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  1. Alan Cooper

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    This indeed sounds like potential for a great union. Harsh that Apple changed track half way through the PowerCad version upgrade development. Earlier announcement of PowerCad discontinuing development Looking on their forum Power Cad users love their software. I do hope that this colaboration isn't going to be only advantageous for Mac users, so that said, looking forward to the new skills and resources coming onboard.
  2. We need to see some marketing and for the website to be updated from http to https. The delay is simply taking too long and it loses existing customer confidence let alone attract new customers.
  3. Alan Cooper

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    CJTFORM-Z said "Why a remake hasn't been posted by now with the promised FZ-LAYOUT is truley a mistery to me & a negative in product confidence." But I know that the support at FormZ is still very responsive when I need to contact them. They have assured me that they are working hard to make improvements. I expect they have learned from past experiences in years gone by and are refining the comparitively new version 9 and when they feel confident that it is free from any teething problems as there are inevitably with new versions, that will be the time to start promoting. Promoting too early would lead to negative feedback, just like there was some when 9.0 was released a bit too early. Sure it is a pity it is taking so long to refine, but when 9.1 comes (soon as I understand), that seems the wiser time to make a big push with the marketing.
  4. Alan Cooper

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Form Z pro is brilliant for woodworkers. It covers a very wide spectrum, so there are some special tools we appreciate and others we never use. Marketing to specific audiences, pointing out features of specific advantage is key. A few years ago there was a big push for V-Ray, yet not everyone needs that, I don't need realism, just a good impression is enough. The features I as a woodworker really appreciate are the extremely fast basic modelling with good viewing controls, excellent object and group management, information management, renamer extension, and I just feel very at home and productive with it. Form Z is still very relevant today and probably always will be, it just lacks the marketing to do it justice. I can't speak for V9 but as far as V8.6 is concerned, it is a reliable essential tool for me, (you get to know what might cause a crash or hang, and it is much improved as far as that is concerned.) I see no good reason to look elsewhere and would never go back to Sketchup. I expect that part of the reason why there is so little activity on the forum is that many users just get on with their working routine, most problems have already been covered and rectified. Lack of activity doesn't attract new users though, better marketing and especially You Tube, as well as social media is essential to getting that valuable stream of new users. I doubt it has to be any more expensive than employing someone who can both use the program and do social media. I expect that investment would pay dividends. I hope so because I would love to see FormZ to take a higher profile and become useful to more users. Definately underrated.
  5. Alan Cooper

    New update 9.0.6

    The sad thing in my opinion is that FZ has never been good at marketing. I discovered FormZ far too late having come accross a mention of Bonzai 3d (the old name for Junior FormZ) on a Sketchup 8 Forum when Google ran Sketchup. Having used Turbocad pro for many many years, constantly looking for alternatives, eventually moving to Sketchup 8, struggled with that for a year, and when I eventually became aware of the existence of FormZ quickly realised how much more powerful and fast FZ was than Sketchup to model with (apart from some bugs which would crash my system from time to time) and came on board. But I should have become aware of FZ several years earlier. Lack of marketing was the reason I didn't because I had be reading and searching and trying out other software. The way ahead is to minimise any risk of the program crashing, so bugs don't involve loss of any operations, then market effectively. I believe there is still time to make this work, although admittedly a lot of water has already passed under the bridge.
  6. Alan Cooper

    New update 9.0.6

    Thank you Jaakko, Nice to get the positive comment and thank you. Hopefully it won't be long before I gain enough confidence to upgrade, but it is a big decision because going back if I hit problems would present some compatability issues, and this is for commercial purposes so matters a lot to me.
  7. Alan Cooper

    New update 9.0.6

    There are people here saying that despite buying the update, they are having to go back to the previous version because it is so bad they are even losing 2d content. I don't think those who are complaining are being too harsh, unless it is untrue or there is some justification. It would appear to me that it was released before it was ready and that disappoints me because it lets down the hopes and causes wasted time and inconvenience to those who had hoped to use it and often for commercial purposes and it will lose them money as well as satisfaction. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you that FZ support is good, but that does not excuse for releasing a commercial version prematurely imho.
  8. Alan Cooper

    New update 9.0.6

    FZnoob, indeed. Many years ago my old boss bought a brand new Austin Maestro, untypical for him who had previously had an old BMW. Anyway, that car was back to the garage so many times during its first year! I tend to buy cars a year old or more now thinking the teething problems will be mainly sorted. Same philosophy with software, don't buy the #.0 version unless you just have to have the latest bells and whistles, but FZ v9 has been around a while now so I would expect it to be nearly sorted, but reports indicate otherwise.
  9. Alan Cooper

    New update 9.0.6

    Thanks so much to all you guys who are effectively beta testers. I am watching from a distance because as far as I am concerned it is very clear that V9 continues to remain at the 'beta' stage. So pleased Autodessys is holding back on the publicity at the moment because it would have resulted in bad press. I do look forward to V9 maturing into a solid version eventually. Analogy: Super-car with faulty brakes.
  10. Alan Cooper

    manual project backup trigger via hotkey

    There is an extension in the Lab File category for incremental save which gives you control of when you save, with a keyboard shortcut of your choice. I use it all the time and prefer the manual control for incremental save as. FormZpro 8.6 Sorry, I misread the original post. Personally, incremental file name (number) works for me.
  11. Alan Cooper

    what's new webinar

    Another video showing organising a piece of furniture in FormZ for orderly construction. Plus some other tips.
  12. Alan Cooper

    what's new webinar

    Thanks Chris, I was only disappointed that SJD hadn't produced the Audi models, but reading more carefully there was no suggestion of it. I was sort of joking. I think you sense when you have the right program for the job because you feel a high degree of productivity, and I do feel that with FZ. By the way, I know I should but don't even use nurbs, I did try a few times but I learn slowly and never got past the probably not-very-high pain-barrier. One day I will persevere and get through it.
  13. Alan Cooper

    what's new webinar

    Thanks Chris, sounds like you have reassured me I still have, in FormZ, the best program for designing fairly simple furniture. It is way ahead of Sketchup, I know that because that is what I used previously, and Turbocad before that.
  14. Alan Cooper

    what's new webinar

    I'm disappointed now. Maybe AD will lower its aim a little and concentrate on an affordable (and faster) contender against Sketchup, and with the continued perpetual licence option. I doubt they will take on Modo head-on for a while but I would love to be proved wrong.
  15. Alan Cooper

    what's new webinar

    SJD, I know you were addressing this to Chris, but hey, very good work indeed! As for me, I will stick with what I know and have already invested in, but I get your point. Please would you post the wire-frames, just because they would be interesting to look at.