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Wouldn't it be great to have an option added to the Extend Tool to allow faces to be interactively pulled with the distance field live for numerical input and have it utilize the CMD key toggle for Static/To Face/Dynamic options?

Or maybe just add a new tool that would have this utility.

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For me, the way extend tool was working prior version 6 was quite good, apart from some crash due to bad mesh, mostly because during boolean operation there was left duplicate points

and collinear segments.

Today after upgrade to version 9.1 I find it much more difficult to use it.

You can't really perform in an optimal way the extend tool in wireframe mode, which is fundamental, because where in shade view you can easily select a face and extend to another but you can't see the full geometry like in wireframe.

there is not much use by working in shaded as mention you can't work in full geometry.

I would like to understand why user Setz is talking about 9.4 is it a beta version? do we have the right to test it?



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