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Yes, as an option, although most times it would be useful to insure that they absolutely snapped to a grid.

What I was describing was a way of highlighting segments that were quantized in a way that was not desired, for example, in the image below the blue line is the original unsnapped imported object.  The grey line is the intended result, but the orange line is the actual result of quantizing.  The orange line has it's segments ≠90˚ so the plugin would identify this condition and draw a (red) line from the corner point of the blue to the corner point of the orange signifying that an "undesirable" condition has been created.  This would be a way of identifying issue conditions for further attention.  This is illustrated in 2D but would be similar in 3D objects as well.1378246655_ScreenShot2019-11-19at8_03_07PM.thumb.png.631667f98d2222ccfbfdfa5075020c50.png 

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I don't see any reason why this couldn't be done.  Will just have to see what the API offers.  If it is as complete as the old, seems reasonable.

I could also have it turn on the direction of the "Delta" segment/s to show the direction of the movement/s.  This way, I wouldn't have to change the colors/materials of the original work. (I am assuming, you did that for illustration purposes)


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