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  1. •Martin

    New material naming

    If you look at the image below, I just created a new project material by dragging "Brick 8" from the library onto the materials palette. As soon as I did that I would like the material name to automatically update to "Brick 8" rather than remain as "Material 6."
  2. •Martin

    New material naming

    When creating a new material have default naming be the name in the library rather than "Material 1, Material 2, etc."
  3. •Martin

    resize off-screen layers palette

    Thank you!
  4. Somehow I managed to drag the bottom of the layers palette of the screen, now I want to resize it but there is no corner to grab. How do I fix this?
  5. •Martin

    Openclip and Mojave

    +1... and not working in High Sierra either.
  6. •Martin

    tools not working

    Ah, I see it now, that's what's causing the offset segment tool to toggle as well. Thanks snow.
  7. •Martin

    tools not working

    Wait, hitting "alt" could be the causing this behavior? I use that key--the "command" key, actually-- all the time to navigate. Option key, too, for other things.
  8. •Martin

    tools not working

    Thanks for sharing that snow, I was wondering if it was due to a setting or something on my end.
  9. •Martin

    tools not working

    I'm experiencing some issues with a few tools... Offset segment tool: I always want “extend to boundary” toggled on yet it keeps toggling off. Move tool: randomly toggles to “self” when I want “one copy” and vice versa. Also randomly toggles between “parallel” and “perpendicular.” Align/distribute tool: works in certain directions only. For example, will align to “max” in x and y but not z. These issues persists after quitting and relaunching fZ as well as after restarting the machine. The behavior is consistent between different models as well.