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  1. Bartjuan

    Marketing Device For Modeling?

    I have seen these in action. They are pretty novel. The image is very catching but the quality is very low res - around 38 pixels per inch by my quick math. However, they are loud - its basically a fan without any aerodynamic profile. Also, I think they are fragile. It would be best used in a display out of reach. I didn't get into programming. but it seems that having the right content/black background is key. In the end, I thought it was a nice accessory to good quality video - An "attract" to get someone's attention from across the room. but not something you would want to focus on or scrutinize. Bart
  2. Bartjuan

    New material naming

    to the OP instead of dragging the library material to the new material dialog. Drag the library material "Brick8" to an empty spot in the material list See if that works better
  3. Should formZ Palettes scale when moving between screen on multi-monitor setups. I have a HP Zbook with a 4K screen, I have two additional monitors connected through a dock. for most apps, windows that are dragged from the primary display to the other displays scale automatically. FormZ Palettes do not Scale. is there a setting I am missing or is this expected behavior? Thanks! Bart FormZ Pro (10163) Windows 10 Nvidia Quadro p1000
  4. Bartjuan

    From formZ to VR?

    We have found a "simple" path. We use Unity with the SteamVR plugin and a HTC Vive headset. The coding in Unity a bit cumbersome at first but once you have the VR setup you like you can save it as a "Prefab" and drop it into a new scene. Export from FZ as an OBJ, scale set to mm, best to export by groups or layers so you have some control in unity. We do have to clean up some of the normals sometimes. I am able to get a model from FZ to VR in about 10 min (no fancy lighting) Bart
  5. Bartjuan

    Virtual Reality

    We have had great success exporting OBJ files to Unity. (not FBX) Use the Steam VR plugin for Unity. We used the VIve headsets. Great way to share design direction. Bart
  6. Bartjuan

    Objects Palette

    Argggh, I hate the multiple items getting highlighted when collapsing a group- WTF?!!!
  7. Bartjuan

    Z by numbers sometimes inverted in "generate"

    +1 I was having trouble with this a year or two back - all I got was a confused response from ADS, I was not able to explain it with this simplicity - thank you. In my experience I was modeling off of dynamic working planes. It always seemed like some tools used "the right hand rule" for +x,+y and +z. while others flipped just the Z. This demonstrates just what I was talking about. I hope we can get this corrected. Bart
  8. Bartjuan

    3d model now built

    Nice work! "Don't you love it when a plan comes together?"
  9. Bartjuan

    Objects Palette

    +1 if a group is collapsed, it looks like it is visible even though everything in that group is hidden.
  10. Bartjuan

    Hidden Line needs some more work

    +1 I Use HL often ( and Doodle!) I can't understand why shaded mode is so fast and lovely but HL is sooo slow and output is clunky. AutoCAD, Vectorworks and and other have much better HL. I too export models to AutoCAD, create HL drawing views and dimention there.
  11. +1 I struggle with this all the time too. the highlighted field loses its focus.
  12. Bartjuan

    FormZ 8.6 email

    I had the same issue. Tried to open old files, "Trial Expired" When I tried to create a NEW file. I got the message: FormZ needs to register - existing reg info was filed in, Agreed to terms, All is well!
  13. +1 Also, it would be great if FZ could see that if a given file name already exists in the destination folder, overwrite/skip it, don't create a filename_2. This wreaks havoc on Obj and Mat files. and bloats the project folder. Bart One of these days we are going to see a lovely home with the formz Logo painted on the side cuz that damn thing showed up in a stray rendering.
  14. Bartjuan

    FBX Importing incorrectly

    Ditto, I still use FBX once in a while, I found I have to use the Transformation box, pick "Flip Z" "Swap Y-Z" to get a correct orientation. OBJ still seems to be better in the long run. Maps are hit and miss, often the roughness values are WAY off. Bart
  15. Bartjuan

    Please sort out the component system

    +1 components = corrupted files
  16. I am exporting some models for use in a Unity VR project. OBJ seems to be more reliable than FBX at this point. One thing I notice is that when exporting with "picked objects only" and "textures" checked, FZ exports ALL of the files textures, not just those of the geometry selected. In a file with a lot of geometry this really takes a long time. Could we see an update where the material list is filtered before writing the .MAT file? Thanks!
  17. Bartjuan

    Materials from materials library

    +1 It bothers me to no end that if I want to use a material form the preset libraries it seems like the process would be to select an unused material (Material 4) go to the library, double click on the desired material (say Brick 07). Material 4 gets all the properties of Brick 07 but keeps the name Material 4. I have found that if I drag and drop a material form the predefined library to an EMPTY SPOT on the material palatte it will add it to the palatte with the correct name. You should be able to drag a material from the predefined library on to an object and have it add the material to the object AND the material palatte.
  18. I am having issues with FBX export (to Unity) FormZ doesn't seem to be collecting groups properly. I've tried using the option, As Groups, with no change in the file. anybody have experience with FBX and FormZ? Bart
  19. Bartjuan

    Redo error

    Close FormZ and reopen, you should be able to undo/redo You are not doing anything wrong. There is a bug, several of us have been trying to isolate it - with little luck, it seems to happen most with complex files (over 100Mb??) and/or with geometry that has multiple textures Bart
  20. Bartjuan

    I cannot Undo

    I have the same issue from time to time. I feel like it is related to a single piece of geometry with more than one texture or, geometry with non-planar faces. Can't quite nail it down. as soon as I get the message, I save, close FZ and reopen and everything works fine. Bart
  21. Bartjuan

    3D scanners and FZ

    I have had some experience, The short answer is, its a complicated process. I built a laser scanner some years ago based on the David Laser Scanner system. It was very cool but it took a lot of work to get a complete scan. David has since been bought out by HP. Their new systems use structured light rather than a laser. it is MUCH faster and more accurate. You can build your own system pretty easily and buy just the software, or you can buy a ready to scan kit. In my mind this is the best, most versatile scanner available for under $$5000 David / HP Scanner I have also used the 3D systems Sense saner, it was terrible! Bevel 3D makes a scanner that attaches to your phone, TERRIBLE I have also used various systems that are based off of the Microsoft Kinect. These are OK but most of the software is incomplete. Lastly, the photogrammetry software from Autodesk is pretty good. but it is not cheap - they do offer a trial. this technology does a very good job of scanning, stitching and cleaning up the model so you have something to work with. It is bar far the easiest to use. let me know if you have some specific questions I can try to answer. Bart
  22. In the DWG export from FormZ. make sure "Export faceted objects as acis objects" is checked. if your "planks" are good clean geometry, they will come into Acad as solids that can be FLATSOT. B
  23. Bartjuan

    coordinate move

    Sorry Krishna, I missed that. I hope Setz's comment was helpful. .