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  1. Alan Cooper

    formZ 9

    According to the website, Autodessys is looking for a number of new members of staff so perhaps this could be a reason for some slow or quiet progress at the moment but late Summer will be with us soon enough!
  2. Alan Cooper

    Weird component behaviour

    In my experience, components work well as a library and can even be organised at file system level. In FormZ I first make a group of what I am making a component of. When bringing a component into a file, I explode it to leave as a group which is a safer situation. Agree with AHTOH too risky to use components active in a model in case unexpected changes occur. By the way, I only very occasionally get crashes in FormZ but that is because I work in a routine to get my work done which doesn't use all its features, and you do learn to predict what is risky to the stability of the program, and 'save as' before taking a risk. Persevere because FormZ has a lot to offer and you can get work done more quickly with it than many other programs, if used carefully.
  3. Alan Cooper

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thanks. Would it be possible please to move this to a new thread called 'Update 8.6.5' with this list of improvements, which would make this easier to find?
  4. Alan Cooper

    Change recording of scenes

    After several years of use it still catches me out regularly where I set a scene, go to it again, and loose it because it was recording while I changed it. To not save a scene until actually clicking a 'save scene' button would be far preferable.
  5. We are now finding the conversion of our FormZ bill of materials csv output to a format which Cutlistplus can import a very simple process by use of a macro recorded in open office calc. Please note that the parts are organised in numbered 2 digit assembly groups and 2 digit part numbers (serial numbers) which are produced with the FormZ rename objects labs extension tool. It puts a space in between the group number (suffix) and the serial number which is placed after that, so our parts have 5 digits including the space, which works well for us. (Set the appropriate padding in renamer serial numbers to include any required leading zeros). Others might prefer 6 or 7 digits in total depending on how many objects you have in your assembly groups, and the macro would need to be adjusted for this to take 6 or 7 digits across to the part number column using the RIGHT function instead of 5. Here is the macro we use in open office 4.1.6 calc, attached here as a rich text file. Even those of us who are not familiar with programming can recognise a logical process and command pattern structure within it. Please note that just before we apply the macro we have to select all cells in the csv file. I hope this encourages more woodworkers to use the combination of FormZ pro 8 and above and Cutlistplus FX (gold or platinum) as they make for a superb workflow and help to keep material waste to a minimum. OpenOfficeMacroCutlistplus190210.zip
  6. Alan Cooper

    Picking Inside Objects

    I don't think that is happening on my system. Can you post your file?
  7. Alan Cooper

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    FormZ works great for me but I have trained myself to avoid those little issues that FormZ notoriously hasn't been able to handle, editing within a group being one of them. Instead, I copy group contents to a new file, make the change and paste back when done. Use the program to its strengths, don't risk its weak areas, they will cause you frustration every so often.
  8. Alan Cooper

    The Green + Button

    If you don't need the insert option you could switch it off.
  9. Alan Cooper

    Info management. Size output BOM

    Unless I have some project settings wrong. Attached settings.
  10. Alan Cooper

    Info management. Size output BOM

    I just tried again, this time result is 24.9975 x 25.0000
  11. Alan Cooper

    Info management. Size output BOM

    Could this be a difference between Mac and Windows?
  12. Gyro, I have looked at your file. Perhaps there is a simpler way than this, but you could: Select just each of the inside or outside faces of your object and paste them into a new file. Reshape each face by a uniform amount. Depending on external or internal fold, there will be some objects which intesecting ends and some which do not meet. Treat the two situations differently. For the intesecting ones, copy two intersecting objects and paste them into a new file. Modify intersect them and move a segment to point of intersection, then paste it back into previous file. You now have a face which you can extend face to. For the non-intesecting ones, use derive extrude tool on both ends, then cut and paste the two extrusions into new file, move a segment from point to point of intesection and paste back into previous file. Again, you have a face which you can extend face to.
  13. Alan Cooper

    Area Select

    Should work. Do you still have this problem?
  14. Alan Cooper

    Modeling frames

    I wonder whether you are approaching this the best way. I would change the size of FormZ existing geometry by working in wireframe and area selecting then moving points or segments. It is not parametric but so quick to do does it really need to be?
  15. Why does info management output a different result to object information palette? Preference for modelling currently set to always smooth. Draw a circle 12.5mm radius and reshape it. The resulting smooth cylinder shows as 12.5mm radius (25mm diameter) in the pick object info parameters. But info management says the cylinder measures 24.9974 mm x24.9959 mm. The obvious explanation would be that info management first converts everything to faceted before its calculations. This is unfortunate in my opinion, but maybe the only way it can operate. I would love circles to be recognised as circles and circle derived cylinders and circles to maintain their geometric dimensions. This would also be useful when using FormZ in a geometrical way, where intersections need to be found on circle perimeters. It doesn't work if circles are faceted.