZ. Otherwise I may decide not to buy the V-Ray plugin, and take the route instead of exporting my file, opening in eg. Blender and use a Render Farm which supports the Blender V-Ray plugin for the few occasions I require it.
  15. Yes, mirror copies of nested groups and components are something I try to avoid as tend to be unreliable in FZ. If you need to do an operation like that while in edit group, I find it best to copy or cut the objects, paste them into a new drawing, perform your operations in the new drawing them copy and paste the result into the original working model.