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  1. •Martin

    New material naming

    When creating a new material have default naming be the name in the library rather than "Material 1, Material 2, etc."
  2. •Martin

    New material naming

    Bartjuan, that does work better, thanks!
  3. •Martin

    smart model architectural plug-in

    Agreed, if automation creates as many problems as it solves then it's not worth it.
  4. I don't use sketchup so I haven't tried the PlusSpec plug-in but based on what I see in the video all I can say is, wow! A formZ smart model plug-in like this would be amazing.
  5. •Martin

    Views Group

  6. •Martin

    smart model architectural plug-in

    I'm not very interested in databases either. I'm interested in smart modeling, i.e., creating models where walls know they are walls, roofs know they are roofs, etc. I build detailed models of unique designs and I would like to be able to show the precise construction assemblies in the model without having to build them entirely from scratch like I had to in the image below. Ideally I could edit the design and the constructional elements would update simultaneously; even more ideally I could update the model and the changes would propagate through the construction drawings... but perhaps this is not possible or practicable. I find it hard to believe I'm the only one who would want this but maybe I'm an outlier here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. •Martin

    smart model architectural plug-in

    Yes, I assumed something like this particular plug-in would be of interest primarily to architects. As I'm not a sketchup guy I can't test it so it may not even do what I would want. I've looked at Vectorworks, Archicad, and Revit but compared to fZ they are cumbersome to say the least. I love working in fZ and greatly prefer to stay with it. I hope the python scripting opens up a whole new fZ ecosystem with extensions such as these available as an add-on.
  8. •Martin

    derive extrusion material option

    Ahh, that does it. Thank you.
  9. For the derive extrusion tool please give us the option to set a new material.
  10. •Martin

    New material naming

    If you look at the image below, I just created a new project material by dragging "Brick 8" from the library onto the materials palette. As soon as I did that I would like the material name to automatically update to "Brick 8" rather than remain as "Material 6."
  11. Somehow I managed to drag the bottom of the layers palette of the screen, now I want to resize it but there is no corner to grab. How do I fix this?
  12. •Martin

    resize off-screen layers palette

    Thank you!
  13. •Martin

    Openclip and Mojave

    +1... and not working in High Sierra either.
  14. •Martin

    tools not working

    I'm experiencing some issues with a few tools... Offset segment tool: I always want “extend to boundary” toggled on yet it keeps toggling off. Move tool: randomly toggles to “self” when I want “one copy” and vice versa. Also randomly toggles between “parallel” and “perpendicular.” Align/distribute tool: works in certain directions only. For example, will align to “max” in x and y but not z. These issues persists after quitting and relaunching fZ as well as after restarting the machine. The behavior is consistent between different models as well.
  15. •Martin

    tools not working

    Ah, I see it now, that's what's causing the offset segment tool to toggle as well. Thanks snow.
  16. •Martin

    tools not working

    Wait, hitting "alt" could be the causing this behavior? I use that key--the "command" key, actually-- all the time to navigate. Option key, too, for other things.
  17. •Martin

    tools not working

    Thanks for sharing that snow, I was wondering if it was due to a setting or something on my end.