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formZ VRay Animation


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Hi All,

Here is the animation I made in which I used the Bend Along Curve tool to create the special effect of caulk being squeezed out of a tube.


Just over a minute long this time... no narrative regarding the need for the product, just how to install it.

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Thanks Des,

This is going before a new investing group that just purchased our company. I am holding my breath.

Just so you all know that long spin where all the caulk is dispensed is rendered in one shot. I used the animation editor to turn tubes on and off in time, I also had to start and stop all of the Animate Along Path runs at the right times, and of course animate the camera flying around. In order make this smooth, it was originally a 24 second animation at 30fps. That was by far the craziest thing I ever had form.Z do!


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